Milwaukee 36v Vacuum. It’s a Massive 45L (12 Gallons) and takes 2 x M18 Batteries

The Milwaukee M36… Ahhh… I mean M18 (but you need 2 of them) 45 litre Vacuum (12 Gallon Vac) is massive! But does it Suck (in a good way)?


Wet Filter
Filter Bags
Dust Extraction Connectors

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[Music] Well I think the time has come to Finally review my Milwaukee table here Because it's taken up a lot of space and It's a very expensive table to just be Sitting there not being used so let's Open up the Box right now I just know this will be Around the wrong way is it going to be The front or the back I knew it it's the Back well we're here on tell you a Couple of things it's 45 L it's a big Unit this box is massive it's an l-class Vac 30, and 90 L of per minute of Suction air flow this is the M18 fvc 45l and it is a wet dry vac let's Continue to get it out of the box look At the diameter of this hose and the Size of these attachments this is a Serious V that's got a self closing box it's an Absolute Behemoth even with all the Stuff taken out it the base of it is Basically taking up the entire box this Is a big unit where am I going to put it So the base cart trolley type thing is Plastic on the bottom but even though It's plastic it's solid as it's a pretty Heavy unit and we've got steel arms here This goes up and down I'll show you the Handle a bit closer in a moment and She's got large wheels at the back there Good for going upstairs that's sort of Thing up backwards and on the front

Smaller ones that have locks on them so That you can stop your vac from taking Off but first let's put on the V so you Just slide it in at one end sort of Thing just clink click to get it off Push down on here lift it back out the Handle is a telescoping handle that's The Highest next next Next now as well as the unit in the cart You of course get a hose which is 2.7 M Long and 63 mm in diameter 2/2 in this Thing's huge and it comes with two wands Which of course are 63 mm 2 and 1/2 in As well slot them together bung it on The end and then you have your main Vacuum head which is pretty basic it's Basically just a big open hole um but if You're sucking up a lot of big and You're using a big hose like this you Want to be able to suck up large debris And debris on mass then yeah you want Something pretty basic there so that You've got a nice Clear Flow straight Into your hose and then the biggest Crevice tool I think I've ever seen She's a three finger crevice tool so She's a bit of a beast that one now on The front of the box here down the Bottom it says complete wet dry Vacuuming solution well personally I Think you need three more things for That statement to be true and so you'll Need to buy these separately but let's

Take a look at them before we get into Using the vac and that is first up this Wet foam filter if you're going to use This as a wet vac it says in the manual Use one of these don't use the filter That comes in the unit the standard Hipper filter swap it out for one of These so got one of these here ready to Go that is the well I'll put links down In the description with the numbers that You need for all these next up to keep The filter that is in the actual unit at The moment for dry stuff to keep that Good and last as long as possible filter Bags filter bags are good for like I say Prolonging the life of your filter in The v but also keeps all the dust nicely Contained so care helps keep your vac Cleaner helps keep the air cleaner Around you and when you finished you Just seal this thing up and throw the Whole thing in the bin no having to deal With dust tipping it out into something Else so I love filter bags and if you Want to use this thing as a dust Extractor which I'm guessing a lot of You will want to do although this hose Might be a bit heavy we'll see how that Goes later in the video but a dust Extraction kit here we'll take a closer Look at all of these things as I use Them throughout the video and I'll put Links down there and numbers and what Have you so make sure you get one of

Those to get the full use out of this Thing so you can hook it up to Saws and Planes and table saws MIT saws whatever So that's a lot of gear but of course it Will all fit on the cart with the unit I Think it's now time we actually put some Batteries in this thing and and use it I Want to suck up some stuff I want to see How much this sucks not only does it Suck but it does also blow as well so Lot of things to look at let's get into [Applause] It [Music] So it sucked up most of it but there was Quite a few biggest chunks that sort of Jumped ahead from the blade as it was Cutting that jumped ahead of the VAC so It couldn't quite get it but there was Certainly a lot less of the fine dust Like that stuff so it worked works but Didn't catch everything no dust Extraction ever Does but that's pretty Good yeah the vacuum was actually doing Quite a Lot as you can see the dust extraction Doesn't work so good when you're going From Underneath [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] Going to bung the VAC on full whack We've got board set up same as I was Just doing without the V 2 mm depth of Cut try it on full power first then I'll Lower the power see if it still can cope [Music] [Music] A Oh Good instantly jammed never use it with This on it if you haven't got the v on It cuz it's it just jamed straight away So the VAC helps immensely for dust Extraction except with that big hose it Is pulling on this a bit would be nice If I um got a narrower hose I think Somebody's cutting up the road out the Front so it might be a little bit noisy Now I know it's a little bit weird to Suck up this sort of that's Accumulated on the side of the driveway Here but I want to test how good this Thing can suck plus this is a pain to Pick up so let's go we'll try it on low Suck First I think we need to go full Suck okay I no pushing my luck somewhat Few too many twigs and big stuff in There but was doing pretty good apart From that what about getting rid of Sawdust off the Drive Woohoo back into the driveway

