Milwaukee M12 Nibbler Review. This might just be my Favourite Milwaukee Tool.

Is the Milwaukee M12 Nibbler any good? And what are my top 5 Milwaukee M12 tools?

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G'day cobbers if you've ever been to a Souvenir shop in Australia you'll Immediately recognize this as of course Been a kangaroo scroll [Music] G'day everyone welcome back to another Tools and stuff review and we're going Red this week with Milwaukee this is of Course a Nibbler a12 volt Nibbler that's Right this is the M12 FNB 16 or if You're in the states it will be this Number here at the bottom of the screen This is a 16 gauge or 1.6 millimeter Nibbler now when they say 16 gauge they Mean 16 gauge in steel so this will do 1.6 millimeter mild steel but if you're Cutting stainless steel then you'll only Get 18 gauge or 1.2 millimeters but if You're cutting something softer like Aluminum or aluminum even you can cut up To 12 gauge which is what is that 2.6 Mil but nibblers are always rated on Their mild steel cutting abilities and 1.6 millimeters is plenty for a ton of Applications like doing flashings on a House which is what I've been using this Thing for And that's why the kangaroo sack is full Look at all those beautiful little bits Of Steel It holds quite a lot And it's a bloody good idea when you Have thousands of these all over the Ground they get stuck in your shoes and

Then when you go home to your wife and You walk through the house with these All stuck in the bottom scratching up The hardwood floor you will not be Popular but this particular tool catches Them all in the little kangaroo skirt Fantastic friggin idea as you see the Cut shape is a crescent moon and that is Due to the punch and die at the end of This thing the punch being this metal Rod here which goes up and down when you Run the tool and this area here is the Die so it punches through there chops Out your little crescent moon shape and Drops it into your kangaroo sack now These are parts that will wear out so From time to time you will have to Replace both the punch and the die but That's pretty easy to do a couple of Screws here on the bottom to replace the Die area and I'll show you how to get to The punch in just one moment on our way To getting to the punch I will show you This cool feature so you turn this dial Here you can then turn this and lock it In at any 90 degree angle so you can be Cutting forward You can be cutting towards you sideways [Applause] Away from you sideways or even backwards If you so desire So set it where you want tighten this up Again unfortunately this is just a Plastic

Um Wing nut style thing here it's the only Thing I don't actually like about this Tool really it's the only bit of it that Feels cheap Anyway if you take this all the way out To the point where it stops clicking you Can then remove this to access your Punch Wobbles around there [Music] So then you've got a little set screw in Here if you undo that your punch will Pop out Chuck a new punch in and then also Replace your die And then you're ready to go again and Here is a close-up look of the Die end Once you've replaced your punch and die You can just slide it back on sometimes It can take a little bit of wiggling to Get that on and tighten it back up again It is variable speed from 1400 RPM right Through to number five which is 2200 RPM And it also has an auto mode which will Start you off at number one 1400 and Once it realizes you are cutting Something it'll jump up to 2200 I'll Show you how that works shortly and of Course we've got a battery gauge And a belt clip and you turn it on and Off with a slide switch so no having to Keep your hand on a trigger or anything Like that which is nice because

Sometimes you've got to get these tools In some weird angles and it's such a Small light tool it is a pleasure just How tiny this thing is and even though It is a 12 volt Milwaukee tool this is Probably the first one you won't hear me Complain about the size of the grip Handle area it is pretty perfect so Let's take a look at how well she cuts Okay I've rummaged through my piles of and I've found some 1.2 millimeter Or 18 gauge stainless same with some Galve Also got some two millimeter Aluminum and some two and a half or 2.2 It might be Plastic shower lining just to see how That goes 1.2 galve Kind of bang it on the auto mode now see How she goes with that this should start Slow Then go hardcore [Applause] [Applause] Foreign Between two and three crank it up to Five I think the stainless actually Cuts Better a little bit slower Back on three between three and four Two millimeter crusty old alley [Applause] It's about as tight a curve as you can Do

