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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, learns the details about the Milwaukee® PACKOUT™ Shop Storage.

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Hi it's Suman fernini Aces Home expert And I'm here with Nick from Milwaukee Now Nick I think people by now are Familiar with Milwaukee pack out but you Have something called Milwaukee shop Storage what's the difference yeah so Our new Milwaukee shop storage is part Of our pack out system got it it's going To use the same locking cleats as our Current pack out system has but we have A lot more accessories geared towards Garage and Shop storage whether it's Hooks tool holders or our new cabinet we Have all sorts of different shop Oriented accessories so the idea is that It it's all Universal in the sense that You know the hooking mechanism works but You know if you were a contractor you May not be able to use a hook like this As you're transporting stuff around but Something that's more of a permanent Installation you've got accessories to Really help build that out exactly it's Essentially your home Bay space for Organization is in your shop so we have A ton of accessories to hold everything In its home and then allow you to take It out to the job site with you or Wherever you're going every day and it All starts with that mounting plate Right because once you set that up and However you put those on the walls you Can build it out any way you want yup The pack out mounting plate is the key

To our shop storage so as long as you Get your mounting plates secured onto The wall you can mix and match your Different accessories in different boxes However it works for you great Information thanks Nick okay coming up Next my video on how to mount the Milwaukee pack out mounting bracket [Applause] [Music]

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