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In this Heartware Story we hear how Britt and Laura Wood, owners of Ace of The South, support the Miracle League program. See how this organization brings the game of baseball to children of all abilities in their community.

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Here Look like is a special needs baseball League to me it's about the kids it's All about the kids We have buddies that come and volunteer The kids love being able to be a part of A team Going there you're having a bad day all That goes out the window they're small They're hugs and they just fill me with Joy you can't go there and not smile I had lost my first husband from a Terminal illness and I thought a way to Help me here was to give to others That's kind of my go-to let me do Something for somebody else the first Year I thought I'm just going to go down There and volunteer and so I ended up Being on the board and got a lot more Involved it's something for me that's Been a huge healing process to me it's Such a gift Laura she's got that gift With the kids and people gravitate to Her because it's who she is we've known Each other our kids grew up together in School and we've been married two years She's my rock she continues to remind me What's the most important thing in life It's more about taking care of the Community and taking care of our Customers day in and day out and it's Not about just the business side of Things it's about doing what's right and Doing what's right every single day

Laura is the driving force behind Miraculate though for us it's been a Blessing with us being owners of a store To be able to give more exposure to Miracle League and to me that's what's The most important whether it's donating Something for a solid auction or Fundraising for bats and balls if There's a way we can give back you know We're going to do that people have Really rallied around it we've been very Impressed by the amount of donations and The amount of people that want to get Involved Louis was Learn Sports he's your typical child that Loves every little thing that a boy Loves it makes it very special to me That he's able to go out there and play Baseball and be a part of a team I'm Excited just to experience the Halloween Game and I'm excited to see their Costumes there are some really great Ones there so it just brings the Community together just being able to Communicate with each other experiences That you've had as a special needs Parent is is wonderful my son Daniel He's 43 he's down syndrome the Miracle League it has helped Daniel with his Relationships it helps him to learn more To share and to be patient when you have Organizations such as Ace Hardware Donate their time and their love and

Their participate week after week it Really makes a big difference it just Means the world to us as a parent I mean Anybody can write a check anybody can Donate to have a company like Ace Actually put in the work in the effort To make Miracle League possible for kids It means a lot to us If you ever get a chance to come out to Miracle League I promise you you're Going to come out here after five Minutes you're going to forget that kid Is non-verbal and you're going to see How much fun they're having how much Laughter there is how these are just Kids having the time of their life Playing a ball game this is their place This is their Wrigley Field where they Get to come and be cheered on and Supported and know that they're loved And this is their time to see the joy And the genuine love in their faces for It and the relationships that they've Built and them coming out of their Shelves has really been awesome did That um me or the other people involved In the Miracle League can make a small Difference Is huge to me if somebody would just Take the time to go down there and Experience a little bit even just to Watch a game you can't go down there and Not leave feeling better they just bring You Joy

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