Because of the width of this [Applause] Foreign [Applause] So yeah that's about as tight as you can Get so probably about a About a three inch diameter Circle Somewhere in that region 75 millimeters Somewhere between 75 and 100 probably And is it any good with plastic shower Lining let's give that a crack Piece of cake whilst I've been testing The Nibbler I've also been testing out Some gloves I've got four different Pairs of Milwaukee gloves here starting On the left with the basic work Demolition gloves use those quite a bit The leather work gloves very nice the Demolition gloves I should say the Nitrile dipped and the premium leather Now out of all of these the premium Leather ones are probably the ones I've Been using the most I'll probably I've Used these three quite a bit These ones good for metal work like what I've just been doing in this video for Instance These are nice if you want a Bit more feel bit more grip as well like Sort of they've got that grippy sort of Service can you say grippy Um so they're they're nice and they're Light and comfortable and just easy and They have a cut level seven

I don't know The cut levels go up to seven I thought They only went up to five I can't find Anything about cut level seven only up To five so I don't know whether this is Going up to a new standard that I don't Know about yet these are cut level five So those are five and those are seven You'd think that'd be easier to cut than That but hey I don't know Um these ones I've used quite a bit They've taken a while to get used to These ones they're not that comfortable On the inside you can feel a lot of the Stitching and stuff like that but once You get used to it's not too bad and They have this smart swipe area for your Phone and that which I don't find is Very useful this also has that too this Sort of smart knuckle as they call it Okay on your phone if you only want to Swipe left or right so it's it's fine For Tinder or grinder whichever way you Want to swipe things But yeah they're not great these ones Will work anywhere on the glove so you Can use your fingers if you want to type Or something because yeah trying to type A message on Tinder or grinder where That's going to be quite tricky you know You might just pay to take your glove Off These ones are like super comfortable on The inside they are real nice they are

Like they feel really good but the Problem is I got ones that are a little Bit too small and they're a bit tight on The fingers and when I try and clench my Fist like that my knuckle here feels Like it's going to pop out the top and It's just too damn tight unfortunately And it becomes extraordinarily painful On the knuckles very very fast but if I'd got the next size up these are Medium I should have got a large because Yeah they're just total on there they're Total on here they're just just not Quite big enough Too constrictive But apart from that they feel super nice On the inside they're nice nice lining In here very good gloves So those are comfortable those are Comfortable they're not so comfortable These ones Once you wear them in I find they Weren't so comfortable to begin with but Now that they're worn in and they've Softened up a bit these are goat skin These are goat skin and I'll put some Links down in the description if you're Interested in gloves but let's get back To the nibbler Right they are now out of the way back To this this is probably now my favorite 12 volt Milwaukee tool for a long time This rivet tool was my favorite M12 tool But now I think the Nibbler has taken a

Better empty it's sack here it's a bit Front heavy on the Old Sac Department Let's Um empty out some more It's a little bit painful and empty and Almost sort of needs a zip but I imagine The zip would get stuffed pretty fast so It's probably better not to Even though I cut completely different Material it still looks the same as the Other stuff I tipped out at the Beginning of this video See some little plastic bits in there Though Anywho so This was my favorite this is my new Favorite and rounding out the top five Would probably be the planer Also a new addition to the family and The little 12 volt surge impact And this little impact wrench [Music] [Applause] [Music] So both of these tools actually have Come in very handy recently putting a New roof on my new shed okay so the roof Is pretty much done she's done with 29 Minutes to spare that's 29 minutes until The forecast thunderstorms are due to Hit this thing fantastic this thing Super handy I mean I hate pulling rivets So these are just great anything that Makes your life easier is always great

