What To Look For When Buying A Portable Power Station Or Solar Generator

Aluminium Ladders: Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder With Platform Review

I live in a very small house, so I don’t have much storage space. Since my home is older, it does require a certain amount of upkeep, both inside and out. Much of this work requires a ladder, but I don’t have enough space to stow a traditional type ladder. While scouring the Internet for a solution, I discovered amongst all the typical aluminium ladders a really unique item: a multi-purpose folding ladder with a handy platform. Here’s some information about this versatile product.

Youngman Spacemaker 2 Section Loft Ladders Review

Like many people, I have a loft space in my home. I’m well aware that smart home owners make use of this space, either for storage or by fitting it up as an extra “room,” such as a fun sleeping area for children. Regardless of what you use your loft for, it’s critically important to have a sturdy and safe loft ladder. Here’s some information about quality loft ladders from the respected Youngman brand: the Spacemaker 2 section product line.

Scaffolding Towers Review: The “Gardeno” Mobile Work Platform

When you think about the phrase “scaffolding tower,” chances are you think of the type large scaffolding systems you see deployed on a construction site. While it’s true that scaffolding towers are used extensively in construction, as an avid DIYer, I’ve often wished there was a scaled down model designed for use by home-owners, especially in the garden. Well, my wait is over. I’ve found the perfect solution: the “Gardeno” mobile work platform. Read on to learn more.

Titan 3 Tread Medium Duty Industrial Alloy Builders Step Ladders Review

Step ladders are popular and ubiquitous items in many homes, businesses and on construction sites. With a compact design that suits a variety of materials like wood, aluminium and fibreglass, step ladders also are quite versatile, and if made from aluminium, very easy to manage. From hanging a picture to laying a brick wall, a step ladder is sure to serve you well. Here’s some information about one of my favourite step ladders, the Titan 3 tread medium duty aluminium industrial alloy builders step.

Titan Double 2.5m (8ft2) Trade and Light Industrial Ladders Review

If you’re in the market for a safe, strong and durable ladder, be sure to take a serious look at Titan double 2.5m (8ft2) trade and light industrial ladders. Even if you’re not a tradesman like me, doesn’t it make sense to buy a ladder that comes so highly recommended? Such a ladder surely will help expedite those DIY tasks many people procrastinate about. Here’s some information about these reliable and affordable Titan products that I’d like to share with you.

Stanley 25

For anyone who is looking for an excellent as well as sturdy storage containers, you might do a whole lot worse as compared to choose the Stanley 25 – or be a little more specific the Stanley twenty five Flexible Deep Compartment Storage Organiser. This particular organiser possesses an integrated handle to make sure that it is simple to bring or carry the storage organiser together with you wherever you go. In addition, you will find several securing systems to make sure that things are saved in its right location without leaks or tools mixing up around with…

Dust Collection Systems

Dust Collectors – Do you have one? In my personal opinion, one of the biggest breakthroughs in recent years is the evolution of the dust collection system.

Tips to Use a DVD Shredder

If you have some CDs or DVDs which contain information that you do not want any prying eyes to access, it would be best if you invest in DVD shredder. Basically, this device works just like the traditional office paper shredder. At this time, these are going to give you several tips for using this shredder properly.

Chainsaws Are A Versatile Tool

Chainsaws are portable mechanized cutting tools that may be powered by electricity, hydraulic power or compressed air. However, most are powered by a petroleum-fueled two-stroke engine.

Introducing: Dewalt’s DCT414S1 Digital Infrared Thermometer

Released in early October of 2010, Dewalt’s new DCT414S1 digital infrared thermometer is taking toolers by storm. With a slew of great features and with compact convenience, find out why this thermometer is heating up the power tool community.

Three Useful Tips for Buying a Used Stair Glide

A stair glide is a machine that you really must have at home when you or someone else living with you is facing problems with mobility due to old age, illness or injury. The reason for this is that a stair glide can give a mobility-challenged person some semblance of freedom and independence from other people, as they no longer have to rely on others just so they could move to the upper levels of their house. However, many people cannot afford to buy a brand-new stair lift.

Should You Rent a Stair Glide Or Buy Your Own?

A stair glide is a device that you must purchase for your home if you or someone you live with suffers from mobility challenges brought about by old age, illness or injury. With your home equipped with stair glides, you can be sure that you and your loved ones will be able to continue enjoying freedom of movement without having to rely on assistance from others. Unfortunately, the cost of a brand-new stair lift may be beyond the reach of many households.

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