Angle Grinder HACK – Making A Reciprocating Saw From Angle Grinder | DIY

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Today I show you how to make a reciprocating saw from angle grinder. I used metals to make this homemade reciprocating saw attachment for angle grinder. The rotary motion from the angle grinder is converted into reciprocating motion by the scotch yoke mechanism. A hacksaw blade is attached to the reciprocating part of the scotch yoke mechanism which is used to cut the workpiece. This homemade angle grinder saw attachment works very good. This diy angle grinder saw attachment can be used to cut metal, wood, plastic. This homemade saw is powered by the angle grinder machine. This can be also used as a jigsaw. This angle grinder hack really works good. I really liked this angle grinder to jigsaw conversion. I hope you guys will enjoy this angle grinder to saw hack.

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