Makita Make ALL Their Tools in China… Really??? MAKITA FACTS and STATS According to YOU

A bit of an End of Year wrap up really…
Where are your Makita tools made? And how many Makita tools do YOU own? Believe it or not… I can tell you…
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Good day everyone and welcome to what May well be the last video on tools and Stuff for the year 2023 what a doozy of a of a year It has been now this video is going to Sort of be just a bit of a conversation Really a little bit different to my Standard Reviews uh this video sort of came about From two ideas I had that I was going to Put over on builds and stuff my other Channel if youve not subscribed to my Other channel up in the top Corner up Here down in the description I got two Other tool related channels so if you Haven't checked those out go check those Out uh so it was going to be a video About you remember a few weeks ago I did Those um polls where I asked you a few Things about tools I was going to share Some of the results of that and have a Bit of a talk about that so that was Going to be one of the videos and the Other video was going to be where Makita Tools are made made these days and which Tools are made in which countries and Stuff like that because I get a lot of People saying they're all made in China And so I just wanted to have a little Bit of a talk about that um and those Were going to be two different videos That I was going to stick on builds and Stuff and then I thought ah the hell With that I'll just stick them both

Together now have a bit of a yarn and Chuck them up on tools and stuff eh so That's what we're going to do when I Come to explaining the results of the Poles I think I might drag a put a Monitor in the back here drag a TV and Stick it there and see if works it might Be too reflective or something I don't Know yet um so first we'll start with The countries where these tools are made A here people complain all the time oh Makita sucks now man they make all their Tools in China well they don't make all Their Tools in China and the reason they Do make tools in China though like every Other company that makes Tools in China Is because of you you're the one who did It you can't blame all these companies For doing it they're trying to keep Costs down because you keep wanting to Get things cheaper and you may want them Made in Japan but are you willing to pay For them to be made in Japan I very much Doubt it because the same people that Tend to complain that they're made in China probably also the same people that Always complain that they're too bloody Expensive well you can't have both it's Either made in China or it's made in Japan if it's made in China it's going To be cheaper than if it's made in Japan Even though they still have standards And tests and stuff they still got Japanese oversight in China keeping eyon

Things which leads me to another thing The tools that are made in China the Equivalents that are made in Japan are Exactly the same seems to be a lot of People particularly in one part of the World that think they're different Probably because of two videos put out By a lot of you know who they are shall I say it shall I call them out for their videos that they did on Makita Impact drivers comparing ones from Japan And ones from the US that were Completely different models and then Saying the Japanese ones were better When you're comparing it to an updated Model H Yeah two channels led a lot of you Astray and it's just not the case the Inside of the Japanese impact drivers Are the same as the ones everywhere else The only difference is the chuck on the End which as many of you will know it's Because the Japanese use different size Bits to the rest of us anywh who so also Which tool are made in China this tool Is made in the United Kingdom this is The brushed jigsaw as you can see 18 Volt this is the brushless also made in The United Kingdom this is the brand new Just came out a few days ago from the Time of me filming this JV Z2g 40 volt Max jigsaw are you focused y right so That is not made in the UK unfortunately

This one is made in China so also made In China if I just reach in front of you Here is got a glimpse of my Makita shirt I'm wearing Today is the barrel grip which also made In China but that helps keep the cost down These were made in Japan like lots of You want be a couple hundred bucks Dearer than what they are here these are Actually cheaper I think than what I Paid for this old brushed one years ago So That's why things are made in China Because you want them cheaper so what Other tools aren't made in China well There's quite a lot and it does vary Depending on what part of the world You're in I hear people say all the time That they've got Makita tools that are Made in Romania I don't have any that Are made in Romania but they also have Plants in places like Brazil uh UK and of course Japan if you Are on the 40 volt platform and you use 40 volt Max tools you may have not Notice that there's a lot more of those That are made in Japan and often with The Japanese tools you can tell which Ones are made in Japan before you even Buy them because the price tags on the Ones made in Japan are a lot higher than The ones made in China and is that what You want do you want to pay more for it

