The Best Ratchet Wrenches In The World Are Made By ToolGuards? That’s Ridiculous!

Review of the Black and Decker CM1936 Cordless Lawn Mower

With advances in battery technology cordless lawn mowers are now posing a challenge to their gas powered counterparts. In the past cordless mowers have tended to be limited by a lack of power and a lack of charge time. However, these days both of these issues have become less significant. One of the most popular models is the Black and Decker CM1936 Cordless Lawn Mower.

A Quick Guide To Tiling Tools

For the newcomer to DIY there can often seem to be an overwhelming amount of things to get to grips with; not least of which being the sheer variety of tools now available off-the-shelf for use in the home. In this article we take a brief look at some of the most common tiling tools for use in all types of tiling projects such as tiling a floor or wall, laying mosaic tiles, and maintaining and repairing tiled surfaces.

Self Contained Construction Heaters

When choosing a heater it is a good idea to consider your needs and then decide what is the best one to buy. Continue on to hear about the benefits of construction heaters. After you read this article you will better understand the pros of these heaters.

How Good Is the SteamFast SF-275?

SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner employees 1500 watts making it one of the most powerful steam cleaners on the market. It has 48-oz water capacity for 45 minutes to an hour of continuous steaming time which is perfect for just about any medium-sized project. It also sanitizes by getting rid of bacteria, mold, mildew & fungus.

How to Maintain an Air Compressor

Keeping your air compressor properly maintained is one of the most important parts of using pneumatic tools and of gleaning the best results from your pneumatic equipment. Discover the easiest ways to keep your compressor kicking.

Advantages of Solar Thermal Systems

You can heat water through solar thermal systems instead of electricity since it can reduce your power bills to a considerable extent. Moreover, use of solar thermal systems can contribute to the betterment of the environment too since they do not emit carbon dioxide or any other harmful gas.

How To Chose The Right Welder

If you would like to weld in your own home, there are a lot of things you must consider in order to pick the best welder suited for you. This article is created to provide you basic information you need to know so that you can decide what’s the best unit to select.

Let’s Get Sexy With Some Pink Tool Kits for Women!

There are many women out there who use tools around the house. Pink tools are not only pretty to look at but they’re more lightweight and designed just for women.

Step Ladders Review: The Original Youngman Fibreglass Steps

If you live in a home or a flat, chances are you use a step ladder for everyday tasks. Whether it’s hanging a picture or painting the walls, step ladders are necessary adjuncts for DIY projects, large or small. Unfortunately, though, incorrect use of ladders accounts for a high proportion of accidents in the home.

Step Ladders Review: The Fibreglass Ladder With Aluminium Treads

Choosing the right ladder for your needs can be difficult. Before buying a step ladder, for example, you should take some time to determine exactly what type you require. Step ladders are made from three materials: fibreglass, timber, and aluminium. Each type has its strong and weak points, but many people choose a fibreglass step ladder because of its overall functionality and affordability. Here’s some information about how to select a fibreglass step ladder that will be both safe and highly functional.

Scaffolding Towers Review: The Miniscaff Folding Scaffold Tower

Scaffolding towers are important adjuncts for many trade, industrial, and even DIY applications. A scaffold tower often is a better (and safer) choice than a ladder because it’s more stable and can support more weight. In a trade or industrial environment, these towers allow workers to ascend and descend safely, even when carrying tools and materials. Working on a scaffold tower is less tiring than working on a ladder, and there’s very little chance of dangerously overreaching. Scaffold towers are fitted with guardrails and toe boards, two more features that make them safer than ladders. Here’s some information about a popular model, the Miniscaff folding scaffold tower.

Step Ladders Review: The Little Giant 2 Tread Safety Step

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys doing all those little tasks around your home, there’s no doubt that you’re going to need a sturdy and reliable step ladder. Why take the chance of balancing precariously on a chair or other piece of furniture when you can do the job safely by using a well-designed step ladder from a reputable manufacturer? One such manufacturer is Little Giant, and their step ladders are worth serious consideration. Here’s some information about a popular model from Little Giant: the 2 tread safety step ladder.

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