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The biggest complaint about cordless Battery power tools is runtime so today I'm going to show you a couple of Alternatives to standard batteries to Keep you working longer [Music] G'day guys and gals today we are looking At battery Solutions so I've done a lot Of videos over the years on Makita Batteries in particular 18 volt and 40 Volt batteries and today I'm going to Show you how to make better use of those Battery Systems because a lot of you Complain in the comment section that the Batteries just don't last long enough You know if you put in a 40 volt battery On a blower and you only get 10 minutes It's just not good enough so today I'm Going to show you a couple of other Battery solutions that have been around A little while but a lot of people still Don't know about and I'm going to show You some of the tricks you can do with These things to run different Tools in Different ways so let's get into it so On the benches of Makita xgt 40 volt Adapter but what does it go into well Before I tell you that I'm going to show You another couple of adapters so we Have this adapter here with two lxt Battery ports on it and a lead Foreign Volt one as well Now all three of these plug into battery

Packs that go on your back most of the Time they don't have to go on your back Now all three of these adapters are Genuine Makita products I know they do Look a little bit like their knockoffs The sticker designs are not quite as Good as makita's ones that they use on The batteries but these are genuine Products from Makita and they of course Run 18 volt tools 18 volt times two Tools 36 volt and the new 40 volt tools And they can plug into one of two things Both of them are similar but very Different at the same time I'll show you The cheaper older alternative first First up we have the pdc01 which as you Can see is brand new fresh straight out Of the box it is essentially a battery Backpack it'll run 18 volt and 36 volt Tools with the adapters you just saw and It uses your pre-existing 18 volt Batteries so you load four 18 volt Batteries up into there and you can now Have four times the run time or 18 volts Or double the run time for 18 volt times Two tools the lid on the pdc01 is Spring-loaded let it go it will slam Itself shut which is a bit annoying if You want to change all the batteries out But never fear on the bottom of the unit There is a little button there push it In and it will hold the top open for you So that you can remove all your Batteries

When you turn it on you'll see there is Some battery indicators so you've got The four basic battery indicators there One two three four if you are using an 18 volt tool on this thing it doesn't Drain these all evenly starts at one end Works its way through deplete deplete Deplete deplete so you can change two Out halfway through or something like That if you need to if you're using a 36 Volt tool it'll use these two up first Then these two now the green light down Here you'll see is flashing that will go To a solid light when you plug in an Adapter like so And plug it back to a flashing light It is fairly compact for the amount of Batteries that are in it and it has a Harness as you can see on the other side So that it goes over your shoulders Obviously you can wrap it around your Waist got a little pouch here to either Keep your adapter in when you're not Using it if you're using two different Ones on the day or something or you can Put any other sort of tools in there There is of course a ton of adjustments On these straps and everything you can Even pull the whole harness down your Back by loosening this off and locking It down in a different place depending On how tall you are We'll leave it in the short position Because it's much easier to view on the

Bench So these are primarily designed for Tools such as outdoor power equipment so If you have an 18 volt split shaft System for instance hook this onto your Tool your power head and you can now run It four times longer without having to Change battery server Blowing a big long driveway or something You want to run for half an hour Chuck This on your back clip this into your Tool and Away you go but of course not Only can you use it for outdoor power Equipment but you can also use it for Other things like if you want a miter Saw to run a bit longer without having To change batteries if you want to do Some grinding you'd want to do a lot of Cutting and concrete or something Chuck This on your back a bit more run time Because if you stick four six amp hour Batteries in here you'll get 24 amp Hours of run time significant Improvement or if you're running 36 volt Tools and you have six amp hour Batteries in there you'll get 36 volt at 12 amp hours so you'll get twice the run Time than you could possibly get any Other way and 12 amp hours at 36 volts Is even 50 more than the largest Makita 40 volt battery it would be the Equivalent of one of those and one of Those both stuck inside here now while That's a good Improvement it's not

Massively more if you want massively More you're gonna have to go something a Bit bigger than this but before we take A look at the next one let's just have a Quick look at this thing in action Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Now this thing has another little trick Up its sleeve that some of you may have Already worked out and I'll tell you a Little bit later on in the video what That is but first let's take a look at The next one this is the PDC 1200 it's Called 1200 because as you can see on The front here 1200 Watt hours I'm kind Of surprised they used what hours on the Front of this thing when it's not Something they really advertise on any Of the other batteries that is written On the bottom of every battery but it's Not the main feature normally batteries Are sold as amp hours right we all know The runtime and amp hours what hours Would be better if they use that but They don't they use amp hours so why They choose what hours on this I don't Know but anyway I'm just starting to Ramble now if you want to know what it Is in amp hours this thing is 33 and a Half amp hours at 36 volts That's a lot of amp hours compared to The last one as you remember the last

