Milwaukee M12 Compact Spot Blower Review | Model 0852-20

Hammers and Wrenches for Do-It-Yourself Enthusiasts

Some of the most commonly used tools for do-it-yourselfers are slide hammers, impact hammers and impact wrenches. In fact, the hammer has been used to deliver impact on objects since as early as 2,600,000 BCE.

Power Tool Battery Rebuilding Offers Big Savings

I have just discovered an amazing new service that I never knew existed, and I have to share it. It’s a power tool battery rebuilding service. Now as an avid handyman, I use many different power tools and I’m always amazed at the price of replacing one of those power tool batteries. I’ve paid as much as $90.00 to replace a dead Nickel Cadmium battery for a tool that cost $160. At over 50% of the cost of replacing the tool, I was excited to hear that there are companies that will rebuild your existing Ni-Cad battery for around half the cost of replacement.

Learning How to Use a Riving Knife

There are many tools that are simple and straightforward. Others are more difficult. Learning how to use a riving knife is important for safety.

How Does a Wheelchair Stair Lift Work?

People with accessibility issues usually wonder how wheelchair lifts work. These devices, which can help them lead an active and independent lifestyle, are easy to install and operate.

Some Safety Tips for Woodworkers

Today in our industrial age we can`t imagine our life without machines that make our work easier and more comfortable. There are maybe only few fields of human activity where all work produces by own hands. The area of woodworking is not one of them.

The Benefits of a Well-Maintained Air Compressor

The air compressor is an essential piece of machinery that you would normally see in a garage, workshop and machine shop. Air compressor owners would check on the air compressor parts regularly to ensure that it is in good working condition. If it does not work, you lose the advantage of having such equipment in the first place. How would you be able to inflate the tires of the car, bike or even the air mattress when you need to do so? What happens now to your power tools like the nail gun, staple gun or airbrush that relies on it for mechanical power?

How To Pick The Right Building Supplies

In today’s world, when there is such a huge range of options available for everything under the sun, it is obvious for one to get confused and misled also. Same goes for the range of options for building supplies as well. It is very important for you to know the right kinds of construction materials that you will need for your purpose and your kind of construction.

What You Need To Know About Air Filter and Air Oil Separator

When you are operating or using air compressors at home or in your workplace, you need to understand its parts and functions. Knowing how it works will help you keep it well maintained. Two of the most important parts of an air compressor that you should know about include the air filter and the air oil separator. These two major compressor parts play a vital role in ensuring that the air that you release into the atmosphere is free from any debris that may prove to be harmful to your health. They will also ensure that your machine will work, as it should.

Why Buy Air Compressor Parts Online

Regular maintenance is crucial for the optimum efficiency of your air compressor. Keeping it clean and well lubricated with the right compressor oil will ensure that it is always in top form. You can be sure that you will be able to use the air compressor for a long time. Not only that, a well-maintained air compressor when in use will not endanger your health as well as cause air pollution. With its versatility, you will definitely appreciate every dollar spent on this piece of equipment for years to come.

In Review: Festool CXS Compact Cordless Drill Driver – 564274

There are a lot of amazing power tools out there and more than a few of them are drill drivers. Find out what separates Festool’s CXS from the crowd and how this 2-lb compact drill driver could make a huge impact on the way you work.

How To Choose The Correct Ladder

This article will explore how to choose the correct ladder for your home remodeling projects. In addition, we’ll discuss some of the safety considerations when choosing to purchase a ladder.

My Personal Review Of The Dewalt DCD970KL Cordless Drill Kit

Recently my father-in-law’s cordless drill stopped working and he asked me to help choose a new one. I thought that was rather odd as I’m only his helper when he remodels houses. I mean, I never really paid a lot of attention to cordless drills even though I used them quite a bit while working with him. Regardless, I decided to do the research for him with the hopes of providing the best possible information enabling him to make the best possible choice.

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