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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to cook untrimmed brisket on your Traeger.

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Hey guys in today's video you've heard About this process you've asked me about This process I've even watched videos on This process and asked around as well Today that's right it is 100 Untrimmed brisket we are not touching This thing at all other than to add a Little bit of salt and pepper today We're going to be cooking it on the Traeger grill now because I really don't Have a lot of prep other than Salt and Pepper let's head out get the grill Fired up well we'll go ahead and top it Off with our Ace Reserve blend pellets And then we're going to set the Temperature today for 300 degrees that's Right we're going to cook a little bit Hotter today go a little bit faster as We also have a little bit more fat to Deal with as well so we'll get it all Set and we are ready to go Our ingredients today are going to be Very simple we have a 14 pound prime Packer brisket and I'm not going to do Anything to it so we literally have a 14 Pound prime Packer brisket keeping it Super simple today I'm going to use oil As a binder salt and pepper to season This up and then once we reach that Magical spot 165 170 a little bit of Butcher paper to wrap it up get it all Rocking and rolling and take this thing To a maximum beautiful doneness okay Well like I said we are not doing any

Trimming today so let's go ahead and We're going to add a little bit of oil To the top just to help as a binder and Then like I said keeping it simple we're Going to hit it with some salt we're Gonna let this sit on here for a little Bit we'll even pack it on just a little Bit we're going to give it a nice heavy Coating of salt as well and then like I Said we'll go ahead and pack that on and Then we'll go ahead and hit it with that Cracked black pepper simple simple today We are going to let the flavor of this Brisket do its thing so we'll season the Top side we'll flip it over season the Back side let it sit for a little bit And then it's out to the grill all right We are preheated we'll go ahead and add Our brisket on there I'm gonna put that Right in the middle now a couple Different ways you can track temperature While cooking brisket you can use your Traeger thermometer come on out every Hour or hour and a half two hours and Track temp you could use the meter plus Probe which is going to work with your Phone or today we're going to use the Traeger X meter probe because that now Will give us a little bit of temperature Visibility on the Traeger app When it comes time to add that meter Probe or the wired probe that comes with Your Traeger one of the things you want To make sure is I don't add it into a

Pocket of fat so I'm going to go right Into the flat area and I'm going to get That buried in there nicely so I get a Really good average temperature but Again like I said I don't want to get in A fat pocket which will give me a false Reading now that we have the brisket all Loaded time to close the lid time to Start cooking this now I have to be Honest I want you to come back and check This for probably three hours but the Beauty is I'm gonna track its temp on The Traeger app so as we get close to That 165 170 we'll come back and give it A check Timer just went off we hit 170. let's Get it in time to get it wrapped All right it is time to wrap I've got my Butcher paper set now here's the funny Thing about this process you're going to Witness I can't wrap presents to save my Life literally looks like a wrapped him With my toes now this on the other hand This brisket wrapping is magical so what I did is I have the meter probe up what I'm going to do is envelope wrap this Right so that means I'm going to fold That side in this side in This side in And then that side just like that now What I'm going to do flip this guy over Leave my Pro bin we're going back on the Traeger we're going to take this to 204 205 degrees but more importantly we're

Going to check for tenderness so back Onto the Traeger once we get up in that 20345 range we're going to start probing This for tenderness then when we're done Time to rest time to slice see how this No trim brisket turned out All right here we go back onto the Traeger looking nice and pretty okay Well as you can see our probe goal has Reached 200. now I set it at 200 degrees Because I thought I'm gonna come out Here and check for tenderness and see Where we're at on this brisket so let's Open up the trigger see where we're at For tenderness I always love to use my Traeger wired probe to check tenderness Because allows me to get in there and Here's what I'm finding out look how Easy that inserts look at how easy that Pulls and I'll tell you what I'm not Sure what's going on here but that Brisket definitely feels like we are Done I'm looking at tenderness today Because what we know about brisket is Yes we cook to a certain temperature but We also check for tenderness and Doneness this thing looks like it's done So we're going to take it off the Traeger let it rest in a cooler for About an hour and uh see where we're at But uh yeah it's a pretty wild method so Far all right I put a couple towels down Here we are back inside the kitchen I'm Going to go ahead and add that brisket

Into my Yeti and uh yeah we're gonna Close it we are going to let this sit For an hour we'll come back and check it After an hour rest see where we're at Foreign Well here we are after nine and a half Hours of cooking and one hour of resting Total of ten and a half hours it ended Up finishing right up to 204 carried Over in that cooler quite nicely uh we Checked the probe tenderness that looked Amazing but I'll tell you what there's Only one way to see if our first attempt At no trim risk it turned out so come in Close we're gonna do the unveiling we'll Show you how we unwrap it cut in here Check a few slices do a little tasting Are you nervous are you a little bit Nervous because I am all right let's do It come on in close all right here we go Let's cut right into the middle take a Look at that and see what we look like I Would say that looks pretty solid right We'll do the obligatory push on it and Watch the juices squish out of there but That is absolutely crazy so I I'm blown Away like I'm literally blown away at How wonderful and Juicy and Delicious That is and watch look at that just Literally falls apart now a little bit Of fat cap to uh take off but tell you What this doesn't disappoint at all not A bad day's work here in the studio at All I'll tell you what I have to be

Super honest I am blown away at how Amazing this brisket came out I mean the Flavor is solid we cut a thick piece we Still have that limp brisket uh and I'll Tell you what it just falls apart I have Some shredded I have some sliced and I Am ready to go huge huge fan of this Process we'll definitely be doing it Again now if you don't like this process And you're thinking that guy's nuts stay Tuned because coming up we've got Another video that's going to show you How make a trimmed brisket on your Traeger grill how about until then I mean seriously I might be the best Brisket I've made today

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