OFFICIAL: Milwaukee M18 FUEL 21″ Mower CONFIRMED with Milwaukee. FINALLY!

The Tool for Your Imagination – Dremel 400 Rotary Tool

DIY enthusiast creative thoughts are endless, and their ideas should be matched with a tool that can execute the ideas into reality. Say goodbye to your bulky hand tools and cluttered toolbox. Save up for an intelligent, reliable and advanced multitasking tool that can meet your needs – the Dremel 400 rotary tool.

How Using the Wrong Blade Can Cause Table Saw Kickback

Table saw kickback is a vicious phenomenon. Discover how to produce greater cutting results and how to bite back at kickback by using the proper table saw blade.

Diamond Core Drill Bits: What Should You Expect?

There are literally different options available in diamond core drill bits. How should you decide which one is going to be the most lucrative? The starting point of any buying decision is determining what will work best for you. This article is geared towards explaining what to consider when buying a diamond core drill bit. To be sure the best choice is made, get below the surface of the application-drill into the details.

What is Table Saw Kickback?

Table saw kickback is ferocious, dangerous, and surprisingly common. Discover what this phenomenon is, how it’s caused, and how a smart operator just might be able to eliminate it altogether.

Everything You Need to Know About Table Saw Kickback and Kickback Prevention

Table saw kickback is one of those terrible-awful experiences that, despite the real severity of it, most every woodworker will encounter at one time or another. Discover how this phenomenon is caused and how you can prevent it.

Cutting Cement Fiber Siding

Recently I was involved in building an Insulated Concrete Foam Block house with Cement Fiber siding. The house was a tall single story with an attached 2 car garage and shaped like a B1 bomber. The center section of the house was taller than the wings.

How To Safely Use A Chainsaw

One of the most important things to consider when using a chainsaw is the safety of yourself and those around you. A chainsaw is a very dangerous piece of equipment that can be harmful and even fatal if not used properly.

Ancient Basic Tools to Green Light Laser: The Evolution of Mining

Mining is the process of extracting precious materials from earth. These materials can be in the form of precious stones, metals and oil. With the help of mining equipment, miners today have much easier job.

Safety Tips For Operating Lawnmowers

While they don’t seem like overly dangerous pieces of equipment, there are some risks and injuries associated with using a lawnmower that can be easily prevented. These safety tips may be just what you’re after in ensuring safe mowing practice: Read the manual: It is important to read the manual or manufacturer’s booklet that comes with your lawnmower, even if you have owned one before. Newer models may be equipped with different technology and new safety features that you may never have seen before.

Your Starter Tool Kit

Whether you’re a Do-It-Yourself beginner or an experienced professional with tools, you have decisions to make about your tool purchases. Your decisions are usually based on Price, Quality and Use. Consider them all.

How To Calibrate Your Autoclave

Autoclaves are designed to sterilize medical equipment by exposing it to highly pressurized steam for a prescribed period of time. Most are automated and you simply load your instruments into the chamber, push the start button and let the machine take over. However, because they perform such a necessary function, it’s important to calibrate your autoclave periodically to make sure it’s operating at peak performance levels at all times.

Autoclaves: Understanding The Manufacturer’s Specifications

It’s not always easy to understand the terminology in the autoclave manufacturer’s specifications. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes – from small enough to fit on a counter-top all the up to sizes large enough to hold jumbo-jet wings. And you’ll find some that operate using pressurized steam, some that use chemicals and some that use ultra-violet light.

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