CRAFTSMAN V20 Brushless RP 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Review

Should You Try A Homemade Box And Pan Brake?

Build or buy? That is a difficult question to answer for many of us who have tool-intensive hobbies. If you need a box and pan brake to be able to make some parts for a project you are working on, you may have had the thought that you could just build one yourself.

Selecting the Best Portable Home Generator

With the natural disasters that have occurred throughout the years, from massive floods to devastating hurricanes, more now than ever people want to be prepared for situations that happen unexpectedly. Preparing for such occurrences could involve having a backup power supply in case of an outage. In the past few winters, cities have gone months without power, so portable generators are in greater demand more than ever.

Screw Extractors

One of the worst experiences of a DIYer or craftsmen is a screw that had become stripped or broken. It can be one of the hardest problems to solve and the more you try and get the screw out the worse you make it. Thankfully there is a cheap and easy solution to removing striped screws and that’s an extractor.

Deciding on Compact Tractor Implements

Compact tractor implements are frequently used by farmers with utility tractors for their daily chores on the field. Rural landowners and landscape contractors also have a frequent need for these attachments to help them dig, seed, harvest and design a piece of land. While these tractors are not worth much on their own, they soon become versatile tools when coupled with attachments and implements.

The Benefits of a 3 Point Hitch Wood Splitter

When you do decide to buy your log splitter, make sure you do your research. Do not get one that is too powerful or you could be wasting your money and risking your safety.

The Powermatic Band Saw is the Best Precision Power Cutting Tool Available

From building and planning simple yet reliable planning machines, Powermatic has evolved throughout the years. Nowadays, the company sells various power-tools. One of their most remarkable products is the precision performing Powermatic band saw.

Where to Buy Snap-On Tools at Discount Prices

Snap-on has a long standing reputation for producing quality hand, air, diagnostic, power tools and chests for professional users in all types of industry. Founded in 1920 and located in Kenosha, Wisconsin they are a S&P 500 company that does business in more than one hundred countries worldwide. A leading manufacturer and marketer of hand tools and equipment for professional users in the automotive, marine, and aviation industries just to name a few.

Common Ladder FAQs

Ladders have a bad reputation. Many people think of them as dangerous and while they accidents do occur it is very rarely the fault of the equipment itself.

What You Need to Know About Choosing a Boring Head?

Have you been in a machine shop? Let’s look at what equipments a shop might be equipped with. The Engine Lathe is one of the most useful and necessary machines in a shop. The major function of the engine lathe is to change the size, shape or finish of a revolving work piece with various cutting tools.

Gas & Resistance Welding – A Process Defined

Gas welding is a process that is based on the fact that some gases burn at a very high temperature. In resistance welding, the metal sheets are placed on top of each other, and the spot to be welded is pressed between two electrodes.

Welding – A 20th Century Hot Invention

Welding is the joining of two pieces of metal, in most cases, by heat. Some examples of welded products are ships, aircraft, railroad equipment, automobiles, machinery, pipelines, bridges, home appliances, electric and electronic parts, toys, and artwork.

Makita HR3851 1.5-Inch Spline Rotary Hammer – Making Tough Jobs Simple

The Makita HR3851 is a powerful 10 Amp rotary hammer which has a spline drive system enabling this tool to give maximum power whilst carrying out the hardest of jobs in demolition and construction take for example breaking up concrete and asphalt. It sports a special air cushion design guaranteeing that it delivers hard hitting and fast drilling on any type of project and can also boast a torque limiting clutch.

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