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Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, heads to the EGO headquarters to learn about the EGO Power+ Speed IQ lawn mower. Learn about the features and benefits of this innovative lawn mower from product expert, Barnaby.

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EGO Mower Speed IQ

Hi Lou man fernini Asus home expert and I'm here with Barnaby from ego now According to you yeah this is the World's smartest lawnmower absolutely Sir and according to my wife I'm not the Sharpest tool in the shed but let's talk About the mower right all right okay it Is called the speed IQ so right there in The name IQ very very smart what makes It smart well it is the fact that you The user have absolute insight into Battery life on this little screen right Here it's going to show you numerically How many percentage of battery you have Left and then if you look ahead over the Horizon you go wait a minute I think I Better like maybe reduce the power flow Of this so I Can Go the Distance with The mower a little button here is going To give you eco mode on the blade also Normal and then if you have some High Grass coming turbo mode so that idea is That you can tailor the amount of Battery use based on what you have going So if you've been going for a while and You know that I just need five more Minutes you can go to Eco to finish the Job yeah it's almost like Feathering the Gas right when you're in the car you go Around just got to get to the gas Station now this one has uh some Interesting technology where it actually Senses there's no lever that you that You pull to engage the drive system

Right it knows how fast you want to walk See how smart it is wow the world's Smartest you're right you're really by Pushing your hands or putting your hands Right here when you step off it's Digitally going to sense your speed as a Human wanting this mower to go that way It's almost like a great dance partner You know you start out it just follows Your lead you slow down it slows down But you don't have to even think about It normally with ego you've got lights On the battery that show you the amount Of charge that's left inside of it but This one gives you a readout that gives You precisely how much is left yep by Percentage points from 100 down to zero So that's when you would initiate the Button here to slow the speed of the Blade down to conserve energy if that's Your concern or every Ego battery fits And runs every ego tool so you could Always slap a different battery in if You have to go long but this will go Long with the included 12 amp hour Battery you're going to go about 75 Minutes of run time one thing I know That you're very proud of at ego is the Quality of the cut this is a dual blade Mower correct it's a the patriarch now Of the select cut family so all the Select cut mowers have dual blades Underneath and then a third blade in the Box that so it's going to be a premium

Mulching premium bagging and then you Also have an extended runtime blade That's going to kind of give you the Best of both worlds with bagging and Mulching plus extended runtime great Information go to Ace hardware.com to Learn more coming up next which ego Single blade mower is right for you

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