One can only do up to 12 amp hours if You've got four six n-power batteries in There this thing Almost three times that so this thing Here is the equivalent of this foreign That is a lot of batteries that is 33 And a half amp hours worth of 40 volt Batteries now How are you going to fit all those Battery packs inside this unit because That unit doesn't look big enough to Hold that many batteries well you'd have To worry about that because you don't Put batteries inside this this is one Giant 33.5 amp hour battery that's one Big battery so there is no way to open This up and get inside it to change Anything so how do you charge it well Down here we have a charging port just Below the power button the Charger looks Like this With a plug like this to plug the Charger in it's not the clearest thing In the world Um it's hard to sort of work out where The lines are meant to go because There's so many little different things And pins and plastic lines so you just Turn it until you get to the right spot It will drop on like so and then you Just twist that little dial there at the Bottom on come the lights and you'll Probably also no doubt I've heard the Charger fan kicking so that's going to

Be a while now you'll notice this unit Does not have a backpack attached to it But never fair because it has a Removable backpack harness so it's all Pretty much the same as the harness on The pdc01 Although a little bit fresher looking Than that one you got your straps and Your pouch there and you can slide it up And down for Comfort depending on your Height but it is easily removed from the Backpack harness just by pushing this Gray button on the top here and the Whole thing just pops off Why does it pop off well it makes it a Lot easier to charge but not only that You can clip this entire battery onto Certain tools for instance you can get a Lawn mower where you just clip this Whole thing on the top and then you've Got 33 and a half amp hours of run time At 36 volts now if you compare that to The maximum you can do with the current 40 volt mowers you can put two eight amp Hour batteries in it giving you 16 amp Hours at 36 volts so that doubles what You can currently do with a 40 volt Model with two of these Not only that you use this to power the New Makita inverter I was hoping to have That on the bench right now hopefully We'll have it before the end of the Video so I can quickly show you that Otherwise it'll be in another video

Shortly no doubt but you clip this whole Unit onto the top of that and then you Can use that to power anything that you Plug in with a standard three pin plug In this part of the world be a two pin Plug in some parts of the work but in This part of the world you'll get 240 Volts out of it and I think 1600 watts Is that what we've discussed before I've Talked about it in some of my update Videos I saw one the other day I'll Hopefully get it soon and we can look at It a bit better it's also got USB Charges and that sort of thing in it Obviously and it's a macpac 2 size box Basically that you can put in a macpac Stack have this on the top and power Corded tools or lights or televisions Whatever the hell you want using an Emergency to run your fridge all those Sorts of things but we haven't got that Today so I will shut up about that and We'll move on to the way that these Connect to the adapters as well as the 18 volt lxt the 36 volt lxt and the new 40 volt Max you can get connect X plugs For these as well so basically if you've Got a blower and you're going to be Using a blower all day every day and you Can't run it on petrol because that's The way the world's going then you can Get one of these with a connect X blower Which just plugs directly into here you Don't need the clunky battery adapter so

That helps make the tool a little bit Smaller a little bit lighter just plug That straight into a blower straight Into a weed eater that sort of thing and Away you go but most of you watching no Doubt don't use that system I certainly Don't so instead you'll have one of These adapters the kits often come with The adapters with these things now this One being a 36 volt will not run the Standard single 18 volt one you can only Run this on the older pdc01 so it's Pretty simple you've got an arrow on the Tool an arrow on the adapter plug them Together bang you are ready to go this Is now capable of running any 40 volt Makita tool for a very long period of Time so what that means in real terms if We take a look at the blower that's on Screen at the moment this is the split Shaft power head 40 volt with the blower Attachment and the first blower Attachment is actually a newer smaller Version it's not quite as powerful but a Bit more Compact and a bit lighter if You like that sort of thing but that's For another video anyway that will do Around 10 minutes no more than 10 Minutes on a 5 amp hour battery blowing Full whack so 10 minutes not that great With this thing you're looking at 65 Minutes approximately when it comes to The Standalone 40 volt blower that can Do about 16 and a half minutes on a 5

Amp hour battery so if you extrapolate It out to this thing you are looking at A around 110 minutes that's an hour and 40 Minutes so that's a decent amount of Blow now one of the downsides with this Is because it's a single battery and You're not putting batteries inside it Like the pdc01 you have to charge it With the dedicated charger and that Takes five hours to do a full charge Which is a long time no one wants to Wait around five hours in the middle of The day to get a job done so if you are Using one of these things you really Need to have two of them and Yes they are expensive if you have to Ask you know it's one of those sort of Tools so if you've got two of these it's A very Hefty Financial investment if You're using outdoor power equipment all Day and you can't use petrol then it's a Great choice of course but it will set You back for your bit to start with and Because both these units go on your back Weight is important the Pdc01 that you put the batteries in that I just showed you before it weighs 7 kgs I do believe with the batteries in it There's this one here you are looking at Nearly nine kgs it's about 8.8 kgs Without the harness so with the harness You're looking at over nine kgs so a Couple of kgs heavier but you do get a

Considerable more amount of whack for Your weight Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] So I know a ton of you want to know does This now mean I can run a 40 volt tool Of 18 volt batteries well I've got the Four 18 volt batteries in there which Equates to two sets of 36 volt We've got the cord coming up we're Hooked into the 40 volt 12 inch miter Saw Will it work Let's give her a whirl I better turn the thing on first that's One thing with these things you've got To remember to turn them on Even though it's a battery essentially You have to turn said battery on Battery comes on all light up all good To go let's try this one more time [Applause] Sounds pretty good to me I'll do a Couple of cuts and see if it feels the Same eh okay using the pdc01 Now with the 40 volt battery Apart from nearly getting a bit of kick Back there because I'm using a bun bit Of wood It seemed to work fine with both the 40

