Festool Cordless Table Saw CSC SYS 50 EBI Review. Digital Jobsite Saw

My first Festool Review and I’m starting at the top with the NEW Battery Table Saw. The Festool CSC SYS 50 Jobsite saw is a nifty bit of kit, but is it worth it?

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Ladies and gentlemen today I bring you My first ever Fest tool review on this Channel that's right hard to believe Fesol has never been on this channel and So I figure if I'm going to start with Festal Why not start at the top with the Cscs y50 EB I cordless table saw and She's a nice looking bit of Kit now I Don't have the manual for this and I Don't have very long to review it either Because this doesn't belong to me I Didn't buy it it belongs to cam now you Might remember cam he lent me this Tool which a week later I went and Purchased is that going to happen with This tool well let's take a look now the First thing I noticed when I turned it On was that it wasn't quite sort of in Calibration um there seems to be a Little bit out we've got 0.5 of a Millimeter there that we're out on the Height of the blade now when you adjust It it goes up in 1 mm increments And so you can't get rid of that 0.5 so We're .25 down5 down 05 down 0.5 up so Can you get that back to zero I want to Take a look now I think if we oh what's That oh I can tweak that ah there we go Look By the 0.1 of a mm I worked it out Already okay that was easier than I Thought it was going to be I was Wondering why that was 0.5 out of whack So that was easy so far this is it's a

Nice bit of Kit and it's and it's pretty Cool it's not only nice in that it's Well built well thought out um but it's Also got that sort of tech Geek Side to It as well with this area here to change The angle and height of your shall we Take a look at it it's really cool we'll Show you it straight away let's take a Closeup look of the blade on top here Okay so you can see my hand down at the Bottom of the screen here with the knobs We are going to set this to go to what Should we do 33 and 45 that means it's Going to come up 33 mm and it's going to Bevel 45° are you ready let's give that a wh Now I mean is that cool or what I Mean it's worth the price of admission Just for that right when you're bringing The blade up you do however have to keep Your finger on the button the whole time You don't just push it once and it comes Up I'm guessing that's sort of a safety Feature so that you don't tap it and it Starts going and yeah you do something You don't want to do this way you can Take your finger off it if you realize It's about to hit something you know Like the fence or or anything like that Now it comes with a 168 mm blade in this Part of the world with a 20 mm aror and That will give you a maximum of 48 mm Depth of cut which means you could rip

Framing Timber framing timber in this Part of the world is 45 mm but is this Powerful enough to do it I mean it's Such a cute little unit you'd think I Don't think I'd put framing Timber Through that but cam wants to see me put It to the test so that is what I'm going To do among other things but before we Jump into that we'll just have a quick Look at a few of the other features and Stuff you saw in the opening that there Is two batteries on it it needs both of Those batteries this is a 36v tool not An 18vt tool it is very light it has a Side slide here which feels very nice I Can't feel any play in it so that is Good and it locks back in super easy Same with the table extension on the Side here it pops down nice and easy and Pops back up very easy as well I mean It's it's beautifully thought out and Easy to use the fence is easy to move Flick your lever forward slide it across To wherever you want it we have markings Along the front for your measurements Lock it back down storage on it there For a push stick and you can extend it Like so in either direction it's got a Lot of P markers on it so that P marker Is where you need to set it for when you Need to pack it up and put it back in The box so everything lines up we've got One here we've got one there they're all Over the tool you'll soon learn where

All those things are when you have one Of these things else you're never going To get it back in its cute box and the Box is pretty damn cool for when you Remove the lid of the sustainer style Box on the underside Is all the attachments all the Accessories the miter fence the rip Fence the safety guard the blade guard Blade storage arriving knife that's on The tool fits in there and the dust bag And they all clip in so Elegantly they've all got that p marking Make sure you get this one in the right Place I did it right to the end cuz That's what it looked like doesn't quite Fit you need to have it just clicked Back onto 67 1 12° And then it will just clip in like so it Is a work of art in itself just all this Being in there like that we've also got A couple of little cutouts here Which Slot onto these pins on the front which You can't quite see there and just helps Hold it all steady when you're picking It up and moving it around it really is A thing of beauty there is also a Trolley stand as visible here on the Marketing sticker on the top of the tool At the moment um I unfortunately don't Have that to show you but I'm sure the Tool itself will be enough for this Review while I've been playing with this Thing over the past hour or so it's just

