What’s inside Makita 40v Batteries? Makita XGT Battery Cells Revealed.

What cells do Makita use in their XGT 40v Max Batteries?

Battery Explosion Video
Makita BL4040F High Output Tabless Battery Review

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[Music] Good everyone it's pouring down with Rain outside so it's a perfect day to do A video that I've been meaning to do for A while and that's to compare the cells That are in all the different maker xgt Batteries now that shot that you saw at The beginning isn't from this video Hopefully I won't repeat that if you Haven't seen that video it's up in the Top corner and down in the description It is um a warning of what can happen Happen if you mess around with the cells Inside these batteries but in this one I'm not going to be cutting open the Cells so hopefully we won't have Anything go off in Flames but at least If it does it'll hopefully make a good Video so like I said I've been meaning To make this video for a while and Somebody has just sent me a dead battery That I can pull apart so gives me a good Opportunity to do this video and check Out the things that I wanted to check Out inside these batteries so I'm going To see if this has the same cells that Are in an 18vt battery and I'm also Making another video where I'm going to Compare the 2.5 versus the 5 aamp Batteries from Makita uh on the lxt System because basically the same as in You know if you wired this differently It would be a 5 a battery so we're going To test runtime versus each other and

We're going to test also how strong the Batteries are I'm going to do a few drop Tests and stuff see how well an xgt Compares to an lxt but that's for a Different video in this one we're going To pull some of these apart we're going To have a look at the cells that are in Them and just see which brands they're Using what amps they're putting out and Whether there's lots of different cells In all these different types of Batteries and we also have the return of The Makita battery checker hasn't been In a video for a while so if you haven't Seen this this is an interesting bit of Kit tells us a little bit of info about Some of these tools quickly and easily If you want to know more about this I'll Put a video up here down in the Description I've done a couple of videos On that right anyway let's start with The newest Makita battery at the time of Making this video which is the BL 440f this battery looks a little bit Different let's get a nice looking one a Little bit different to the original 4 A Batteries you can see they've gone with A silver sticker versus a teal colored And silver sticker this battery has the Same length of runtime as this but it Can put out more amps than this so it Will give your tools a bit more pip make Them feel a bit stronger so you can do RIP cuts and things like that a bit

Quicker and easier with this battery Than you can with this battery in time I Imagine these batteries will become the Norm these ones will basically get Phased out so what makes them different Well I've done a couple of videos on it Before but basically it's these cells They're um a little bit blacker than They were when I first got them due to Um that video shot you saw at the Beginning it's got sprayed With exhaust shall we say from the the Cell that took off anyway these are vx40 Cells made by murata they are tabless Cells I explain all of that in that Video that was at the beginning which is Up there and down in the description so It's a more modern version of your Standard 21700 cells and it allows for The dissipation of energy in a much Quicker and less restricted fashion Which makes them run a bit cooler and be Able to pump out the power a bit quicker Now these cells are only used in this Battery and they are the best cells that Makita currently uses in any of their Batteries now because this is a 4 a hour Battery and this is an 8 a hour battery Which consists basically of the insides Of two of these presumably not too far Away we will have an 8 a hour battery Made of two of These and no it's not going to be an FF I know what it's going to be but I won't

Tell you yet so soon hopefully we'll Have one of these With tabless cells and it will be able To put out a lot more than it currently Does the standard 4 a battery can put Out 1.5 KW or 1,500 wats of Power Max Whereas this new one puts out 2100 and this puts out 2800 currently Made out of two of these Remember so when it's made out of two of These what are we looking at like 4 KW Of power really wouldn't that be was so Hopefully they will do something like That in the not too distant future but Back to the cells these batteries also Use 21700 cells but they are tabbed and They are also made by murata but they Are not vx4s like these they are vtc6 a And that is the one that you saw go AP in the opening of this video now That's not because these are more Dangerous than these it's just the way I Cut it open and I forgot to test whether That particular one was fully drained Like a did when I cut open the vx40 cell These things have a lot of energy in Them so why is a 4 a hour battery is so Much bigger than a 2.5 well they have The same amount of cells to get 36 volts Which is what these are they're 40 volt Max they can actually get up to about 42 Volts when you charge them up um but They've gone with 40 volt Max cuz they Already got two other 36 volt systems so

