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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to make pork fried rice on a Flatrock.

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Well I'll tell you what I am super Excited for today's recipe because it's Speed scratch that's right we're going To show you how to use some of that Leftover pulled pork to make an amazing Pork fried rice on my Traeger Flat Rock Griddle let's head out let's get the Griddle started let's get griddling We went ahead and opened the Flat Rock Griddle then we gave our grease keg a Quick check just to see uh if it needed To be changed verified it we are good to Go now we turned on our tank we'll go Ahead and turn on the burner number one We'll hit ignite on here and the minute We see that orange guess what that means We have an active flame we'll go ahead And hit burner number two we'll go ahead And hit burner number three and once all Those lights are set guess what we know We have an active burner now we're going To go ahead and preheat this on high for About 10 minutes and then we'll turn it Down to medium guess what I don't have To worry about today I don't have to Worry about propane because the propane Tank monitor tells me I'm full woohoo Now today's recipe is super easy because The ingredients are speed scratch right We use some convenience things from the Grocery store to make it super fast and Super easy because guess what we're also Using that leftover pulled pork all Right starting off we're gonna use bacon

Up bacon grease that's what we're gonna Put on The Griddle today we've got uh Red Onion we've got our favorite Stir-fry vegetables we have a half of a Pineapple there we have have it leftover Pulled pork some basmati rice that's That convenience rice and then flavoring It up today we have a little bit of the Cosmo q and then that sauce making it Absolutely delicious now to add moisture Today we're going to toss a little bit Of water in there from our squirt bottle But I tell you what fast easy tasty and Delicious so we went ahead and turned The Flat Rock down to medium and that's What we're going to be cooking on today Because I'll tell you what this is one Efficient griddle for sure now you'll Also notice that I have the lid open Anytime that this is heating up cooking Cooling or hot I'm always going to have That lid open all right hot and ready to Go here we are we're gonna add a little Bit of that bacon up bacon grease and We'll just move that around here we're Cooking kind of right in the middle of Everything today so we'll get that bacon Up hot oh man that smells good first Things first we're gonna add a little Bit of that red onion right there and We're gonna get that all sauteed for Just a couple minutes onions are done We're gonna go ahead and add our Stir-fry vegetables to there are going

To go ahead and add that pineapple That's going to give us a little bit of Moisture as well and now we'll saute This around for about two minutes as Well All right veggies are done I made a Little well in the center I'm going to Add just a tiny bit more of that bacon Up bacon grease because guess what now Time to get that pulled pork now the Cool thing is that pulled pork's already Cooked so basically we're just heating This up so we'll go ahead and heat that Up a little bit as well then start Mixing in those veggies making a Beautiful beautiful start to this uh Fried rice creation time to season it up We're going to go ahead and add a little Bit of that Cosmos killer bee get that In there and like we always say you guys Season as light or as heavy as you Prefer next up we're going to go ahead And add our rice and that's going to be That cooked basmati rice I always want To make sure you add it cool now to Speed up the rice we're going to go Ahead and add a little bit of water Because that's going to create some Steam so we'll add that out of the Squirt bottle and then check it out We're going with a little bit of that Cosmos honey jalapeno because that'll Give that rice a nice little kick so Like I always say add as much or as

Little as you like and now we're slowly Going to mix it in let it finish up and I'll tell you what fast quick easy Simple and delicious how is that for Pork fried rice And just like that we are done time to Load that into the bowl head into the Kitchen and yeah I guess we got to give It a little quality control right All right we'll go ahead and shut all Those burners off and now what we're Gonna do is just go through and give This a scrape right what I'm gonna Basically do is go through this entire Surface scrape it clean make sure I Don't have anything stuck to it and then Get it prepped and ready to store until My next use now the Raw script I'll hit Just a little bit of water To do that's on The Griddle surface like That next up we're gonna add a light Coat of oil get it prepped and ready for Storage Fast easy tasty delicious that is a Solid solid dish now stay tuned because Coming up I've got two more videos for You I have my Traeger Flat Rock five Favorite things in case you want to Learn a little bit more and my first Cook video those coming up next

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