Don’t Buy That Milwaukee Heated Jacket Yet! 99% Are Wearing It Wrong

A Buyers Guide To Purchasing – Air Compressors

An air compressor is a must-have for extended travel in a car or truck. Air compressors will plug directly into your cigarette outlet, allowing you to inflate your tires on the spot.

The 3 Tools You Need to Cut Tile

Ready to start that tile project? Here the 3 must-have tools you will need for the job.

Impact Drivers – 12-Volt Impact Drivers Stand Tall

Cordless impact drivers are fast becoming the tool of choice for fastening jobs. You can use lighter tools with less voltage to accomplish the tasks of much larger cordless drills.

Sheds and Outdoor Buildings – What’s The Best Storage Option?

Storage Sheds are a wonderful asset for a property. Keeping a property neat, attractive and tidy adds value to the real estate. Nothing makes a property more appealing than having trim, picked up walkways, patios and yard areas. This is best done by having all the tools necessary for keeping the grass mowed, landscape free of clutter and weeds and storing those tools in an equally attractive storage shed.

Exceedingly Versatile Northstar Trifuel True 10,000 Watt Generator

The Northstar Trifuel Generator Model Number 165939 is listed as a 13,000 watt generator, but that is surge watts. It continuous puts out 10,500 watts so I consider that a true 10,000 watt generator. I know it is all marketing but if I want 13,000 watts I expect it all the time.

The Ridgid R4510 Reviewed

With all the really good portable 10 inch table saws to choose from, what makes the Ridgid R4510 stand out and why would you want to buy one? This article answers those questions.

Gardening Tools and Equipment – Must Haves

Gardening is an art which you need to learn, cultivate and enjoy. The reason why you are doing it is not so important. What is most important is that you like gardening and you enjoy nature, growth and life in this natural and primitive manner. Of course, nothing can be achieved without the help of tools and this is particularly true when it comes to gardening.

What Are Halotron Fire Extinguishers?

As halo carbon-based clean agent, halotron fire extinguishers are ideal for handling fires in the corporate and industrial settings. They inhibit the chemical reaction of fire but do not leave any unsightly solid residue when used, thus preventing damage to documents and other valuable sensitive electronics like computers, monitors and other office peripherals. Halotron fire extinguishers were first introduced into the market in 1992 to replace the use of Halon-1211 or bromochlorodifluoro-methane (BCF), which was found to have ozone-depleting properties.

The Proper Way To Use Fire Extinguishers

It is a fair enough assumption that most of us, if not all, do not have an idea on how to properly use fire extinguishers. After all, we rarely take the time to read manuals and user guides on most household utilities and gadgets, let alone the ones we don’t want to use – and we certainly wouldn’t want to have to use fire extinguishers, right?

How To Determine Whether Or Not You Should Use a Fire Extinguisher

When someone yells, “Fire!” and you happen to have access to fire extinguishers, your initial reaction would most likely be to grab one and come to their rescue. That, sadly, may not always be a good choice. Yes, even though logic would tell us that a fire extinguisher is to fire like food is to hunger, there are a number of instances when it would be better for us to discard logic and avoid trying to put out fire using an extinguisher.

Tips For Choosing Between Corded And Cordless Power Tools

If you have a need or requirement for a power tool in your workshop you are going to have to decide whether to buy a corded power tool or a cordless that runs off batteries. A corded tool obviously needs to be plugged into a power outlet to function and you are limited by the length of the power lead. In contrast, a cordless tool works on portable rechargeable batteries.

What To Focus On When Buying A Ryobi Table Saw

There are a lot of table saws on the market and chances are you want one that strikes a balance between a reasonable cost and a durable, quality product. A Ryobi table saw can meet both of those requirements.

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