The Best Compact Utility Knive Plus A New Flashlight And Prybar From Olight

How to Use a Leaning Ladder Safely

Extension ladders can be a scary thing to use for most people trying to work on their own homes. They seem intimidating and frightening. The fear is not unwarranted, leaning ladders are the most dangerous style of ladder that is commonly in use.

Laser Measuring Tapes For Fast and Accurate Measurements

Technology has improved many aspects of our lives, including the way we go about measuring things. Tape measures have long been used by builders and homeowners alike, but there are numerous limitations with a standard tape measure.

How to Choose a Quality Extension Cord

Extension cords make life a little more convenient, letting you plug in the iron or your Christmas decorations even when the outlet is not exactly where you need it. Lengths range from 6, 10, to 20 feet or more.

Brush Chippers Aren’t Just Industrial

Brush piles are not the most fun task on anyone’s to-do list. If you could just leave cut branches and piles of leaves and brush lying around, you probably would. Since you can’t just “sweep it under the rug” there has to be an easier way to handle the mess, right? Right.

Cheap Wood Lathes

There are a number of benefits to moving up in price and quality range. You will get a larger lathe, which allows much more freedom and variety in the projects you can do and the pieces you can make and large lathes are heavier which reduces vibration.

What is the Best Power Cutting Tool?

The best power cutting tool is definitely the Track Saw. But what is the difference between a track saw and a table saw?

Plasma Cutters – Are You Using Them to the Fullest?

Plasma cutters have become much more affordable in recent years. Are you exploiting this new technology to its fullest?

Laser Measuring Tools – Upgrade Your Old Tape Measure

Not only are laser measuring tools great for measuring straight lines, you can also can measure square footage. You select the area button and now you can measure the square footage of a room, by measuring the length of one wall in the room and the width of another.

Honda Tilling Tips With ESTER

Honda’s soil tillers come in three variations; the mini-tiller, the mid-tine, and rear-tine. As with all of Honda’s lawn and garden equipment, Honda tillers are engineered and designed to the highest commercial standards possible resulting in machinery which will provide durability, dependability, and performance every time.

Machine Shop Tools – The Basics

Machine shop tools are an essential part of any workshop. We are looking at any area be it garage, yard, or room set aside for the purpose. Machining is the building from parts and material into something useful.

Honda Pumps Products

The Honda line of pumps continues to raise the raise the bar for the category commercial and residential pumps. Their WX10 pump is driven by the GX25 4-stroke ultra-compact engine and delivers power at never before seen levels for a pump in the 1-inch bore class compact pump market.

The Ultimate Guide About Stepladders

They are almost taken for granted in many homes but really where would we be without them? Step ladders are an essential tool to have but how aware are you about choosing them and working with them safely. Find out more in the ultimate guide about step ladders.

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