To be made in Japan or do you want it to Be made in China I don't know right but You don't get a choice on one way or the Other you just have to take whichever One they're doing whichever way so I'll Just show you some other tools that are Made in Japan this tool here the little File sander is a great little tool it's Awesome I love it I use it for so many Different things and when I went to buy It I thought jeez it's rather pricey and Then I had a look on the label And okay great the just Happened There I haven't got time for This seems the power's gone off um 1 Minute where's the light damn it Okay um where were we I really want to Get this video done I can't afford to Waste any time so going have to set up a Battery light thankfully oh hang on no Way a oh I just fuing Remembered yeah might have to put a few Beats in this video because Yeah there's a few too many FS there I Think this might be a little bit tricky But hopefully I can get some leads to Reach it and we can um run it off This get the power going again the Eco Flow awesome this is exactly why I want These things for moments just like these Um don't know why the power's gone off The weather's not bad maybe somebody's Had a Transformer up the road that seems

To happen every now and again anyway This is the ecoflow max it's like a um a Little power station And I can Plug a bunch of lights in the back there So I will set this up and we can carry On filming if you want to know more About this have a look up in the top Corner I'll put a video I'll put a link Down there as well seeing as we'll be Using it now maybe for the rest of the Video see if the power comes back on or Not um yeah they're very cool and Hopefully it's now going to save this Video okay it's going to be a bit in Shot isn't it it's annoying I can't fit It anywhere else because of the leads in The back here it's um yeah leads are Only a certain length that I've got so We're just going to have to go with this Let's turn off the auxiliary battery Light here and turn on the ecof flow and We should have regular lighting again Where's the button should have turned This on first Dumbass step one step two let there be Light Woohoo okay back in Action I might just Have to shift the camera and maybe stand On the other side for the rest of this Video and where was I up to here what Was I talking about we were talking About this Wen we so okay let's carry on So like I said this is made in Japan and

It was quite expensive and when I first Bought it I thought W that's pricey but Yeah then I saw made in Japan and it is A nicely made tool nicely finished good Little unit now I'm going to show you Hav got much room on the side of the Camera here at the Moment lousy Power now without going through all my 18vt tools I'm not sure where they're All made um there's a lot of them that I've got most of them are made in China I can't think of too many that are made In other places oh the random orbital Sander is made in the UK like the Jigsaws there and I'm pretty sure Somebody told me they had a random Orbital sander that was was made in Romania so there might be certain tools That are outsourced to each particular Region of the world and made in those Areas While others are all made in China And even the people in Japan who have to Buy Makita tools most of them are still Chinese tools they don't make half for Japan and half for China with the Exception of the impact drivers if you Get a colored impact driver from Makita Like I do every time they bring one out They are made in Japan but they say made In Japan on them but they may just be Basically assembled in Japan the insides As I said are the same so they're Probably using a lot of components that

Are made in China if you get the Hydraulic ones wherever you are in the World this one came from the US and it Is made in Japan so impact drivers you Can get some impact drivers that are Made in Japan another reason why that One is so expensive that is a pricey Tool not necessarily because of the the Tech that's inside it but because they Haven't made that many of them because They're making them in Japan and yeah so Bit more pricey if you want one of the Colored ones have a look down in the Description I will put some links if you Want to buy one of those you need to get Them direct from Japan cuz they don't Sell them anywhere else in the world now I've got seven Makita circular SS Cordless ones and they're all made in China even ones like this that are only Sold in Japan they are still made in China and if you haven't seen this Before what I'm doing right now is Removing the front which makes this a Very cool tool cuz it has a reverse Bevel so that you can undercut walls and Stuff cut out floors very cool little Tool but only available from Japan and I Found out a reason why that may be today I won't go into it in this video but Yeah get them from Japan if you want one Of those down in the description as well Uh but made in China but I do have one That is made made in Japan and of course

From what I've been saying it is the Most expensive of the circular SS I have Bought and it's a metal cutting one and This one here is made in Japan it's a nice bit of Kit this this Is the Cs z2g there is the 1G as well Which is pretty much identical apart From this little lever here see that Little Lever all it does is retract the guard To make the start of your cut easier That's the only difference between the 01 and the O2 and they are made in Japan and they're nice tools that's for Sure this battery the cells made in Singapore the pack put together in China This the new high output battery the Cells made in Japan the battery put Together you guessed it in China maybe That's why that one's a little bit more Expensive than that one new tech and Made in Japan the 40 volt Band Saw is is Also made in Japan the 40 volt right Angle drill and Orga also made in Japan And rumor has it the new framing nailer Will at least at first be made in Japan From what I can gather the tools that Are going to have a huge amount of sales You know what they think is going to Sell really really well that they're Going to make on mass they make in China Circular saws Grinders things that are Just they're going to turn over a heap Of things that not quite as common like

