What ONE THING at PIPELINE made Milwaukee say “No Cameras”?

A Review of Grizzly Sander Tools

Where a company such as Festool concentrates on fine details, a Grizzly sander is the true workhorse of the sanding industry. Rather than focusing on portable hand tools, Grizzly sander tools are cabinet or table top models that are built to do some sanding in record time. The company’s belt sander plays the role of many types of sander, and their disc sander simulates the functions of a random orbit oscillator.

A Review of Rockwell Sander Tools

A Rockwell sander is engineered for heavy use in many situations. The company makes both table mounted sanders and a portable orbital sander, designed for a wide range of sanding applications. Rockwell sander tools are often listed at the top of sander reviews, owing to their sturdy construction and versatile design. While these powerful tools are sometimes found in the home workshop, they are much more common in high production businesses where they are able to perform to their fullest potential.

Air Tools – Industry’s Two Best Palm Nailers

A good palm nailer is a great tool for homeowners and professional craftsmen alike. With the simplicity and versatility to meet the needs of all degrees of tool users, the palm nailer becomes like an extension of you, helping you build, repair, and craft like a true professional.

Tool Rental Can Be the Answer to Your Home Fix-Up Needs

Want to take advantage of the cooler autumn weather to fix up your house but just don’t have the proper tools? Your local rental center has just what you need.

Plasma Cutters – The Origins

Plasma cutters have their origins in plasma welding. During World War II the need and demand to build planes quickly for use in the war was tremendous. Conventional welding of the time was slow, by comparison plasma welders are faster and produced stronger joins.

The Benefits of Owning a Generator

A generator is an investment that can provide a source of backup power in the case of a power outage, whether from a thunderstorm or a blizzard. There are dozens of reasons for a power outage, and you may find that having a backup power source will help you stay comfortable even when the power is out for an extended time.

Generac Generators – A Name You Can Trust

Our lives depend on power, making a generator a tool that anyone can use. A Generac generator is one of the most trusted names in the business, providing thousands with a backup power source to maintain their daily lives when electricity fails.

A Review of Bosch Angle Grinder Models

A new venture in the field of grinder by Bosch is their Bosch angle grinder. Already they were capturing market share with their grinders and they debut in angle grinders made a remarkable milestone. They made a mark in the industry by getting patents and awards for their stunning dust collecting attachments. They made a debut with their lightest and most comfortable large angle grinder weighing less than 12 pounds and sized 7 to 9 inch only. This is close to 20% lesser in weight than its competitors.

Types of Spray Guns

Painting the exterior walls of your home with a brush or roller can be a fairly time consuming job. But with a properly-used spray gun you can soon finish the job.

Carter Band Saw Options For Professionals AND DIY Enthusiasts

The Carter band saw products are one of the best in the industry and this is no news if you have heard of the Carter brand name before. The manufacturer of these products is a company better known for its commitment to producing high quality band saw upgrades.

Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator Review

The Honda EU2000i inverter generator remains one of the most talked about generators for camping on the market today. Honda’s EU2000i offers 2000 Watts of power allowing some of the smaller air conditioners to run off of it or any small appliance.

Turncrafter Plus – PSI Wood Lathe Review

A review of the Turncrafter plus from PSI. This is one of the newer entries in the wood lathe market, and it’s biggest strength lies in it’s low cost and relatively good quality.

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