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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, heads to EGO for a product overview on the EGO Mini Bike. Hear the features and benefits on this latest offering from EGO.

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EGO Mini Bike

Luman forini Asus home expert here at The Eagle headquarters with Barnaby and The director of excitement you're pretty Excited about this mini bike which is a Little bit of a departure from other Tools and things that you make here at Ego yeah you know it's all about Utilizing the batteries cuz there's Millions and millions and millions of Them on the landscape at this point and So when you're not doing the work right Of mowing blowing string trimming and All that let's have some fun it's I mean It's a great idea and it's quite a Substantial looking minibike um I see That it takes two batteries about how Far can you go on a charge well you can Go about 20 mi on a charge but what you Can do is you have another battery that You can put in there this Clips in there Nicely so it's not bouncing around and Just get ready to go when these guys tap Out but you'll always be able to know by Putting the key in here which is Necessary to drive the thing on the big Screen where you are as far as battery Percentage right and um how fast do a Unit like this go uh 28 miles per hour It's going to have three different modes So it's going to have the Eco normal and Sport and so you can kind of soften the Experience when you're first learning How to do it or if you have a younger Kid and then as you graduate you can

Bring it all the way up to oh my gosh Yeah it's amazing Battery Technology You're not putting any gas or oil in the Unit and again utilizing those batteries That ego has it's it's pretty fun Totally fun and really quiet I mean Silent because it's got an inhub motor So no belt no chain and just a fantastic Experience all the way across the board You want to learn more just go to thanks so much yeah [Music]

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