This for instance they might make in Japan they don't need to have such big Factories and stuff to do it they can Just Pump It Out nicely at home in Japan Leave all the mass produce stuff to China anyway I'm sick of saying the word China and Japan so I am now going to Tell you the results of what you guys Thought and what you guys have and and Yeah just a bit of interesting facts and Stats about Makita and tools in general But to do that I think I might clear This bench and see if I can set up a Screen oh which I'm going to have to do Off the ecoflow as well woohoo it's like A queen video from the 70s bam we are cooking with gas so a few Of you will remember at least you know a Few thousand of you should remember this Post from uh it says a month ago was That that long agooo I started putting Up some poles just on the spur of the Moment just to make November a bit more Interesting and the first one maker have Released a slim high output 12volt Battery what about 18vt who wants larger capacity 18vt Batteries around a thousand of you voted In this one this was the smallest Turnout 84% want bigger batteries and yeah I Know this is one of the of the things People ask all the time about and so That is why I decided to make that my

First question and I got lots of Comments 51 different comments down here All About makita's 18 Vol batteries well I Don't have any definitive knowledge or Any answer for that question but with Current technologies that have just come Out like recent Technologies not current Recent Technologies and ones that are About to come out I'm thinking maybe Makita might do some updating of the 18vt batteries because jeez a lot of Comments holy moly oh it's still going Because they have released a 40 volt Battery with the new tabless 21700 cells Which you saw earlier in this video There is also in development 18650 cells With the same tabulis technology so if They do that they could release relas The same capacity batteries so they Could do a 6 a hour battery that had More power 5 amp hour batteries that had The same run time but a lot more power And ran cooler so the battery should in Theory last longer be better for your Battery be better for your tools better For everything um but still the same Runtime and then of course there is the Pouch cells which are still an untested Really technology time will tell if they Really do perform as we've been told old They should but that does have its Limitations too if you know anything About the DeWalt ones you will know that

The 1.7 the original one they did it's a bit Dark here because I've got all the Lights turned off so there's no Reflection on the screen it's quite easy Having the lights turned off though when There's like no power so I've got my Laptops thankfully charged plugged into The TV and the TV is running off the eof FL anywh who yeah the 1.7 are nice and Slim great little batteries plenty of Power but not much run time then they Released the 5 a power one and it's like Holy this thing is huge much bigger Than a standard 5 a battery yeah it's Got good um Power um but yeah much Bigger battery in a weird shape and no Good for a lot of the older 18vt Makita Tools I think they could go with the Tablis ones and get more power at least If not more runtime but with these newer Tablet Sals they may also be able to get A little bit higher capacity Time will tell and we might be able to Get say an 8 Amp with 18650 cells Something like that I don't know anyway Next question so the second question I Asked which is the most popular Makita Region of the world now if I had to pick It myself without asking you guys I Think what's on the screen right now is Pretty close to what I would have Thought although I would probably go Europe Asia oceanian North America and

Then the others but yeah look at that 44% Europe 22% North America double and 25% Oceania coming in at number two Oceania if you're not aware basically Being Australia and New Zealand um although that did confuse Some people including unfortunately People from Australia don't know where That comment is but I do recall there Was one of somebody from Australia not Knowing what ocean I mean Um sure as ain't America So as you saw Europe Australia there we Go Australia why no Australia dude dude dude Dude dude dude dude Dude so there you go so Polls are always a good bit of Fun so anyway Europe the most popular Region in the world for Makita Europe is Very different to North America very Different to Oceania or austral Asia um Europe Makita and Bosch very Strong North America and down here Bosch Not very big at all um Bosch is a very Popular brand in the UK and all Throughout Europe but yeah it doesn't Have the same presence in other parts of The world North America of course being Very popular with Milwaukee and DeWalt and I mean those brands are Popular here too I'm not sure exactly How popular those are in Europe way less