Not to confuse things let's go 40 volt Makes sense to me um then these have 10 Cells as well so why is it Smaller so 10 cells to make up 36 Vol 3.6 Vol each nominal 4.2 maximum um but These ones are only 18650 cells so they Are smaller cells in this physically Different these are 70 mm long ones in Here 65 mm long these are 21 mm in Diameter the ones in here 18 mm in Diameter so smaller cells but they're Putting out the same voltage they just Being smaller they can't hold as much Energy so you'll get lower and power Running and you'll get less amp coming Out of the cells so less power going to Your tool this being 1.1 KW or 1,00 wats Maximum output this being 1,500 like I Said earlier so if you were going to run Higher drain devices say you're running A grinder or something it needs a fe but Umph you want higher output batteries so This is more inclined to get hot and Overheat on something like a grinder or A chainsaw than this and then this will Be better again and then you go up to This with 20 cells in it there's less Energy having to come from each cell so The cells stay cooler you get more blow Of power to your tool and all that sort Of jazz and so the bigger the tool the Higher the grunt that it requires the Better off you are putting bigger Batteries on it having said all that

They are about to release maybe heard a Few conflicting things about this but Anyway BL 425f is hopefully not too far away and So that will be tabless 18650 CS so like These on are tabless it's an improvement From this to the same Tech as this but With the smaller 18650 cells so instead Of this be 1.1 KW I think they'll be 1.4 1.5 so basically this will have the same Sort of sort of grunt as the old school 4 a hour batteries are you all still With me right time to start pulling one Of these apart I think so what I'm going To do is take a look at this one here This one is Kut somebody sent this to me For the purposes of pulling apart and Making videos so thank you for that and This is what it's currently doing if Your battery is doing that kiss a Goodbye there is something seriously Wrong with it so I'm use this battery Checker just to have a quick look at it I can see from having a look underneath It that whoever owned this battery has Already pulled it apart because the Little white bung is missing if we have A look under there you can't see the Little white bungs look at a battery That does have a little white bung boom There it is there so that's a little Polycarbonate bung in there over one of The screws so Makita know if you've ever Pulled it apart now I don't know if this

Was pulled apart by the owner of the Battery or whether they took it to here The service center and they opened it up And saw something and said hey we're not Warranting that what have you done to This thing I don't know the life history Of this battery I don't know if it's Been dropped in water or had some Violent impacts or anything but we will Be able to tell how many charges it's Had in the overall life shall we say of This battery by having a look at it with This so I'll just going set this up so That you can see it a little bit better So 161 charges had quite a few charges It's saying that the battery is not Completely drained sitting at about the 60% mark so that's interesting the cells Aren't flat within this battery so if I'm going to do anything to this I need To really flatten it first but I won't Be able to do that on a tool due to Those flashing lights this thing ain't Working properly so battery health down To the one bar out of the possible four It's not too happy inside here that Shows the internal temperature of the Battery 18° C at the moment and that's Interesting according to that showing That the sells are all balanced equally But we're reading zero volts so Something's gone wrong here there's Something wrong with the board shouldn't Be zero volts where at 60% charge this

Should still be reading 36 volts roughly You know like I say these start at like 40 and Dro down uh they drop down to About I think it's about 31 before it'll Conch out and you'll need to charge it Up again so this is probably still Somewhere in the 35 volt region yet same Zero so we're going to have some symbols At the end that are going to be showing Up because this battery is Kut now it's Not showing that it's had any like big Heat spikes or anything it's been run Pretty cool mostly down on the low Section here this is an overheating Graph basically and as you can see There's nothing up the high end here so It hasn't been overloaded too much by The looks there's the current output Like whether it's really being pushed Hard once again in the middle nothing in The high range doesn't look like it's Been used on high drain devices like Chainsaws and the next one is going to Be the telling one that shows us batter Is put and there there it is so Something wrong with the board rather Than the Cells caution thing basically if the any Of these are lit up your battery is Stuffed and uh you're unlikely to get it Going again so something wrong with the Board someone's opened it up and had a Look at it we're now going to do that See if there's anything obvious see if

There's something that's burnt out on it Or whether it's just a bit of a mystery And then we can have a look what sell is This thing's made of just quickly by Comparison let's take a look at a happy 2.5 a hour battery so this one 48 Charges it's fully charged the battery It's missing one on the health sort of Section there now I've noticed this Fluctuates a bit if you're regularly Charging the batteries it should stay up High but you leave batteries a bit long It can drop a bit they need to be cycled Fairly regularly these batteries just to Keep them healthy 21° on the inside That's interesting they were stored in Different rooms I've just brought this One in from out the back so it's Obviously warm out there 40 9 Vols so Right up there fully charged everything Balanced Nicely and hasn't been overworked at all Really all down on the low stuff I only Use the 2.5S mostly for impact drivers And drills and blowers and the small B Blower I mean the little dust blower uh Small things not the sort of thing I Would put on outdoor power equipment and Chainsaws and grinders and stuffless I'm Only doing one little quick task and Never been used up high never been Overloaded really and all good at the End so that's what a good battery should Look

