China’s Top 5 Mass Production Processes and Factory Videos | by @Yunica520

Industrial manufacturing stands as the backbone of modern society, driving economic growth, technological advancement, and societal progress. It encompasses the processes by which raw materials are transformed into finished goods, creating a vast array of products that fulfill our daily needs and desires.

In this video you will able to know (thanks to Yunica) some of the most curious and interesting industrial manufacturing processes of everyday objects.

If you are willing to know which processes are we talking about, don’t hesitate to watch the video!

Tell us in the comments which process was your favourite.


0:00 Soccer Balls Mass Production
6:53 Small Motor Mass Production
13:49 Shoe Sole Mass Production
20:46 Metal Water Bottles Mass Production
27:12 Badminton Rackets Mass Production

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‏no [موسيقى] ‏n [موسيقى] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏kom [موسيقى] ‏p [موسيقى] ‏h [موسيقى] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏s [موسيقى] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ا [موسيقى] ‏po [موسيقى] ‏vai [موسيقى] ‏he [موسيقى] [موسيقى] على [موسيقى] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ا

[موسيقى] [موسيقى] ا [موسيقى] ‏c [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏k [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏k [موسيقى] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏g [موسيقى] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏h [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏ah [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏till [موسيقى] [تصفيق] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏k [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏sa [موسيقى]

[موسيقى] ‏e [موسيقى] ا [موسيقى] ا ‏oh [موسيقى] ا [موسيقى] ‏oh [موسيقى] ا [موسيقى] [تصفيق] [موسيقى] او [موسيقى] ا [موسيقى] ‏h [موسيقى] ‏b [موسيقى] ا [موسيقى] ا [موسيقى] ‏h [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏h [موسيقى] [موسيقى]

‏ch [موسيقى] ‏k [موسيقى] ‏t [موسيقى] ‏k [موسيقى] ‏k [موسيقى] ‏k [موسيقى] ب [موسيقى] ‏e [تصفيق] [موسيقى] [تصفيق] [موسيقى] ‏k [موسيقى] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] [موسيقى] ‏l [موسيقى] ‏def [موسيقى] ‏f [موسيقى] ‏k [موسيقى] ‏h

[موسيقى] ‏la [موسيقى] ش [موسيقى] ‏oh [موسيقى] ا [موسيقى] ه [موسيقى] ‏bl

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