How To Drill Into Ceramic Tile – Ace Hardware

Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, gives you a quick demonstration on how to drill into ceramic tile.

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Tile Drill Bits

Hi Luman frini Asis home expert in this Video we're going to show you how to Drill a hole into ceramic Tile when it comes to drilling into Ceramic tile it's all about having the Right drill bit now this set of bits Right here will not only drill into Ceramic tole but glass as well and They're very sharp and they do a really Nice job put them in the end of a Cordless drill or corded drill but not a Hammer drill it has to be just a regular Drill Choose the bit of the right size and Then with even pressure start drilling Into the tile now keep in mind you just Want to use this bit to drill into the Tile chances are there might be some Backing plywood or dur rock or some type Of fiber board On The Backs side you Don't want to use that bit to drill Through that because you'll dull it it's Specifically designed to cut through the Ceramic and or glass that way it's nice And sharp for the next time you need to Use it coming up next my video on how to Cut ceramic tile [Music]

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