Like now ideally I should drain this Battery before I start pulling it to Bits and having a look at it but I can't Do that Vi at All plus I'm making a video who's got Time for that so let's just pull it Apart should be right what could Possibly go Wrong so this is the board of the 2.5 Amp battery little bit grubby there Let's um wipe some of that dust off and Take another look at it see if we can Work out whether anything's blown up Just visually uh these two contacts in The middle here look a bit grubby and a Bit black now there's nothing really Obvious that I can see on here no big Black marks or anything but if we take a Look Above This microchip here you can See a Cut this is a thin cut from corner to Corner across there through the Silicon Styled protective coating over the top Here this is just to put this over to Stop any water and dust Andress as much As possible there's a there's a cut Through it there's a split so maybe that Microchip has gotten too hot and blown And swollen up but I mean I can't Physically see that but the fact that There's a split in that coating suggests Maybe there has been a problem and if You are putting your batteries on the Charger and you get one of the the scary

Red light on the charger telling you Something's wrong don't keep putting Back on and off the charger because you Do that too many times it's going to Brick your battery so the first time you See it do that what I do get a nylon Brush and then just go over the contacts With like like a toothbrush even just Get in there and clean those contacts Give it a good scrub in there get all The dust and grime off there and Then stick it back on and I found that That fixes it most of the time when the Battery is saiding oh not charging No good just give that a clean put it Back on and you should be good to go Again it's not always going to work Obviously if you fried the thing it's Not going to work but it it's worked on Every battery that I've had happen to it That hasn't had the flashing lights of Death right next up let's see what the Cells are that they're actually using in This Thing because of how well Makita package These things unfortunately I can't see The cell numbers or anything yet but I Can see they're green so presumably Murata and I can see is a warning Written on that one um so we're going to Have to cut some of this plastic off to Get to it this is where things get fun Maybe it's time to go drain this thing If we test a healthy battery you can see

There 40.8 volts but what happens when We put it on this one there going to be Something wrong with this so let's just Take a we look see two 1.9 1.7 so maybe it just got to Discharged we got over discharged and Hasn't been able to come back why is the Volt dropping so much the last one's Held steady on 40 this one don't want to Read too Well read it all Anymore it's not a happy battery that's For sure just recording this in case Something interesting Happens jez that had some M okay so I just realized my microphone Was sitting on the bench instead of Being clipped to my shirt so you will Now notice that the sound has gotten Somewhat better so the good battery as You saw all healthy and exciting but This one we's getting Nothing so maybe it just got drained too Low and then the person who owned the Battery stuck it on the charger too many Times trying to charge it up and the Battery ended up getting bricked Unfortunately once it's done that There's no coming back but it may have Just needed a slow charge to just bring Those cells back up get it back up on That 30 Volt range and then put it on The charger and then it might have been All right but there's kind of no way of

Knowing that now okay I'm at that point Where it's a bit of a dilemma because Half of me is saying Go On Tools grab The Dremel cut this thing open let's Have a look at these cells but the thing Is I already know what cells are in here Uh you know this one was a mystery and I Think I was the first person to ever Pull one of those apart and find out That those were vx4s but this been Around a long time already know what it Is they are murata cells as you can see By the green and their VTC 5as this one As I told you just a moment ago VTC 6as and have we got a two sitting here Somewhere on the bench the 2 a power is VTC 4A from murata so murata sells in All of these 40 volt batteries which is Nice to see nice and easy good quality Cells M are good Sals they uh the old Sony cells basically mirata bought Sony's battery manufacturing division Back in 2017 I think it was uh and They Carried on making the Batteries instead of Sony making them And they make electrical components all Over the world uh you know as well as Japan they do it in UK us all throughout Europe and Asia and even Brazil so they Were big company and a good quality Company and mirata cells are one of the Best branded cells you can get and it's Good to see them using those cells Throughout all of their batteries so far