Popular I think than they are here in Oceania anyway that question got 1.4 Th000 votes so we're going up next Question this is where we started Getting into things I really wanted to Keep these polls running but there was So many other things going on with Black Friday and everything and Thanksgiving And other that was going on in my Life that year ran out of time to keep It going this one very interesting 1,800 Odd votes in this one what is your Preferred platform 12v 14 18 40 or some Of the other Oddball ones so the Oddball Ones didn't even make the cut 14 Vol More than the other ones only just I Don't know if you can tell on the screen There is a slightly bigger line here Than there is here but still didn't even Get to 1% only 2% for the 12v or 10.8 Vol as it's known in Europe and in Japan As well I think aing volt lxt being Around the longest possibly the biggest Battery platform on the planet for power Tools uh not in the US but in other Parts of the world what just happened Then some of the light just went off Somewhere is that my battery one down There oh it's The man they took a long time the um Impact drivers that I had on the screen Before at the beginning that had the Lights going the ring light and the um Four lights on the TD z2g they just went

Off behind me so they've been going a Long time I've been down here they stay On for about an hour I think anyway back To this so yeah most popular tool Platform on the planet been around since What 2005 so like we're looking at Nearly 20 years of that battery platform People always say I'm not buying battery Tools because they keep changing the Batteries and you know you got to keep Buying new batteries cuz the the change The platform every few years and Batteries don't fit well come On almost 20 years I mean how long do You want not to mention even after they Stop making the tools they'll keep Selling the batteries and other Companies will make knockoff batteries So you know not really an argument leave That one behind that's a dinosaur Argument that one 33% there for the xgt So about half of 18 volt when you Consider how long xgt has been around We're only talking a lot of the planet Has only had it for the last 2 years so That's pretty good half of what the lxt That's been around for nearly 20 years So a lot of guys have jumped on the 40 Volt so that's interesting to see so I Know you want bigger 18vt batteries I Now know where you live I know which Battery platforms you prefer but how Many cordless Makita tools do you have Across every

Platform now this is a bit tricky it's It's a little bit annoying because YouTube only allow five poll questions And so I had to yeah it was a bit tricky Especially for the next question though I do recall so none 6% of you are Watching my channel thanks and you Haven't even got any tools so that's Pretty cool 1,800 people have voted on This particular poll 6% of of you don't Have any Makita tools 1 to three tools 11% so people just starting out DIY People perhaps 4 to 10 tools which is What I expected would be the top one and It is but only just so most of you in That 4 to 10 4 to 10 tool range at 40% 11 to 25 35% and over 26 Makita cordless Tools 9% so that's nearly let's say it's 180 Of you and we've got 66 comments on this One that's a lot and as you can see some People have a lot more than they thought They had when they count them myself I Don't want to even think about where I Fit on that graph well I know where I Fit I know it's on the bottom one it's 26 plus for sure but as for how many I Don't know who has got the most let's See who's well we've got a 41 There um A losing track in my head after 50 I'll Make a list and tell you later where's The list come on I want to know how many 25 27

23 42 it's a lot of people that have got a Lot of Makita tools zero Makita saving Up for Mato how did I not delete that comment I Don't know bloody hell I don't know why You'd be saving up for Metabo come on Really seriously holy Richard 46 Xgt 85 Lxt 21 12 volt wow that is a lot of Tools oh there's more but wait there's More I think we probably got our Winner what did I what did I reply to That one let's take a we look see here Here I think you're the winner so far no Kidding replacing your DeWalt with 40 Volt that's probably a wise choice don't Have a lot of time for DeWalt Anymore quality of their tools and their Batteries is yeah leaves a lot to be Desired okay so we'll say Richard's the Winner on say that's a lot of TOs and now just slipped in another Couple of FWS thanks to you Richard Bloody hell right next question oh my Old mate John doesn't have enough you Got quite a few bro you got quite a few So this one like I just said a moment Ago was a bit tricky to do because of The limit of only five I would like to Have done a a sort of 15 to 30 maybe and Then a 30 to 50 and then 50 plus but it Is what it is I can't unfortunately Change YouTube system I also was really