It's just so nice and clever the way That they've come up with all the Different little things they've come up With but I'm kind of hoping I don't fall In love with it too much because festal Tools are always a large Financial Investment and this one is one of the Largest and now I'm absolutely dying to Use this thing I'm going to be using it For a few things that are Most people would probably not use this Sore for I'm going to push it to its Limits a little bit see what it can do So bear that in mind before you leave Comments saying nobody would use it for That I want to see how much grunt it's Got and what we can do with this thing If we need to so without further Ado I'm Going to start at the top I'm going to Start with some framing Timber I got a 6 M long 82 sitting out on the drive and Um yeah I need to chop it up a bit let's Go so I'm thinking with this sa but to It might be easier if I just tip the so Upside down and push the whole table saw Across the top of the bit of wood might Be easier than trying to push the bit of Wood straight through that table so what You [Laughter] Reckon right now all the Fest tool fans Are screaming at me aren't they can Probably would be too so maybe I just Dice this up to some sizes that I need

And we'll we'll rip a short bit although Because this thing is so small it would Be so easy and if it was mine I think I Would give it a crack because you could Just set the fence up run it along the Edge of the piece of wood and just push This whole table saw upside down along The length of the piece of Timber of Course it would just be easier to use a Circular saw or something but you know Pretty bright out here hopefully we can See the screen let's turn her On well I can see it but I can't see it Too easily on the screen let's um set This thing to 48 so this is full depth of Cut leave that on Zero let's see if we can rip eight but Two A Okay I don't think I would um try that Again I wouldn't recommend that the Blade barely got through it and it was Struggling pretty hard and I was trying To go slow and it was yeah it wasn't Terribly Happy which I'm not surprised About this tool is made for cutting Sheet good let's face it it's for doing Small little fixes in kitchens and that Sort of thing so bearing that in mind Let's cut some ply and chipboard and That sort of stuff and incidentally That's taking the batteries down from Three bars to two both of them and that

Was done on the highest setting that's Right this tool actually has speed Settings as well as all the other fancy Things so I'll show you that in a Moment It's got a nice quick break on it which Is good sort of sounds like it's not Going to stop and then all a sudden bang Just Stops [Music] Just seems a bit criminal a putting this Expensive s on these shitty saw horses Any who don't have the cut like I said But just want to tell you about the Battery life I can see One bars just pop Back up so just a second ago when I Looked at it one battery was showing two Bars out of three one was showing one Bar out of three so we're half below Halfway I'd say so the batteries are Going down pretty quick because pretty Much everything you've seen is Everything I've cut thus far now cam Says he hasn't calibrated this tool yet And I'm not about to start messing with Calibration and stuff but I'm just going To do some 45 Cuts here we'll just see How how good it is out of the Box that's Cool all right let's go think we can go Down a bit Lower let's go about There

What I'm cutting now is bitex it is a Hardwood from Solomon Islands out of the way move this across Now hopefully I grabbed a big enough bit Of Wood what I'm noticing is it doesn't Seem to be quite Square it's probably This just needs a little tweak noticed It when I was doing the MDF let's try The might just need a little bit of Adjustment on the the miter Square here It's looking a bit better right flip That moved the fence back towards me so When we get past here nothing can catch And kick back it should be Free Now because I wasn't using a push stick Some of those have got that little bit On it there so not quite see we've got Three that are looking pretty good but We've got a bit of an open bit of an Opening there can hold them in the right Place not quite set but like I say Hasn't been calibrated yet and we are a Little bit off here although it is still Much nicer than anything you're going to Get with the shitty Makita that I've got No matter how long you calibrate it for Top edges cut nice the bottom edges Little furry like I say this isn't a Fine blade this is a general purpose Blade it's not a laminate blade it's not A hardwood blade it's not a fine blade But pretty good I was about a quar of a