Before 22 amp batteries fully charged Freshly off the charger let's see how Long it takes on the highest sitting to Deplete these batteries let's go I'll be back in a Minute wow that was quicker than I Thought it was going to be as I Suspected one battery's gone flat the Other one still showing two bars I need A newer battery so this has just come Off the VAC this is the completely Depleted 12 amp hour battery just see How warm it is not looking too hot there Only around the 28° mark so that's all Good but it is is a Pity that it Depleted quicker than the other battery This battery is 2020 this new one is 2023 so bit of a Bugger there is just about exactly 3 Years difference between those two and Even though this hasn't had many charges It's clearly not running at full Capacity anymore now of course not only Can It suck up dust and be used as an Extractor you can also use it as a wet Dryve back so this is what you will need Though if you're doing just a small Amount you just do a little bit of Surface water a little spill or Something then you can probably just get Away with sucking it up without without Changing the filter but if that standard Filter in there gets wet which I'll show You in a moment then you know bit of a

Bugger you're going to have to dry that Thing out also of course remember if you Are going to quickly just suck up a Little bit of water take your filter bag Out or all the dust and out of the VAC because you don't want that getting All wet either so let's go put this in Place and I'll put a link down in the Description for these by the way I'll go Put this in the v and we'll see how Quick she can suck up water right free Plug for Bunnings here so I've got a 20 L bucket she is full of H2O and we are Going to see how quick we can suck it up With the Milwaukee vac but first of all I need to open it up and show you what We need to do to the inside so first of All if you have a bag in there you are Of course going to have to take it out You can clip it out with the black Holder there then of course we need to Remove the filter which just turns Clicks off now before you put on the Filter just check this here this is a Little float valve make sure it's not Jamming on anything no dust or Grime or Anything on there because you need that To go up and block off if you get this Thing follow water because else you're Going to flood your motor with water and That's not good electricity and water Don't mix too well we bung that on turn It ready to go that'll help stop water Getting into your motor as well so place

Your bets now on how long it's going to Take to suck 20 L of water up with this Thing on full whack two 12 a high uper Batteries we're going to run it on top Speed how long's it going to be [Music] Go well that was pretty Quick was a bit tricky for it to get That last little bit so I turned it off That was fast that was real fast you can Then wheel it to a drain open up the cap There and let it all drain out just be Careful though this has only got 20 L of Water in it roughly so that's 20 kgs Extra weight and this handle is not the Greatest thing in the world if you had 40 L of water in here it's an extra 40 Kgs and you're trying to move it on Anything but the smoothest flattest Ground this handle is going to have a Lot of work to do and it's I don't think It's up to it personally it's a little Bit flimsy this handle if I was going to Change anything about this vac it would Be sturdi a Handle it's possibly longer to empty it Than it was to fill It it's sucked up pretty damn Quick but how Quick you've probably seen it on the Screen and I have If you have used your vac to suck up Water or other liquids make sure you Hang it up to dry before you go sucking

Up anything dry again cuz if you suck up Anything dry it's just going to stick to The inside of your hose and if there's One thing I've learned in life you do Not want sticking on the inside of Your hose this is why you need to change That filter because even though the Water was a long way away from here in Terms of getting up to it from filling Up I mean the tank would have been less Than half full but we've still got water Right up here on the top and this is wet Filter is all wet so make sure you Change that again of course before Before you go using dust again even a Little bit of water has gotten through Onto the the area here where it sucks Into your motor you don't want that so Just be careful checking that dry this All out before you use it for anything Else if possible and hopefully your Vacuum will give you many happy years of Enjoyment what I like to do to make sure I get as much water out of these things As possible especially the hose hook it Up to your blower blow your blower down It thankfully I've got a blower that the End of the hose jams in perfectly and I Can blow it around give it a bit of a Wiggle to get it out of all the coils And everything um also give this a blow Give your canister a blow you can dry it All out pretty darn quick that way now Let's say that the filter bag inside

