18v AEG Rivet Gun Review. How does it compare to the Milwaukee M12 Rivet Gun?

It’s one of the smallest Cordless Riveters around… But is the AEG Rivet Gun any good?
M12 Rivet Gun
Minova 1/4″ Rivet Gun
Makita Rivet Gun VS Milwaukee Rivet Gun VS Bosch Rivet Gun
El Cheapo Rivet Gun VS M12 Rivet Gun

AEG Rivet Gun
M12 Rivet Gun

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[Music] Good day guys today I thought I would Show you this cuz it's been sitting Around for a while I'm just going to put On a bit more lighting how's that it's An AEG light that I just turned on by Coincidence so this is the AEG rivet Tool I've had it for more than 6 months AEG sent it to me and I think it's about Time I actually used it for a video I've Used it a few times I keep putting it Back in the Box because I hadn't filmed It um each time I've used it I've been In a bit of a hurry just firing in Couple of rivets and so didn't bother Filming it but today we're going to take A look at it and it is a very small tool Wow very narrow tool let's get it out of The box here and we take a look at the Top it is so small look at this it's Tiny so it's you know less than the Length of my hand and look how narrow it Is so it's great to get into tight Spaces of course the battery end is not So great sizewise rather large the old AEG battery bottoms um the new batteries Though are a lot better than the old Ones at least but this top end here is Brilliant the size of it anyway today I Need to fix up a garage door before I Put some insulation on it it's had a lot Of rivets come apart over the years so It needs to be redone after that I'll Tell you all the features about this and

Yeah let's go do it have a look at this Top edge of the door here here all the Way along the top it has come away from The rivets they've given out so I need To fix That so the rivets I'm going to be Putting in are 4.8 mm in diameter or 3/16 and they're 8 mm Long so can it do 4.8 Stainless indeed it can these are Significantly larger than the river that Were in this door so hopefully it will Last a bit [Music] Longer it's an interesting noise isn't It but there we go that is much more Solid I can drill out a few more rivets And carry on left Handed that didn't pull up quite so Nice got a bit of a bend in the metal Pulling this size stainless rivets with One of those hand River guns is a Nightmare but with this so [Music] Easy so much nicer on your body How does It go against the M12 Milwaukee M was that a bigger strain for The 12vt tool with the 4.8 stainless Let's try it Again we're going 4 mm aluminium Now pie Cake Gotcha still much easier than doing it By hand but reaching around from one

Side and pulling with the other is a Little bit [Music] Tricky all right that's EP [Music] [Applause] Done Run them down officer run them Down oh another one turn right second One was under cover right this is much Noisier than the it's not much noisier Than that but much noisier than the Milwaukee yeah much louder you don't Like noise than Milwaukie is a bit Better than This Right so what are the features and specs Of this thing and how do they compare to The Old Milwaukee M12 well here they are Side by side so you can see the Difference at the moment this one looks A little bit shorter but if you had a Battery like that on it basically it Will be there same height Lengthwise pretty much the same length As well so no difference there Comfort Wise both of them have horrible handles This one is way too fat it's designed it Looks like it's got a cartridge style Battery like this in it but it doesn't But it's got a big bulge like it does so It's not the most comfortable thing in The world this one's pretty fat as well They both come with a belt clip I

Haven't bothered putting the belt clip On this one yet they both also have Somewhere where you can tie a lanyard or Something similar on the back there so You can hook it up on your belt or Wherever they both have a light them are Walking much lower down than the AEG Both got somewhere to collect the spent Mandrels off your rivets but the AG one Here has you can see has somewhere so You can take this off and use it to open Up or remove should I say your nose Piece you don't want to remove the whole Nose piece just want to remove that bit So it'll just help loosen that don't Tighten those things up too tight they Only have to be fingertight you can just Get them fingertight and then if you're Lucky this this one is much tighter Unfortunately than the Milwaukee but the Milwaukee I just leave this loose and I Can just go like this and then just take Those Out sweet ass that way you don't have to Bother getting the tool out which in the Front here if the Milwaukee one does get Too tight in the front you can actually Just take the whole nose piece off like This instead of getting the spanner out Me not how you want to do it and the way It's held in there you can just undo it Like that while I've got that off I'll Show you that you can also put a longer One longer nose piece on so if you need