Degree off on the sitting on there so That's probably why my last little box Experiment didn't come out quite right Let's um try it again this is some 32 mm VC see that's still not quite right There what are we Doing as you can see I really need a Finer blade on here okay on two out of Four sides each turn so still not Perfect but I think I'll put it down to My crude setting up and the fact that I'm using um off Cuts CU yeah this side's not dead Straight but it is pretty nice when you Look at individual ones but all together Slightly off but I'll try a different Method we'll do the bevel with the miter Square rather than tilting the blade so Let's get the blade back we'll put it on PA down and up that'll stop at 292 Mm when I first did that I thought why Is it stopping at 292 surely it should Go right below the tblop so that you can Pack it away but it's assuming that You've got the guard on it I'm guessing Why haven't you got the guard on it Mr Tools uh cuz I live in the real World she stops nice and quick I think the batter's getting a bit low One bar on each has been shown for a Little while okay I'm happy with that One there's just a little Nick there Where I lost control and it touched the Blade after the cut just for as I pushed

It away it went dink so that's why There's a little little bit taken out of There otherwise that is pretty darn good I'm Happy found another use for the sliding Sled here helps keep the sun off the Display when you're making YouTube Videos so we're going to change the Speed now for for the next thing I'm Going to cut so we tap this says menu Press dial twice tap speed is the first One give that a tap now we've been doing Everything on the top speed 6,800 RPM Let's now take it right down to number One which is 42,000 RPM see what that Sounds like we need to um drop the blade A little bit too before I do this next Cut because this next cut is stainless Steel but don't worry it's only 1.2 mil So it shouldn't be too Hardy nice slow Speed let's Go now how many of you Fest To Nuts were Having conceptions then I imagine um I Imagine cam probably Was yeah of course you don't cut Stainless steel on this not with that Blade that's for sure there are however A few things I'd like to try such as ACM And aluminum and things like that um Some poly carb but being that this is Not my saw I'm not going to do that I Now whilst we have it in the low speed I'm going to try ripping this 25 mm Thick piece of Vitex see how we

[Music] Go so did that no Problem looks Nice looks very nice the battery gauges Now I showing one bar but that bar is Red red it is Bad what happens when she's out of juice I'm going to try and adjust it now while It's Running don't know if you can do that or Not see oh yep blade going right down as You can See back up again can we change the Angle while it's running that would be a Bit dangerous wouldn't It oh you can Interesting don't think you'd be able to Change the angle while it's running cuz Start changing the angle while you mid Cut or something you could raise the Blade into a bit of wood but angling it Into a bit of wood could be a little bit Scary could have it had a a zero sit how Have I not found That Okay I'm getting sick of listening to it So I'm going to turn it off and then try And start it again and see if it's got Enough battery life Left it Does does stop nice and Quick the onoff button dead simple On what does the red one Do obvious easy red one sticks out a bit

More as per usual the groove I just did And the timber came out fairly nicely I mean I was only just quickly doing it So i' done a little bit slower might Have got it a little bit nicer in there But it's pretty darn good let's take a Look at how much dust is around the Place so we got a bit of dust here on The Table so a little bit keeps coming down The front little bit on the slide There but pretty good I'd say it's you Know only a percent or so bag is or Getting there probably 2/3 or more full And on the inside can we get a shot of The Inside come on is there enough light in There there's very little dust on the Inside Anyway And nothing really to speak of on the Sides perhaps a little bit on there the Saw hor little bit on the saw hor there But pretty clean I am impressed how Clean it Is [Applause] Okay in that shot I changed the speed so I turned the we started off slow went Fast went slow back to fast just to see If you could do it while it was running And you can also something else I Noticed Then can you hear

That Sh St and then almost like a back stop Just got a little blower in it that is Blowing the dust into the [Laughter] Bag cuts off pretty quick so I'm not Sure if that's what it is or not whether It's just the motor winding down but the Blade does stop before the motor wearing Noise stops so maybe just maybe it is Blowing air with some sort of fan to Help with the extraction of the dust From the tool that'll be pretty Cool now these batteries are hanging in There but I really want to see the thing Con out So let's um just dice away until it dies It is so easy to just get going it Really is let's drop the blade a little Bit But 21 and A2 Perfect there it is it just said battery One empty and now it's vanished try Turning it back on see if we can get Another little shot out of It has started up Again not as empty as it Said you can still get a few more cuts Out of It Potentially battery one dead red light Come on on the side of the tool turn it Back on again kids don't try this at