Volt battery Or the adapter so You can run 40 volt tools of 18 volt Batteries What about the impact drivers For those of you who wanted backwards Compatibility There it is see what have you been Complaining about 18 volt battery 40 Volt tool let's go No workers Easy convenient Put this on your back you can drive Screws all damn day And I'm running 12 amp hours and it's Way lighter than putting a big eight amp Hour battery or something on there in Fact it only feels like about a 4 amp Hour if you haven't already noticed Throughout the video as well you can put The cord out the front call it out the Back you can have it in the middle Whatever choice is up to yours so many Possibilities so the o1 I find quite a Comfortable unit to use it's small it's Lightweight you don't notice it too much On your back but you only get double the Run time out of it so you know it's like I sort of don't really see the point of This for a 36 volt tool 18 volt maybe You got four batteries so it's going to Give you four times the run time on an 18 volt tool but how many 18 volt tools You're really hooking up to this thing

Whereas the one on the right much Heavier on your back you really notice That one compared to this I tested this One out first and after I'd been using This putting this on was delightful I Hardly noticed it but this thing is Pretty heavy takes a bit to get used to Takes a bit to get used to as well Pushing the power button on the thing When you're wearing it so try and turn The thing on before you pick it up Because this is a little bit cumbersome It's not quite as easy as just grabbing A tool with a battery on it and where You go you have to have the backpack on You have to pick that up hook that over Your shoulders you have to have the lead In the right place and everything then Plug your tool in it can be a bit Cumbersome Sort of by yourself at first you almost Need somebody to set it up on you Um so it's not something I particularly Like but in a previous life I would have Used one of these a lot Particularly for blowers because blowers Just go through the batteries too damn Fast I used to use petrol backpack Blowers because there was no battery Alternative but now this is a viable Alternative although that six hour Charge time is a long time disconnect X System seems sort of a bit odd at first You clip it together just like that that

Sort of doesn't lock you don't twist it Or anything it just you just slot it in You think oh is that going to hold well It holds pretty well but it also pulls Out quite well if need be so if you get Caught up on anything or you put the Tool down and you start walking away for Getting you put the tool down as I've Done several times before It will easily just pop out rather than End up pulling you over or dragging your Tool along the ground or anything like That so if you get caught up in a in a Branch or anything like that this will Easily pop out And you can easily just slot it back in Again when you're ready to go so you can Just drop that out hook it up to another Tool slot it back in away you go again Or when you want to have a quick break Take that out put the tool down go grab A drink without having to remove this From your back and then just slot it Back in again and Away you go so Remember the maximum you can put in this Is four six amp power 18 volt batteries Whereas this is the equivalent of nearly 11 6 amp hour 18 volt batteries so Almost three times as much as this and So like any battery tool any battery Tool system that you have you always Have to have at least two batteries People always say which battery should I Get no matter what you're buying you

Need two don't buy one 12 amp hour Battery you're better off getting two Six amp hour batteries because at some Point you've got to charge that 12 amp Hour battery so I would rather have to Change it part way through the day or The job or whatever then run out and Then be stuffed so even if you buy a 12 Amp hour battery you've got to buy Another 12 amp hour battery you buy a 3 Amp hour battery you've got to buy Another 3 amp hour but you've got to Have two No matter what and the same with this You've got to have two of these really Which is a pretty big Financial outlay But it would be interesting to see what Else Makita could do with this sort of Battery now makira the only ones that Make these sort of batteries High kogi Have done it in the past still and a Bunch of others but Makita have a bigger Range of overall tools and Tech over the Years that they could maybe adapt this To and maybe do something along the Lines of the MX fuel stuff where you Clip on a big battery like this and then You can use a plate compact or a sewer Cleaner or something like that or Something that's a large piece of Machinery that doesn't matter so much About the weight or where the weight is Actually an advantage to help hold the Tool down create a bit of pressure on

You know something like a plate come Back to for instance so I'm guessing That's why this has basically superseded This this is now discontinued in this Country still available in some parts of The world and you can still get it here If you go to the right place some places Still have them for sale but Makita New Zealand do not stock this item anymore Every thing has moved to this and we'll Hopefully be seen a little bit more of This in an upcoming video shortly both Of those been around for a while now I Know guys but I just thought I would Show them as I've never actually had Them on the channel before so so the Pros and cons for each this you can Change out the batteries and carry on Working this you have to charge the Whole system up this one you can use 18 Volt and 36 volt this one won't do 18 Volt just the 36 volt and the 40 volt Max Battery Systems this one's nice and Light this one's pretty heavy this one Only gives you double the run time on 36 Volt whereas this gives you at least Four times the run time of the largest 8 Amp Hour 40 volt battery if you're using This on the xgt system as usual let me Know what you think down in the comments Hit that subscribe button if you haven't Done it before and I'll see you on Another Makita review next week Cheers guys

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