To get into tighter spaces or you need To reach further you can just whack that On unfortunately this particular one is Not exchangeable with the AEG even Though of course these are the same Company you cannot put that on that I'm Not sure if AEG make a longer nose piece They probably do but I haven't seen it I Do have a video of the nose piece uh I'll put a link to that up in the top Corner also of course we' got a video to This tool overall one thing that was Nice about the AEG is that it came with Twice as Many of these you've got twice as many To Lose so it comes with eight now the Milwaukee comes with four you have the One that you have in the end and then You have storage for three of them Underneath the battery here so they Can't fall out in theory you can't lose Them so you've got four on There the AG has three of them stuck in The back there plus the one that you Have in the tool and another four but They're not all different sizes we've Got two sets of the same sizes basically Those sizes being 2.4 mm or 330 seconds Of an inch 3.2 mm or 18 4 mm or 530 Seconds and 4.8 or 316 of an inch Unfortunately you're not going to have All eight of them attached to the tool But why do you need all eight of them

Well you don't really you only need one Set of four at a time because as I say Same size but what's different about Them while the ones that are currently On the tool don't have a retention pin Or a retention ball should I say these Ones the rivet mandrels will slide in And out quite freely whereas the ones That come with the Milwaukee and these Second set here from the AEG have a Small ball inside the hole there so that When you put a rivet in I should have a Rivet handy but I don't so that when you Put a rivet in like so it won't fall out So it's held in place so that way you Can shove the rivet into the end of the Tool and it won't fall out while you're Trying to get in positions particularly If you're going down like that you're Working up a ladder above your head and You don't want the thing to fall out Whereas when it doesn't have a retention Ball this Happens so retention ball can be quite Handy although once you've pulled the Trigger and you have popped your Rivet your mandrel will stay in the Retention pin sometimes so it won't Slide back through the tool too easily When you don't have the ball retention You can just sort of go like that tip Them into the Back Carry On whereas if It's got the ball retention you might Have to poke it through with the next

Rivet just to get it down through into Your holder at the back here which holds I don't know how [Music] Many probably 100 or so mandrels so Which is better the AEG or the Milwaukee Well I mean whatever battery platform You've got is is what you're going to Get with this sort of tool I mean you Wouldn't bother switching to one or the Other based just on the rivet tool I'm Guessing but if I had to pick only one I Feel that this one has served me well Haven't had any problems this one I Haven't used that much but it has jammed Up on me once which was freaking Annoying having to pull it apart to get The mandrel out um this one just feels a Little more sturdy than this one bit More solid than the AEG and like I said Say it has treated me well thus far so I Think I would go for the M12 over the AEG I think it sounds a little bit Better as well it's I think it's a Little bit quicker too shall we test That AG on the left Milwaukee on the Right I am going to pull the triggers at The same time 3 2 1 it looked like the AEG pulled up a bit More [Music] O looked like the Milwaukee stopped Quite a bit sooner see we haven't pulled All the way whereas the AEG went a lot

Further pulled all the way so this got a Longer stroke than this the numbers According to TTI the manufacturer of Both of these tools is that the M12 is Coming in with a 20 mm stroke that's how Far it can pull in one pull of your Trigger and 9 kons of force whereas this One 28 mm stroke that's why you saw such A difference in that test that I just Showed you this can pull that extra 8 mm So if you're doing really long rivets All the time then maybe this will be Better for you and it has a polling Force of 11 kiltons a little bit more Than the Milwaukee and if you want to Know what those are in foot pounds or Inch pounds or something like that I'll Get my Editor to put those up on the Screen here a and Milwaukee so if you are using the Milwauke and you're using longer rivets And you're not pulling through much Material with those long rivets thin Material long rivet you might have to do Double pull with this so if that annoys You then maybe the AEG is better suited For you price-wise in this part of the World they're both pretty similar as a Beer tool but of course the Milwaukee is Available in more places than the AEG With AEG in this part of the world only Being available at Bunning AEG is the Same as rigid just got a different name Printed on it apart from that exactly

The same tools and I'll will put links To both AEG and the Milwaukee down in The description and thanks AEG for Sending me this tool this Milwaukee one I bought a few years ago I've got Reviews to lots of other rivet tools if You're interested this is a Quin one if You want a cheap quarin rivet tool then This is pretty darn good it's less than The price of these two and it does f Bigger rivets and you get a battery and Everything with it as well which you Won't get with those for the same price I've also reviewed these ones here the Two makitas the Milwaukee and the Bosch All quarter inch rivet tools rivet tools Are one of the best cordless tools Around as far as I'm concerned cuz Pulling rivets by hand pulling those Things oh man they can really buggy ATT Tendons stuff up your hands if you've Got to do stainless steel rivets oh man Stainless steel rivets by hand is just a Pain in the hand and the arm and the Elbow and everything else so these Things are one of my favorite cordless Tools for what they save on anguish to Your body so thanks for watching check Out the links to those other videos down There or up in the top corner and I will See you all on another one again same Time next week cheers everyone see you Later

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