Your unit is nice and full and you can't Suck anymore but you just want to finish Cleaning something up well you can also Make this thing blow unplug your hose From the front there bring it around the Side hook it in the back here on the Side and now it's not a sucker it's a Blower and you can now use it to blow Down a work site or to clean off your Tools at the end of the Day well the blower doesn't suck now When it comes to comparing vacuum Suction you know I could put numbers on The screen I can tell you the numbers That the manufacturers put on there and That's what people go by cfms and stuff But different countries have different Ways of measuring these things different Units of measurement so it makes it hard To compare not only that tool company Websites and brochures are not the most Reliable things in the world they have Wrong numbers in them all the damn time And so some people can be put off Vacuums that are actually perfectly fine Cuz the numbers are measured in a Different way to a different brand or They can buy something thinking the Numbers are so fantastic that it must be Good and it turns out to suck but not in The good way so I just like to show you Whether it suck in a real world Environment just how much it can pull Whether it'll can suck up some heavy

Stuff so in this particular test we are Going to look at some nuts if you look On the top of this ladder here we have a 6 mm stainless nut 8 mm 10 mm 12 16 and 20 if it can suck that up I'll be pretty Impressed let's go the vacuum will of Course be in the highest sitting 6 Mil gone 8 mil Gone 10 Mil Gone 12 Mil gone 16 Mil oh yeah and [Music] Finally oh hey so I didn't have a filter Bag in the canister of the vacuum for That test so that I could hear them all Go into the actual vacuum and they did All make it there was a little bit of Struggle getting that uh 20 mil nut to Take off but once it started Moving just like that hose it was away So I've had this thing for about 3 Months now and as a vacuum it's good It's got plenty of suck it lifts up what I want it to suck up it's not the most Elegant vacuum by that I mean you know If you're that's the Floor um sucker upper a bit the head and You know there's no there's no brushes Or anything nice on there it's just Rough plastic and it gets scratched up Pretty quick um this vac is for rough Cleaning of work sites and stuff like

That garages and things not too good for Carpet or anything like that but of Course it's not designed for carpet and like that it's designed for Mass Suction on job sites like I say so the The vacuum part of it I'm happy with Make sure if you're going to get one of These you have at least two 12 amp Batteries because sucks through the Juice as you saw earlier in the video But when you're using it just a few Minutes at a time the batteries feel Like they last quite some time the Blower is Handy particularly if you're Using the wet vac you can then blow out The hose with the blower there get as Much water out of it as possible before You start sucking up the dry again The trolley could be better the handle I I'm not a big fan of the handle the base Is not too bad but the handle just feels A little bit flimsy the way it clicks in And and if you've got any weight in it If you're shifting it around and it's Got water in it or a heap of heavy like Jib dust or something like that then it The handle you know and the base sort of Feel like they Flex a little bit too Much for my liking particularly not too Good going upstairs and things like that Either it's a big bulky unit to move Around the storage for all your Attachments is okay I don't particularly Like how the hose goes on though this is

A little bit too easy to do that and This pops out of here a little bit too Too easy as well and you've got to sort Of just jam it on there any way you can And it easily falls off the hose and Comes off when you moving it around Which is a little frustrating it would Have been nice if they had maybe done Something a little bit better with that Now there's no packout attachments or Anything on the top here either I mean I Know why they've done that if you end up Stacking a whole bunch of tools and Everything on here this handle and this Cart are just not going to cope with an Extra 30 40 kg stacked on the top but There is some areas here where you can Put straps on yourself Ty the hose on or Tying something else on the top so yeah That is the Milwaukee 45 L lass vac Thanks for watching there'll be some More Milwaukee videos here at the end And down in the description if you are Interested in patreon you can support me Down there and that as well which might Be up in the top corner too and yeah Other videos other stuff subscribe like You know all that jazz all that That everybody does bloody blah see you On the next one Cheers For

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