12-Volt Lithium Jump Starter Box Tips & Testing – How To Buy The Best One For You!

Impact Driver – 3 Distinct Advantages to the Milwaukee Impact Driver Combo Kit

An impact driver has an important role in getting some jobs done, and while there are quite a few on the market, this article will discuss 3 distinct advantages of the Milwaukee impact driver combo kit to help you decide if it is the right tool for you. 1. World Class Battery: The Milwaukee brand is the leader in lithium-ion technology having launched the first lithium battery in 2005 and producing the first backward compatible battery in 2006.

Cordless Impact Wrenches – 3 Critical Factors

So you’ve finally decided that you need a cordless impact wrench. The right impact is a great addition to anyone’s toolbox, while the wrong one could make the purchase useless. The wrong one could either be something that is far too overpowered for what you need it for (so long as you’ve got variable torque this isn’t too bad, but at the very least it’ll likely be heavier and bulkier than necessary), or underpowered (this is much worse, because it nearly makes the tool useless). This article I’ll be covering what to look for in a battery. How much power you need, what to look for in a charger, and what type of battery you need.

How Do Batteries Affect Cordless Drills?

The battery that comes with the cordless drill will determine just how much strength and torque it has. The more voltage a battery has, the more power it will produce. While some might be enamored with buying the most powerful cordless drill, doing so may not always make the most sense. With more power comes additional weight and cost.

Important Uses of a Plasma Cutter – A Brief Glimpse

A plasma cutter is simply a powerful torch that uses electrical current and inert gas to cut metals neatly and precisely. The gas that is passed through the nozzle of the cutter is heated and converted into hot plasma. This plasma cuts through the metals and leaves clean and smooth edges.

Best Belt Sander – Key Features You Want Yours To Have

There are so many different types of belt sanders out there, it’s really hard to decide which one to chose. They all have different features and designs, it makes it tough to decide which is the best on for you. in this article, I’ve went over a few of the key features that you’ll want to have on your belt sander so that you’ll know that you’ve got a quality tool.

Maintenance Tips for Pressure Washers

Gas-powered pressure washers are great for cleaning big outside projects. But like any power tool, they require occasional upkeep. This article provides some tips on solving some common gas-powered pressure washer repair problems.

Paint Sprayer Gun Maintenance Tips

Airless paint sprayer guns are known for their versatility, easy use and reliability. But like all power tools, these popular paint spraying devices do occasionally malfunction. This article provides maintenance suggestions as well as some troubleshooting tips for solving some common paint sprayer gun problems.

The Advantages of Auto-Feed Screw Guns – Construction Tools

The great thing about auto-feed screw guns is that anyone can manage them and they can be used for a number of different projects, big or small. Also known as a collated screwdriver, with this type of construction tool you are able to auto-feed screws up to 3 inches deep into either wood or drywall surfaces. Let’s go through some of the usages and advantages of this tool and you will begin to see just how useful it is.

Rotary Laser Level – A Boon for the Construction Industry

The construction industry has seen a major revolution through the invention of rotary laser levels. It is now easy to get the perfect maintained level of a site while the risk factors of working with such instruments has mitigated dramatically. They are extremely user friendly.

Circular Saw – A Tradesman’s Guide

Of all the power tools in a woodworker’s arsenal, the circular saw may be the most important. Whether it’s cutting studs for framing a wall or plywood to sheet a roof, its mobility and versatility make it a required component of any building project.

Maintenance: An Essential Value

Maintenance is a simple word with so many implications for all areas of life. Investments are made in tools, vehicles, homes and even relationships, and appropriate maintenance is needed to preserve those investments. The basic meaning of maintenance is the work involved in keeping something in proper condition. As people work to make their life more fulfilling, it is essential to maintain the items they have already invested in.

The Versatility of Air Compressor Attachments

An air compressor is one of the most useful tools that there is in a garage or workshop. Air compressors “run” cool and are very durable. Most of all, air compressors are incredibly versatile, as they can be used for so much more than simply inflating tires. With the addition of a quick connect coupler, an air compressor can power a multitude of tools used in home improvement and automotive work. Here are a few of the more common attachments that are powered by an air compressor.

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