BREAKING! 8 New Power Tools ANNOUNCED on the SAME DAY! Let’s GO!

The Porter Cable Band Saw Brings Extra Features to the Cutting Table

Porter Cable makes one of the best band saws on the market. The Porter Cable band saw is durable and performs at an exceptionally high level. And a great feature is that this power tool can help you minimize dust in your workshop.

Power Tool Battery, Essential Terms to Know!

You are going to buy a new battery for your power tool? That’s all you know so far since your power tool isn’t working properly and you guess you would need a new battery. But it’s hard to read the battery label and specification, In fact, some would even say that power tool batteries essentially have a language of their own.

Generators Are For the Homeowner

Has there been a time in your life when you wished you owned a generator? There has been in mine. Power outages would be one time to utilize a generator. Then there are hurricanes, tornadoes, ice and snow storms. What about heat waves?

Used Deburring Machines – Where to Find a Great Deal

With regards to purchasing a used machine doing intelligent shopping is an integral part of the procedure. You do not wish to spend more than you have to and you also do not wish to buy a product that’s of bad quality. Continue reading to discover ways to find a good deal.

A General Guide to Replacing the Switch in Your Power Drill

Because the nature of switch replacements is tedious and complex, a craftsman can be quickly smacked with a brisk sense of frustration and total confusion if he is not both patient and well-prepared for the project at hand. Despite the complexities of switch replacement though, a little preparedness is usually all it takes to make that old switch a new one.

I’ll Have Biscuits and Sawdust Please – No Gravy Thank You

To the non woodworker all this talk of joining wood may seem silly. The benefits of this type of joinery are it’s ability to add lots of additional glue surface. To solve these problems man has tried every method imaginable.

Cordless Leaf Blower – 5 Benefits

Help for Your Yard – The season of autumn brings chilly days, early evenings, and the shifting colors of the leaves as well as the falling of the leaves. In the old days if you wanted to restore your yard from beneath the blanket of foliage you either had to wait for the wind to blow them away, or rake the leaves up yourself.

The Makita Blower – 5 Benefits

There are a lot of excellent, relatively recent cordless leaf blower products coming available to buy every week. Some of these are very promising, worth another look.

Pressure Washer Reviews – My Top 3 Recommendations

Confused about which pressure washer to buy? In this article, I reveal my top 3 recommended pressure washers for anyone considering the purchase of a pressure washer.

Are You a Chisler?

Crafts persons and professionals use specialized tools to ply their trade everyday. Would these workers be referred to as “chislers”? Not likely. Are these hatchet users actually “Hatchet Men? If you have worked wood for any length of time you have more than likely used an “old saw”.

The Steam Mop – Why Cleaning Could Not Be Easier

Want to clean your house without spending an arm and a leg on over priced clean machines? Read this article to find out about the steam mop, the answer to your most pressing cleaning issues.

Using a 3 Point Hitch Log Splitter

Using a 3 point hitch log splitter on the farm will make your day go a lot faster. Being able to bring your equipment to a location with ease is a preferred way of doing things. This is easy to do because the log splitter attaches to your tractors 3 point hitch.

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