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Woodworking Saws

There are many different saws that can be used in woodworking. Many of them are described here.

How to Buy the Highest Quality Tools From Your Local Aircraft Tool Supply

Your local aircraft tool supply is an invaluable source of new and used aircraft tools for sale, and in addition, you can also purchase many common items used in aircraft repair, such as replacement parts for avionics and computer circuitry. FAA certified technicians are trained to know which tools are needed the most for their specific role at an airplane maintenance or repair center, and most times they will have a regular representative they deal with from the aircraft tool supply shop they use.

How to Choose the Right Klein Tools – For the Beginner Electrician

I have worked in the electrical trade for almost 10 years now. Something I have gleaned from my experience as an electrician is that to get the job done right you need the right tools. Klein has branded one of the most preferred tools within the electrical trade.

Troubleshooting Your Broken Push Lawn Mower

A push lawn mower seems like a man’s best friend on Sunday afternoon. But what happens when it breaks down? Read here to find out more.

Cordless Tool Batteries – Charging Tips

Generally you cannot destroy a newly purchased battery by improperly charging or not preparing it for use. At the very least, you may have to use the battery a few times before you achieve optimal performance. The life span of the battery will be determined mostly by how you use and charge the battery over the course of its life.

Find Your Way Around Air Compressors – Exploring Air Compressor Parts

An air compressor is a complicated machine. It’s always interesting to know exactly what is happening inside one. Let our expert, Mary Smith, take you around a compressor, including the tank, tank pressure gauge, on-off lever, regulator, regulator pressure gauge, pump oil dipstick, coupler, pressure relieve valve, and drain valve and help you to decide if this is the best solution for your needs.

Three Great Reasons to Buy Tilt Trucks Instead of the Alternative

The idea of a tilt truck is basic but functional: it is a large container on wheels, perfectly designed so it can be filled to capacity and then easily tilted to empty it wherever necessary. As basic as the design is, it is amazing how much more effective it is than other means of collecting, transporting and disposing. Read on to find out how using tilt trucks beats off the opposition, and how you can increase your productivity and make your job much easier.

The 10 Golden Rules to Post in a Woodworking Shop

Learn the 10 golden rules to post in your woodworking shop. Safety comes first when you are working around power tools.

Choosing the Right Aluminum Extension Ladders

Choosing the right aluminum extension ladders will be based on what you are using them for, where you are using them, cost and the material used in their manufacturing. Determining the frequency of your chores requiring the use of an extension ladder will determine whether or not the extension ladder is worth the price.

An Introduction on Automotive Floor Jacks

A floor jack can mean different things depending on where you use it. The jack used in most car repair shops or garages to lift cars and make repairs conveniently under the car or a tire is called an automotive floor jack. However, another jack is utilized to raise bigger ‘things’ like buildings or houses that needs its beams to be replaced because they are sagging.

Wood Lathe Buyer’s Guide

Advice on what to look for when buying a wood lathe. Whether you’re looking for a starter lathe or a tool that will last you 50 years, this article provides some suggestions on what to look for.

A Handheld Grinder – Handy and Versatile For Numerous Jobs

If the grinder was stationary, then the metal object that is being worked on would have to be moved against the grinder. This is just not partial especially when the metal object is large.

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