Milwaukee 14″ Top Handle Chainsaw Review. Cordless Arborist Chainsaw.

The Milwaukee M18 14″ Top Handle Chainsaw is a little beast! Would you use it as an arborist?
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Thanks to @MilwaukeeToolsNZ for supplying the Chainsaw used in this video.


When it comes to tools chainsaws are one Of my [Applause] Favorites and when it comes to chainsaws Top handled chainsaws have become a Favorite of mine in recent years they've Got the power now to do some fairly Decent Siz Cuts you can use them Onehanded not that you meant to and They're a bit lighter just a bit easier To manage than rear handle chainsaws and So today we are looking at the Milwaukee 14in top handle M8 fuel chainsaw battery Chainsaws have come a long way in recent Years 14-in chainsaw running on Batteries top handle I mean we're living In a golden age people anyway as you can See I have this one loaded up with a86 Amp battery it's freshly charged ready To go but before we do anything I'll Just show you a few things about the Tool it is of course having a breake on The front I don't know why I did that in A German accent um we've got a side Handle bit plasticky the whole thing is Very very plastic apart from the Bucking Spikes which thankfully are Metal plenty of room for your hand if You got gloves on plenty of space there Which is nice you got a fair bit of room Here too which is good not a fan of the Trigger at the moment so to start it up You've got to push that down with your Hand pull the trigger um and of course

Make sure your brake is in the right Position if you ever pick it up and you Think why is it gone battery's got Plenty of Life why aren't we going it's Cuz you haven't got that in the right Position this is anti- kickback in case You don't know so if you've got your Hand there the thing kicks up should hit Your hand your hand will knock that Forward the brake will come on and your Chain will stop immediately let's just See what it sounds like eh even though I Haven't put any oil in it yet but let's Click that back give her a couple of Pulses that sounds pretty grunty for a Battery chainsaw now she's coming in At4 DB so pretty noisy and model wise it Is the M18 FTC hs14 in this part of the World or if you're in the states the Number will be up here in the top corner Weightwise with this battery It's starting to get a little heavy but Fairly comfortable still in one hand if You are a big Burly bloke it won't be a Problem at all the tool comes with a Small bottle of oil it also comes with Tools for getting this undan so you can Maintain your tool and of course um Tension your chain someone will have a Go at me now if for how about I put that Back down so you don't say oh you should Have taking the battery off um we maybe Have a a look at that later in the video Once we've got it dirty but now I guess

We'll fill her up with oil which we've Got the cap for here the scrinch here is Kept on the bottom of the tool as you Can see onboard storage there for that To adjust your nut and your tensioning There right let's do it let's go find Something to chop Up right we'll just test the Brake finger still on the trigger tool Has stopped pull it back back have to Take your finger off the Trigger stops pretty damn Quick let's Go [Applause] Oh Okay I'm going to try and stall it I'm Just going to try and cut as fast as I Can basically let's Go [Applause] Okay so you can stall it but that took Quite a bit you know that was really Just jamming it in pretty fast take a Tiny bit of pressure off and it cut no Problem at all it's got a lot of [Applause] Tor [Music] [Applause] A [Applause] Okay what else one thing I'm liking About this let me just check yep all

Good I've had this for over a month now And it doesn't leak oil so many Chainsaws tend to leak oil including Other ones that I have by this Particular brand but this One doesn't leave any marks so that's Nice let's look at another couple of Features you'll notice on the blade Guard here we have a loop and a loop and You can actually hang the thing and pick It up by the loop but as you can see Only just so I wouldn't recommend Hanging It Up by that but you could put A strap on there and maybe hang it um Although it is still going to want to Hang that way if we take the cover off We'll um have a look under here and I'll Show you how to tension it if you are New to the world of chainsaws so scrench On the bottom here not quite a Screwdriver not quite a wrench what is It it's a scrinch so you loosen this to Tighten your chain oh jeez who did that Up she's tied boy Cy so loosen that off once you've Loosened it you can adjust your chain Here so we're starting to get a bit Floppy on it so give her a bit of a Tweak There as you can see tightening up a Little bit more and it's getting Tighter And Tighter I like to run it bit more than That about

There you don't want it so that these Pop right out so maybe a little bit more Even but anyway we'll just have a quick Look inside as Well so you will need to remove this Cover from time to time to clean in here Or if your chain pops off as you can see Needs a good clean out pretty grubby you Want all that in there to get good Efficient Cuts because that all clogs up With your your chain doesn't have The same speed it will bog down much Easier I'll zoom in here and you can take out Of it what you want plastic metal metal Metal metal obviously aluminium is it Aluminium I think it's an aluminium stop There for your chain that's there on the Bottom just in case your chain comes off So that it will come down and it'll hit That instead of swinging back further Hitting your leg and stuff and it stops It helps stop it from popping off there Pretty simple design there for the cover Just with that nut on it it's not a Captive nut though unfortunately I do Like a captive nut meaning that it stays On this so that you don't end up losing It dropping it somewhere but I also Don't like the ones that are like really Easy that you just undo by hand because Yeah not quite as reliable as just a Good oldfashioned Nut um does need a bit of a clean though

I'll do that once the video is finished Right now though I think I'm just going To go do a few more cuts and then we'll Wrap this thing up the slab of macro Carpa here has been seasoning for about 18 months so it's hard it's not fresh Soft wood chainsaws don't like hard wood They much prefer going through softer Stuff the fresher the wood the easier of Chainsaw Cuts so let's see how it goes With this and as you can see this is Pretty big for this size saw but we'll See how we go let's do It [Applause] Pace of cake and smells amazing so my Wife has just seen this offcut and um Now she wants her own macra Cara cookie In this part of the world it will of Course be called a macra Cara Biscuit so let's have another crack eh Let's go about [Applause] [Applause] There [Applause] A no sweat at all nice big chunks like This is what you want when you're using A chainsaw if you're getting fine dust Then you need to sharpen your chain now Rip cuts are much harder for chainsaws Than most other saws but let's have Little bit of a [Applause]

[Applause] Crack [Applause] Bit of a Strain but she did the [Applause] Job [Applause] Problem with doing rip Cuts you get much Bigger chunks as you can see she's well Caked in there so I'm surprised that Chain was actually cutting as well as it Was it's not a bad little Saw so is it any good well you saw it go Through that macro Cara no problem and It's dry hard stuff so I was pretty Impressed with that and and what you saw Me cut used one bar on a 6 a high output High output batteries are the way to go With this thing sucks through the juice Needs the power as well so the higher Output the battery the better so the six The 12 the 8 the any of the high output Ones which of course have high output Written on them it struggled a bit on The rip Cuts but that's to be expected Uh a lot of petrol SS would have bogged Down and stalled during that same test As well so pretty impressed pretty Impressed this has slowly become my Go-to Chainsaw um it's got that good balance Of power size good size chain not too Big not too small easy to just lug

Around easy to throw in the back of your Truck just a good sized saw with good Power good torque and it doesn't leak Oil you know what more could you want And of course being battery no fumes no Spilling petrol over your s having a Drive home stinking at the end of the Day just make sure you remember to bring Plenty of batteries if you're going out For a day of work so yeah I'm well Impressed cheers Milwaukee for sending This to me this is the M18 ft Cs14 if you're in the states it's the And it is a good little chainsaw as well As being capable of the bigger tasks It's also a good size for around the House pair it up with one of these and You've got a great day of pruning ahead Of you use this for the big stuff this For the small stuff good little combo These two tools review of that coming Soon as well as the review of this so if You haven't already subscribed make sure You do that so you don't miss out and I'll see you all on another one soon Cheers [Music] Guys [Music]

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