In the xgt system so let me sum up what We've got going on here the 2 Amp has 10 18650 cells that are VTC 4A the 2.5 amp Has 10 18650 cells that are VTC 5A the First 4 a hour battery has 10 VTC 6A and They are of course 21700 cells this was The first ever 21700 sale from Makita on Any platform this the 5 a power has 20 Cells in it 20 18650 cells it is the Equivalent of two of these stuck Together two of them in there boom boom And what cells do these have they Have VTC 5A and then the last of the Original range of batteries is the 8 a The 8 a the 5 a were both released as F Batteries if you look on the bottom We've got 4080 F so the F basically Meaning high output from Makita why they Chose if I'm not 100% sure but this Battery has 20 cells and they are 21700 Cells and they are the Vtc6a then of course we have the new 4040 F battery once again designed for High output for Grinders chainsaw Anything that uses a lot of juice quick This is using 21700 SS 10 of them and They are the ones we've talked about Earlier the tablis Vx4s now it'll be interesting to see if We get some VX 50s or vx6s we could Really take these batteries to another Level and it will also be cool once they Filled one of these up with these Because that is going to be a pretty

Mean battery as well so according to Murata the VTC 4A cells inside here They're 2,000 millia cells 10 of them in Series adds up to 2 Amp Hour you don't Add the 2000s all together so each Battery cell is 2 Amp Hour and there's 10 of them in series to make up our 36 Volts adds up to 2 a hour batteries Still if you had another 10 of them on Top here that would make it a 4 a hour Battery because you'd have 10 in series Another 10 in series parallel them up That gives you 4 amp hour of power Potentially and according to mirata the Maximum you can get out of these is 35 Amps continuous but that will of course Depend on the PCB inside each battery Because these cells need to be used in Conjunction with a PCB to make sure that They don't overload and end up bursting Into flames you know like the Video the 2.5 amp uses vtc5a cells which Are also 35 amp Max output for the Current and the old school 4 a power we Are looking at 40 amps continuous from This and of course they are 4,000 mamp Cells they're the much bigger 21700 Cells of course in this one so 10 of Those in series gives us our 4 amp hours Double that up you get one of those Woo but what about our new battery the New F battery what is that one putting Out while Mada still haven't got this on Their website there's still no data

Sheets that I can find that are official Ones from Mada it's not in any of their Graphs it's not in any of their tables According to them they don't sell it not On their website anyway but of course It's still a 4 amp battery so the cells Are still 4,000 milliamp hours each and The current coming out of these things We're looking at 50 amps so if these are 35 This is 40 This Is 50 we're looking at quite big Jumps and that's why this puts out a lot More power than these other batteries so When it comes to reviewing tools Batteries are one of the things I get Asked about the most so that's just a Quick overview of all the cells that are In each of these packs because a lot of People want to know about the batteries Because after all without a battery you Ain't got any tools to work so making The right choice with the battery is Important so if you want a quick summary Of what you should use for different Tools in my opinion the big chainsaw That Makita make use this you can't use It on the other chainsaws you can only Use it on the largest one the other ones That they have throttled back so you can Only use up to the 5 amp if you're doing A lot of heavy grinding one of these if You're using any of the 80 volt tools One of these outdoor power equipment These are good vacuums these are good if

You're using impact drivers or you're Doing a small job quickly you're using Drills you're using angle grinders fast That sort of thing just quick little Jobs then weight is very important and This is the battery to use when the new F battery comes out hopefully it will be A very good alternative and yeah just Take things to another level like the 4f Has because this in my opinion is the Best battery at the moment it's a good Sort of balance of power and weight and Size so this is good for pretty much Every tool I still don't like using the 4 andwers on something like an impact Driver here cuz they're just it's just a Bit big and clunky but it's not too bad Um you certainly wouldn't want to use it With the Eight but if we get an F battery that's That size for impact drivers it will be Nice but this battery here you can use On pretty much everything and it will Give a good amount of power and should Run cool fairly good amount of time good Overall battery at the moment will Makita ever use pouch cells I doubt it Personally just the way they're going I Don't think they will I think they'll Start switching everything to tablis Tech ology hopefully hopefully hopefully Once we've got 18650 tabulis cells there Should be no reason why Makita don't up The um 18vt batteries and change them to

Tabler cells that could mean that they Get sort of somewhere in the region of 20 to 30% more power out of the Batteries without having to actually Change the battery size so the batteries Will all look the same but give you a Bit more grunt I know lots of people Want 21700 Cs and and yeah it doesn't Look like they are possibly ever going To do that but if they don't want to do That then they can do the 18650 tablis Which would be the same ones they would Use in this battery to make a 5 a lxt Battery that should kick butt but we'll Left wait and see what happens with that So thanks for watching uh if you're Interested in Makita stuff don't forget To subscribe at this point in time I Doubt there's any other channel on YouTube that's got more Makita videos Than this one and there's plenty more New Makita tools coming this year so I Will see you on those soon have a good One see you later and um don't cut open A battery cell if you don't have to okay It's best to Just yeah you don't want This Jesus

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