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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you a great first recipe to get to know your Weber Slate.

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Hey guys Chef Jason urase Hardware Grilling expert today is our first cook Video on the brand new Weber slate Griddle super excited because uh it came To me in the middle of the night I had a Dream and the dream told me to come up With this amazing first cook creation so Before I let you in on the secret let's Head out and get that griddle started up And then we'll get back in here in the Kitchen time to get some prep done Before we start The Griddle important to Mention that anytime we are griddling we Always want to make sure the lid is open So before we start it while it's cooking And while it's cooling down the lid is Always open here we are out at the Weber Slate we will go ahead get this ignited And we are going to immediately turn it Down to medium low because we don't want To get the uh surface too hot before we Get in and start making our grilled Cheese sandwiches now I'm going to show You how we set up the uh thermometer Next we're going to give it a couple Minutes to get started and let that Griddle start to warm up then we'll come Back and turn on the temperature gauge And we'll show you how that works next We've been up and running for about 4 Minutes so we go ahead and hold that Button down for a few seconds to turn The temperature gauge on now the nice Thing is look at that we are already

Starting to track temperature so my Chef's tip for you is let your slate Warm up for 3 to 4 minutes and then turn That on you'll get much better now we're Going to keep an eye on the flame we're Going to adjust all the burners because Today we're cooking at a surface Temperature 350° I had a dream in the middle of the Night and that dream centered around the Fact that I really wanted a grilled Cheese sandwich but I also had some Leftover barbecue in the fridge so Today's first cook video that's right Mac and cheese pulled pork grilled Cheese sandwiches let's talk through Ingredients we have some leftover mac And cheese we're going to use a little Bit of butter to uh get the bread nice And toasty we have some pulled pork Jalapeno Jack cheddar we have some Brios Bread and then I'll tell you what a lot Of different rubs and sauces available At your local Ace but boom shakalaka and Wo there we are going to use two of our Ace exclusive products today to really Amplify the flavor and make this super Super tasty I went ahead and added the Pork to a pan I'm going to add a little Bit of that wo there this is a sweet and Smoky rub so always say you know Season As light or as heavy as you want we'll Add a little bit of that wo there in There and then boom shakalaka we're

Going to add some of that Apple habanero Sauce in there just to get things uh Mixed up I started off putting my bread Down on a cooking sheet with a piece of Parchment paper next up I'm going to add Some of that halap Pino Jack then look At this we're going to spread a nice Thin layer of mac and cheese down here Because this is going to be amazing That's why uh then we'll go ahead and Just put a light layer on here we don't Want to get too messy and gooey right You can always do more if you want but I'm just going to go a little bit light Coating on there now uh I am going to Hit it with a little bit of wo there Just a tiny bit just to flavor that up a Little sprinkle a little bit of that guy On there like that and now we'll go Ahead and add that pulled pork in there Uh and just kind of get everything built If you will like to push that down just A tiny bit get it set now once we're Done we're going to go ahead and put Another piece of Jalapeno Jack and then We're going to put that top piece of Bread on just like that griddle is Sitting perfectly at 350 we're going to Go ahead and get that butter on here I Just like to start with a nice stick of Butter just like that want to get a nice Little collection of butter and then Guess what we built them let's get them On there so I like to set it right in

That pile of butter get that Brio Bread Ready to be super super toasty like that Now we are actively cooking so we're Going to stay here keep an eye on these Guys uh maybe 3 four minutes aside Max The cool part is everything inside is Cooked so all we're doing is toasting The bread warming it up right at that 3 Minute Mark time to give them a flip Let's check these guys Out we look pretty good we're going to Go ahead now let them go for 3 minutes On this side see all that bubbling back There oh so delicious after 6 minutes Total cook time we are done let's get These off head into the kitchen for that Ever so important you know that little Quality control we do well let's dive in It is time for the Reveal and what do you think about that 6 minutes 6 minutes cook time to make These amazing grilled cheese sandwiches With Maca Cheese pulled pork and pepper Jack cheese and those Ace exclusive Products right there now tell you what If you're looking for some more fun Things and you're thinking about that Weber slate stay tuned because coming up I have my five favorite things video Coming right up after I get done taking A bite of this Cheers

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