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In this Heartware Story, we head to Kentucky to see how Houchen’s Ace is remembering fallen military heroes. See how they collaborate with their local VFW to bring honor to military graves.

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Being able to give the veterans the Respect they deserve is so Important for a Memorial Day program we Go to cemetery 1 of 42 and pretty much Identify all the graves there that are Veterans they need cleaning we'll clean Them if they need maybe the grass just Trimmed around the stone we do that We'll present a fresh flag on it it's Nice that we're able to maintain those And give them the respect they [Music] Deserve having a partner with Ace has Really made this program possible it was Without hesitation I went down and Talked to Laura and they were all for it He called wanting to know if we would Dominate some plags and we dominated About 300 plags you know we were excited To jump at that opportunity just because We're based on being able to help out Local communities to help out the VFW in Any way possible it means a lot to us AC Has assisted us with pretty much Anything we've needed in the last 2 or 3 Years they've supplied geez at least two Or three 100 flags every year those Flags are5 or $6 a piece now times that Times a thousand and you see why we have To have the support of the community to Be able to make these things happen a Has been instrumental in just being able To use their Flags we don't have to Strive for that money we can just go

Directly out and service the veterans we Need to I think we consider oursel Caretakers in a way of those grades Great example is Bell Street Cemetery Which is our only African-American Cemetery in the county some of those Vets are pre- civil war are from the Early 1800s and it's nice that we're Able to locate those Graves and still Give them the honor they deserve we got With Brian from the VFW and he filled me In on everything about the cemetery and The people buried there so we just we Cleaned off the graves and put the the Flags on them all the veterans being Able to just go help take care of the Grave sites show our support put the Flags out it means a lot while you're Out there you start to realize the Sacrifice especially when you look at a Grave site and you realize that person Was only 27 years old and realizing wow You know they really sacrificed their Entire life for this country it's good For the community to realize that it's Bigger than us it's about the people in The past and the people in the future When people see the flags I hope that They realize that they're is a veteran There and that they fought for their Freedom maybe the following year just go Show your appreciation place a flag you Know it it doesn't have to be Veterans Day to do it to me all those people are

My family my brothers I've served side By side with some of the best people in The world those people made the Sacrifices doing similar things that Maybe I did so maybe someday when I'm no Longer here this service will be Provided for [Music] Me

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