Interested to know how many people only Had a few how many people would just DIY Sort of ones and how many people were Fullon Makita trady guys so400 votes Still got these people that are still Saving up like there was in the last Poll 133% have 1 to three batteries so That's quite a lot that basically just Have one or two tools and one or two Batteries to go with those tools and They're maybe stuck at that they've just Bought a kit with a drill and that's That it is dangerous for you people to Carry on watching my channel because it Will end up costing you more money and You will end up buying more tools trust Me I hear it from people every day 4 to 14 65% so most of you have somewhere Around the 5 to 10 probably batteries so That is a little lower than I thought Like I didn't think there'd be that many People that had that amount of batteries I thought especially after the last poll With the amount of people that had a lot Of tools I thought there'd be a lot more Batteries 15 to 49 batteries 16 % so That's the category I'm in and 50 plus 2% so what's that that's about 28 to 30 People have more than 50 batteries I Know one of those people that has 100 Plus Makita Batteries and yeah I don't Know why you need that many come on you Don't use that many they're only going To end up dying because you're not using

Them next poll this one deals with the Contentious issue is corded better than Cord So which do you prefer I only use corded Because they are cheaper 2% I only use Corded because they have more power and Runtime 4% so that 6% of people only use Corded that watch this channel which is Interesting Considering I don't show corded tools on This channel it is essentially a what It's probably 99% at this point cordless Tools I use both corded and cordless Pretty equally 15% and then the one that I thought would be the most popular Judging by as I've just said what my Content is on my channel which is Predominantly cordless I use cordless And occasionally corded on rare Occasions that's the category I also fit Into as well 63% so it's interesting to See most of the ones that are the Highest percent are the same ones I Would fit into so yeah we're on the same Page people corded are you kidding it's Cordless or nothing I mean that is also Basically me the only thing I use that's Corded really is like bench drills um my Table saw orth though hopefully that'll Change soon but yeah 177% of you only Going cordless well done 1,700 of you Voted in that one what's the next one The next one is the last one by the Looks and it only got 1,200 votes it's a

Bit disappointing especially seen as It's probably one of the more Interesting ones so what's your favorite Type of Makita tool so drill hammer Drill comi drill depends where you live So basically your basic drill something Everybody has right probably the first Tool most of us ever owned 20% that's Your Favorite now drills are a bit boring you Know I Don't now once again the category I Would probably fall into of course the Next one down 46% of you nearly half of The pole think think that shut up phone Think that impact drivers or impact Wrenches are the coolest tool your Favorite tool and yeah I I would have to Agree although I do like Murs but yeah 46% hard to argue I can see why you People watch my channel circular saw 21% another staple of course mosur only 9% I do love myosaurus it's yeah I love Murs and nail guns being that we're a Makita Channel primarily and this has Been a predominantly Makita pole related Video the nail gun one was a little Factious I should Admit um but 4% of you still put nail Gun and yeah I do love nail guns but not Makita nail guns I'm afraid hopefully That'll change soon fingers Crossed they're not too far away Hopefully W they're still a little

They're still a little way away but at Least I have some firm knowledge now That they are coming with model numbers And dates and things so stay tuned in The next video for more information About that anyway that is the last poll Question thank you for sitting through All this herth in the lesson right now I Better go film the video for This versus This and of course these and I ended up Doing one more poll so about a week ago You may have seen that I put up a poll Trying to get a final conclusion which Is more popular which is better the Barrel grip jigsaw or a dandle jigsaw Now there was a lot of discussion in the Comment section about this particularly Seen as it was 50/50 for a long time the First sort of 24 hours or so 50/50 everybody liked these equally it Seem So at the time of recording this we are At around 2700 votes in that poll and Coming in with 47% of the vote is the barrel grip 53% For the dandle the dandle is King so Tomorrow I'm reviewing the dandle I've Already reviewed that if you want to see That it's up in the top corner and down In the description this will be reviewed Tomorrow right here it will be my last Review of the year so make sure you Subscribe so you don't miss out on that

So that's it another year done and Dusted almost because tomorrow my video Of my top five Makita Tools of 2023 will be up live so make Sure you're subscribed if you haven't Subscribed already have a good Christmas Have a good New Year if you're having a Holiday make sure you enjoy yourself Spend some time with family and friends Have a few Bruce skies on me and I will See you all in 2024 cheers Guys oh Yeah bet the power comes on as soon as I Push the stop button on this thing oh And one last thing these are all the People that have been supporting me Throughout the year financially thanks Guys been a a massive help some of these People have also won tools from me so if You want the chance to win some tools Check out patreon down in the Description thanks guys for all your Support throughout the year see you Later [Music] Again next year we're going to get the Framing [Music] Naila [Music] La

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