What To Know Before Spraying Cabinets – Ace Hardware

Annie, Ace’s Paint Expert, has some quick tips and advice to know before you paint your cabinets.

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Hi it's Annie here let's go over all the Steps on how to use a paint sprayer on Your kitchen cabinets Let's start with the Assembly of the Sprayer it only took me a few minutes to Put together it's pretty intuitive let's Talk about some protection while we're Using a paint sprayer I am in a closed Area so I'm going to make sure that I Use a respirator and some glasses To get acquainted with the sprayer I Recommend doing some test sprays on Cardboard so you know the right nozzle Position it took me a few minutes to Find the appropriate setting and then I Was ready to start painting Don't get too close that the paint Starts to pull and bead make sure that You go in consistent smooth sweeping Patterns make sure to go left to right And then up and down Make sure when you pull the trigger you Can tinally move the sprayer to not Cause any pooling of paint and don't Stop Midstream make sure you continually Move the paint sprayer before you let go I'm going to get a fan on this to let it Dry we'll see you tomorrow Foreign [Music]

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