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Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, heads to EGO’s headquarters to learn about the latest lawn mower. Hear from Barbaby, product expert, on the features and benefits of this outdoor power equipment.

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EGO Power+ Aluminum Deck Select Cut

Blue Man frini Aces Home expert here at The ego headquarters with Barnaby their Product expert Barnaby when you Introduced the cordless lawn mower You've kind of taken the World by storm You make great products now you've taken It to another level the one in front of Us is full of features but it starts With this cast aluminum deck which is Just so substantial and so heavy duty It's awesome yeah lifetime warranty on The deck and what you're going to get Lou with this machine is the pen Ultimate cutting EXP experience CU That's who the target audience is the People that want every blade to be Exactly the same length when they look At their lawn and go I want to take a Picture it's perfect that's what you're Going to get with this now part of that Comes in in the design not only of the Deck that that lift to get the um the Grass off there but the ability to Adjust the front and the back uh Wheels Differently based on how you want to cut Yeah we call it the dual point Adjustment where once with ego and we Still have this feature which people do Love on the other mowers one handle all Four wheels with this it's like this Handle is going to give you the front Wheels that one's going to give you the Rear wheels and what that's going to get You is the ability to get suction to

Your point for mulching leaves and Bagging them or just really lifting all The stuff off the grass so you don't Have to come back with a blow talk about The power that is associated with this Particular mower yeah 11.1 foot- PBS of Torque which is most powerful motor in The residential sector it's going to Spin the blade at about 3,450 RPMs it's Going to give you about 70 minutes run Time on a 10 a hour battery and ego Batteries fit and run every ego tool so You have a little more lawn to cut pop Another battery in the handle is Foldable for uh storage but also this is A self-propelled model that is intuitive Makes it very easy to operate right People love this about the ego mowers That with the ones with the intuitive Touch Drive technology up top where you Simply put your hands on the bar and There are touchpad sensors right there That's going to initiate the Self-propulsion then that's going to be Your speed control and what you're going To see up here Lou is it's going to go Bluetooth and enabled right what's that You ask right it's going to allow you to Dial in the complete customized cutting Experience so it's a very smart machine As well that's great more information at thanks so much no Problem Man

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