DEWALT PowerStack 5Ah With DCS570 Circular Saw Kit Review DCS570H1

Pros and Cons to Using a Portable Circular Saw

For quick jobs and small home improvement tasks, making use of a portable circular saw is an excellent idea and is a convenient tool to have. The following are factors to take into consideration which will ultimately be dependent on your situation and how you intend to use the saw.

Woodworking Equipment

Other than mud, stone etc. the one material that the early man was working with is wood. As the civilization developed the wood working tools and techniques on woodworking has also developed a lot until this date. Some of the early wooden tools are from lehrigen, kalambo falls etc.

Evolution of Cleaning From Brooms and Mops to Vacuum Machines

I have personally watched the change taking place in cleaning surfaces from mechanical ways to electric methods of cleaning. During my childhood I have seen my mom cleaning using broom sticks, mops and damp clothes. In those days vacuum machines were not that popular in all towns and many followed the traditional way of cleaning only. One has to keep a mop, dust pan in kitchen, patio and bathroom to initiate immediate clean of the surface if it is stained. Lot of patience and time is required to clean the home in the traditional ways.

Learn About How Your Vacuum Cleaner Works

Every one of us would have used a vacuum cleaner once in our life or at least seen it used by others. Some of us would have wondered what makes cleaning so special with vacuum cleaners. I would like to share my knowledge on the design and structure of the vacuum cleaner.

Do You Have the Tools to Do Home Improvement?

Know Your Tools. I’m sure we have all used the wrong tool for the job. I remember in the beginning I didn’t have the right tool, I forgot that tool, or was just lazy.

Get to Know More About Air Rivet Guns

Air rivet guns are not the weapons used in warfare; rather it is a type of tool used to drive rivets powered by air. This article will introduce you to what an air rivet gun is and how it is used.

Used Wood Lathe For Sale? Is it a Bargain Or a Bust?

So you have seen an add for a used wood lathe and you are on your way to see it. Will you find a bargain or a bust? What should you look for before parting with your hard earned cash?

Wood Lathe Tool Rests – Upkeep is Easy

The tool rest on a wood lathe is used just as the name implies, a tool shaft rests on it while the wood-turner moves the tool into the work beyond the rest. It is a simple looking device consisting of a welded T that fits into a movable base called a banjo. Yet even this simple device requires a bit of maintenance from time to time.

Wood Lathe Tool Rests – Use Them Safely

The tool rest on a wood lathe is a deceptively simple looking piece of work. It looks generally like a T held in a movable base called a banjo. Even such a simple accessory has its safety issues and they are easy to work with.

Using a Cordless Battery Powered Band Saw

A cordless battery powered band saw is a tool I never would have thought would be capable of having enough power to get the job done. Well I was wrong. This tool is light weight, very durable and more then capable of handling what it’s corded cousin can.

Miter Saw Reviews – The Hitachi C12LSH 12 Inch Slider

So many tools, so little time! That’s why we provide you with wizard miter saw reviews — by the guys who swing the hammers. We’ll break it all down, and name names…so get the goods on the best miter saws right here before you fork over $750 on an over-rated tool.

Safety Tips When Operating a Porter Cable Circular Saw

Using a Porter Cable circular to get small projects underway around the home is an excellent choice but you need to be especially careful when handling one. The following are tips to how you can safely operate your circular saw which are absolutely essential.

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