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5 Tips For Working With Heights on an Extension Ladder

Purchasing an extension ladder is done for one reason and one reason alone: you need to reach a specific height that would not be accessible with a traditional ladder. This is why extension ladders are so helpful. They allow you to perform tasks that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Top 5 Reasons to Go For an Umbrella Clothesline

A number of reasons make the umbrella clothesline a great stuff to buy for drying clothes. Here are the top five.

The Value of Stainless Steel Siding Nails

When it comes to nailing up or installing your wood siding, among the best types of nails that you can use are stainless steel siding nails. Steel siding nails are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion.

Tablesaw Tips For Accuracy and Safety While Woodworking

You should never saw freehand. You should always use a fence when ripping and when your work piece is too small. You will have a more accurate cut and much less likely to be injured.

The Steps For Ladder Safety

The use of a telescoping ladder is common at home and at work for many people. With the growing versatility of ladders in the workplace or for use at home, it is important that the user recognizes the importance of ladder safety while in use.

Keeping Your Electrical Power Tools Maintained

Within the quick-paced environment that we all reside in these days, power and air-driven device upkeep doesn’t appear high on our important agenda list. Unfortunately, equipment is an expensive expenditure and every one of us would like a electrical or air-driven device to get the job done properly and safely when we try to utilize it.

Angle Grinder Parts – Necessary Because This Tool is Used Heavily

There are angle grinder parts for every component of any hand held grinder. This is for pneumatic, electric, or gasoline powered tools.

Bench Grinder Wheel – For Use With Small Objects

If it would be easier to hold the object and move it around the grinding wheel, then use the bench grinder. If the object is too large for this, a hand held grinder is recommended.

Right Angle Grinders – There is No Wrong Angle Grinder

The right angle grinders are named such because the power shaft and the disc shaft are at a mathematical right angle or 90 degrees. This is so there is no confusion if looking for a left angle grinder or a wrong angel grinder. It is named using math.

Tarps For Less

More and more people are discovering that tarps can serve many uses around the home. They can be used to cover almost anything and to help with do it yourself projects. Clear tarps can be used to build inexpensive greenhouses and they are great to provide temporary shelters and to take camping, as well as many other uses.

Variable Speed Angle Grinder – Control the RPMs

A high speed buffer that is variable will leave swirl marks on the hood and possibly burn the paint. This would be disastrous for a detail shop to do. This is just one example of why variable speed angle grinders are very handy to have.

Air Angle Grinder – The Most Powerful and Versatile Tool in the Shop

The most often personal protective equipment that is forgotten is the ear plugs. The decibels this tool creates can reach up to over 100 which can damage the ear drum, so ear protection is highly recommended.

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