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In this Heartware Story we meet the Greenfield family, owners of Miller’s Ace in California. See the amazing story of their son Miller and how the community that rallied around them, helped them give back in return.

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There's no one that can be around my son Miller and not work harder because it's So clear that he works harder than Anyone to exist in space but he loves Every minute of it it's all he wants to Do is participate in the [Music] World Miller was born hearing impaired At age four he had a stroke and in 2019 We saw a rapid decline that led to brain Surgery he spent 7 months in the piku And the expectation was that we would Not leave the hospital but then he Started walking again and his cognitive Function was doing much better and he Left the Hospital once Miller recovered from his Latest illness we decided to look into a Business business model that he could Participate in and we gravitated towards Ace my involvement with Ace started Probably 5 years ago would be my guest My aunt and uncle own a hardware store In Arnold California and they brought me in and I Started working part-time and I I've Just learned a lot of things watching my Uncle over the years my storees about an Hour from here we would pick him up and He'd spend a whole week up at our store It sort of became something for him to Kind of focus on and he started coming Up regularly my title here at the store Is Chief security officer and

Mayor and so it's not just about opening The store it's that we're opening it and He's here and not only is he here but He's helping he's managing he's Participating in ways that we could Never have imagined and so we are Offering employment to adults and teens With both physical physical and Cognitive Disabilities we screamed for empathy That was a big part um of of our hiring Process for many reasons so I'm excited For the uh Community to experience that Through us but also for our employees to Have the opportunity to work in an Environment uh where things like Kindness Matter we participate in every way that We can uh because we're so grateful for The experiences that Miller had that led To his work with the um with the Sacramento Police Department I got Dressed in a uniform and I became an Official police officer Jessica Greenfield reached out to me through Cops and Kids and she was interested in Being a sponsor at our Cops and Kids Golf tournament and I absolutely fell in Love with Miller the first time that I Met him [Music] Miller had the opportunity uh to receive A service dog through K9 companions uh For Independence Bahama goes in for

Surgeries with him goes in for hospital Stays uh she's a True Companion to him And so we plan to be an on-site training Center for K9 companions for them to run Their puppy program and train within the Store instead of uh work life and then The fundraising support Miller's causes Life one of the benefits of the store is That I can sort of meld it all together And hopefully do it better uh both uh Offering more in terms of fundraising um But also bringing awareness to these Causes everybody that comes in the door Uh is going to know about these causes They're an Incredible family and they Were so excited to raise funds and Create more awareness for other wish Kids that are waiting for their wish They do an annual hike every year and He's there at every rest station dancing Celebrating our plan uh this next year Is to have uh Team we've been team Miller in the past but now we want to be Team Miller's Ace Hardware and so we'll Invite our employees and anywh else from The community that want to participate In this hike as a [Music] Fundraiser I've known about the Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics but Miller was really the one that got me Brave enough to do it because I didn't Think I was brave enough and it's Another example of why Miller is

Fearless and what he's trying to do and How he's trying to just help people Right we've been able to bring more than $100,000 to these various organizations Uh through the generosity of people who Are inspired by Miller the green fields Have this ability to pull in people and Bring them into a family make a Community which you know is people Helping people helping is very important To him I I I think he probably feels it In the same way that I do that when you Have had these incredible experiences That other people have provided for you Um you you want to give back that kid Has had more of an impact on my life Than I have had on his he is such a role Model to everybody not just to to young Kids but but to adults like me he has a Drive and a passion and um he's Incredible as hard as it's been uh this Kid has lived an extraordinary life and And the reason for that is everyone that Stepped up for Miller to see all of These individuals truly love him and Support him uh there's no greater gift Than that and if we can give a fraction Of that back to these organizations to These people and just to a community at Large um it it's it's what drives [Music] Us That

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