Home not too good for your battery Probably still Running I just slow down my pressure it Should cut for a while I Reckon no noticeable loss of power to The actual blade which is Nice doesn't sound or feel like it's Cutting less until it cuts out all Together okay we'll leave it there I Will um Chuck some new batteries on have I got some more batteries I most Certainly do when you get a tool like This you got to make sure you've got at Least four batteries cuz you're using Two all the time so you need to have Another two ready to go so you probably Need a kit like This look at that isn't that a beautiful Site a double charger and four 5.2 amp Batteries Plus there's two still on the Machine these are all charged ready to Go so I can carry on over this long Weekend unfortunately though I don't Have it for much longer to actually get Much done so I don't have time to Actually build anything properly hence Why I'm just sort of testing out the Features seeing how well she cuts and How it all works rather than trying to Actually make something with it cuz I Know I'm only going to run out of time And have to give it back halfway through And be annoyed it'll be annoying giving It back anyway no matter what of course

Cuz it is a nice piece of Kit anyway I'm Going to swap out the batteries and do a Few more things see how she goes and I'll show you a few more of the settings On the tool fresh batteries on we can Play with calibration Now by play with I'm not really going to play with it Because I don't want to mess anything up For Cam and I I'll let him calibrate it When he wants to do it so let's have a We look here tap that twice while we're Here we'll have a look at the other Features we've got saw blade change There shows you how to do that get it Into position and Stuff then we've got Cali calibrating The cut height and the angle reference Drive for the saw blade we've got a help Guide look at that I didn't need a Manual after all we can just look at a Guide so anyway we don't we don't really Want to do that do We shows you how to do stuff yada yada There we go reset factory settings info About the machine I'm not going to click On that one because that has a serial Number on it so I don't want to giveaway Cam serial number of his tool here and Then we've got languages on the bottom And if you leave it too long it times Out and goes back to that this is the Main default screen when you want to Change the cut height push the one on The left there at the top one at the

Left on the bottom for the angle and Then all other ones you use this for so At the moment we would dial up the angle Like that turn that back off we've got Preset ones up the side here we've got The park one down the bottom which I've Shown you earlier yeah so that's Basically what you do with that if I Turn this now it goes through those Presets which that does the park oh did You look at that time um I think it's Time to clean this thing up and get it Back to cam so I'll give it a blow and Then we'll go back to the bench Eh now someone who knows I've got this Asked me to test it with some Jara I've Got some 40 mil Jara and wanted that Tested and I'm not going to do that Because I think it'll kill it and that's Why they wanted me to test it they Wanted to see the smoke come out of this Thing but I don't think this thing will Cope um I used the 32 mm Vitex it cut That okay um but I wouldn't go much Denser or much thicker than that this is More designed for you know doing small Molding jobs laminate flooring picture Framing something small it's great for Cing little blocks nice little accurate Stuff it's great for just yeah small Accurate jobs you're not going to be Taking this to a building site and Ripping a twos on it time has come I Better charge up Cam's batteries before

I give this thing back to Him And speaking of Cam this is his company Systematic homes check him out on YouTube and Instagram I'll put some Links up here and down in the Description this charger doesn't seem to Have a fan on it the batteries have got The holes to blow air through but this One doesn't have the fan I assume There's one with a fan I've been told There's one with a fan whilst those Batteries are charging let's take a look At some of the cuts we did they've left A nice finish it's the MDF got some Laminated stuff here some minor Chipping a few places but like I say not A blade designed for this this is a Multi-purpose Woodworking blade but yeah a little bit Chippy little bit Chippy not too Bad this looks super Nice no teeth marks or Anything it is a nice accurate cut from The saw Straight Out of the Box what Else do I need to tell you about this Tool in case you're wondering the fence When you use the Lever if you take a look at the end here You'll see that it locks onto the back Of the tool which is nice so it's good And sturdy it's not left wobbling around At the end locks on both

Ends so it's good and solid even though It's only a short fence it ain't going Anyway the push stick Clips nicely in The side there on the back of the tool It says 23 kgs that's the weight with All the accessories and everything I Think because the tool itself is fairly Light and easy to move around uh I think It's 23 kgs with the lid with all the Attachments this and the dust bag the Whole the whole shebang inside the case Around 23 kgs and the tool is made in Germany of course and if you wanted to Know the batteries I'm using are made in Poland and the charger is made in China Now I'm looking forward to the comment On this video because Fest tool users Can be a rather pedantic Bunch that Statement alone will probably get you All wound up and so there's a lot of Festal haters and there's a lot of Festal die hards and so the two of you Are probably going to clash down in the Comments and both of you will probably End up having to go at me and so I'll Probably get attacked in this video more Than I've ever been attacked but we'll See might be all good anyway if you do Want to attack me it's down there in the Description go for it because some People will see my test tting methods Has been a little too brutal you Shouldn't be putting a 2in piece of Timber through that's not designed for