And yeah rivet guns are right up there As far as I'm concerned once I got one I Thought oh my God how did I live without This thing Um and the nibblers maybe not quite on That level Um because there's lots of other things I would also use to cut metal whereas When it comes to pulling rivets I will Never use a hand forever at all again If I don't have to that's for sure If there's some bizarre reason why I Need to use one I'll use one but I will Always pick that over a hand River Tool Any day of the week where is this you Still need 10 Snips every now and again And you might use a metal cutting saw And other stuff like that but it is a Great little tool ABS I love it I love It Um So I'll tell you what I don't love about It though so overall fantastic tool it's Light it's comfortable in the hand very Important and the two things I don't Really like so far is the auto mode Which I'm pretty sure I filmed showing That it um It doesn't It only sort of works once so you set it On auto start slow you start cutting it Speeds up and then when you stop cutting It's still going full out it doesn't Slow down you know it just stays fast so

It only works once you've got to turn it Off turn it back on again to reset it so It's a bit pointless I can't imagine I Will ever use it in auto mode Um Basically the same as auto mode on just About every other tool anything's got Auto mode Never use the auto modes they're just Most of them not all of them but most of Them crap they take the power away from You they're just you know if you like Working with tools you know how you want To do stuff you don't want the tool Telling you how to do it Now the other thing I not too keen on is Just that this is plastic it's not a Biggie and for me it probably won't be a Problem I'm unlikely to probably break That but I imagine it's a bit of a Delicate position it could easily get Belted with chunks of Steel and stuff So yeah it's I would change that to Something metal maybe they've done it Plastic so that if something does hit it It's not going to damage your material I Don't know But apart from those two Minor Details One of which I've never used so it doesn't affect it And one of which the amount of times I Use this probably won't be a problem Um yeah great little tool I love going Backwards in corrugated iron with this

Thing when you spin it round as you Probably saw me doing the video as well Sometimes I film these things quite a Long way apart and I forget what I've Actually filmed and what I've done and What I've already told you That's not till I go to edit that I go Oh Yeah look at that one thing I'm Interested about asking you guys is M12 Or M18 what's your favorite I seem to see a lot of people now they Run a different color for their 18 volt Plus stuff But they use M12 tools like a lot of People have their main brand that they Love but they also have M12 tools as Well it seems to be a very Universal Tool platform across many different Disciplines and many different people That might be Makita uses DeWalt users Whatever but they still have a few Milwaukee M12 tools and I can see why Because who else makes a 12 volt Nibbler I know of one other company and I'm not Going to say the name on this channel Because it's too similar to another name And then it'll start all sorts of Discussions in the comments section that I just don't want in my comment section So The Milwaukee M12 stuff that makes some Awesome little tools that nobody else is Making they seem to work across lots of

Different people and platforms and what Have you Um and now I guess I'm just starting to Ramble So let me know down below though whether Your favorite is M12 or M18 and I guess While you're down there let me know if There's any other M12 stuff you want to See or M18 hey or any other tool that You'd like to see reviewed because after All this is kind of your channel it Started off as mine but now it's sort of Turned into into your channel so I talk To tool companies a lot talking to them Every week and I tell them the things That you guys tell me the you Complain about the things you want to See Yeah and and so I tell them and it's Good feedback for them Um and they take it seriously not always But but they often do and so when you Tell me that when I review something It's usually because I've had a whole Lot of people say in the comments hey What about such and such you know not Always I mean this I wanted this because I needed to do a job with it so I said To Milwaukee hey Um people want to see this it's new I've Got a use for it how about you flick me One and I'll do a review And so that's what happened so let me Know down below because they're Keen to

Know what people want that this is good Marketing for them and it's good for us Because we get tools and we want to Play with the news that make our lives Easier make us money so yeah Leave it all down there and I'll see you Guys on another one you know same time Next week presumably maybe I'll have a Week off who knows If you haven't already please consider Hitting the like button the Subscribe Button I know everybody says all this and it's really boring but it does Help just keep all this stuff turning Over out so nobody does that nobody Finds anything and all your favorite Channels will disappear from YouTube so Okay Cheers guys see you next time And people seem to get angry when I Don't mention the obvious so um yeah It's got a light [Music] [Applause] Purple in the dark Who does it like a nibble in the dark Settle down

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