That yeah I know most people AR going to Use it for that but hey you want to test The capabilities of the tool see what The maximum these things can do if you Need to if you're on site and you need To cut a piece of 2in Timber will this Be able to do it and don't say oh you'll Have another s to do it okay just just Don't you know come on people get Awfully shitfaced about tool reviews It's oh it's sad really Anyway this is a nice tool I like it It's hard to come up with something Negative about it I'll give you a couple Uh first I'll tell you I love this Sliding this this works beautifully this Sliding table here this guide along the Side the way that the MIT Square locks In beautiful elegant it all it's all so Well designed if you're a fan of things That are nicely designed and Compact and Fit together nicely and just work well Together then yeah this tool you'll love This tool so all the digital mechanisms For putting this up and down is Fantastic this is fantastic fence is Great uh the blade insert here is a Little bit lower than the surrounding Aluminum got a line here to make it nice And easy to line up with your blade so My complaints are it's small for for me It would be a bit small um but I know It's not designed for doing big stuff so But yeah the maximum width that you can

Rip something with on here is about 280 290 mm so pretty narrow but of course You're not going to be trying to get a Full sheet apply or something onto this Because it' just be too unwieldy with The size of the Timber with this tiny Little frame of this thing this side You're only looking at about 180 mm or Around 7 1/2 in that's just based on my Quick measurement there like that it Doesn't have a cord it is battery only It's not a hybrid tool there's no AC Option for it but for what it is it is a Great little tool so the things I don't Like you know a Tool's good when I'm Going to complain about what I'm about To complain about because the little Screen here it gets it the static with The dust like all the sort seems to just Go to that more than anything else on The tool and so you got to keep wiping The front of it just to be able to see It cuz it just all the dust just sort of Magnetizes to the front of there and Yeah bit of a pain now when it came to Like runtime how long how much you could Get out of it hard to tell with Something like this because the tool is Constantly running when you're not using It so of thing you've got the thing Turned on you might turn on the blade You might turn around pick something up Cut it you might turn around pick Something else up cut it so the thing's

Running the whole time not like a Circular saw where you're taking your Finger off when you be after you finish Each cut so but I didn't get much out of It okay I got about five linear meters On one set of 5.2 batteries now that's Cutting all sorts of different things Mostly cutting around the 18 mm MDF Mark Cut a fair bit of that uh most of what I Cut will be in the video probably I Filmed just about everything on the First set of batteries I used um apart From a couple of shots just setting up The camera and yeah it didn't cut a lot Granted that first shot cutting through The 45 mm piece of treated pine would Have been bit of a struggle for it and It that would have sucked up a fair bit Of juice but I think maximum you getting Out of this thing is about 10 lineal m Per set of battery so it's not a huge Amount of cutting by any standard at all Especially considering it's only a 165 Mm blade and that sort of brings me to The other part of the equation little Bit underpowered maybe um that was 165 Mm circular sore I've got a bunch of 165 Mm circular SS that are far more Powerful than this but that is a Complaint that I hear about fist tool All the time really nice tools but Perhaps a little underpowered festal Fanatics now getting epiplectic down in The comment section but apart from that

The dust management was good it's a nice Tool to use this is awesome I mean this You know being able to push buttons and The blade just goes up to the height you Programming and the angle you Programming without having to Wi dials And lock things in awesome just that's Fantastic um that is my favorite feature Of the tool by a country mile that's Great that's great it's a great little Unit and it's just so welld designed but I probably wouldn't use it that much to Be honest so I'm not going to be too sad That I have to give it back to cam which I'm going to go do now if you want to See more f tool stuff let me know down Below let me know what you want to see And maybe we'll be able to hook up some More f tool gear until then consider Patreon subscribing liking yada yada Yada yada y y and cheers see you Later

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