Do The Crescent Lufkin SHOCKFORCE G2 Tape Measures Live Up To The Hype?

Buying Consideration of Sanders

Like all other products, there are some factors that affect the choosing of various types of sanders. So it is very important to consider some major factors while you decide to buy a sander.

Why Do People Use Chainsaws For Their Yard Maintenance Needs?

Chainsaws have been used for many generations because they can quickly and efficiently handle many yard maintenance tasks. There are many reasons why power saws have been trusted to handle a wide variety of yard maintenance tasks.

Types of Electric Sanders

Since the usage of electric sander has increased significantly so you can easily get different variety of electric sander in the market. The different varieties of electric sanders available in the market makes the people confuse about the type to buy among so many varieties of models available.

What Can You Do With Old Ladders?

How many old ladders have you driven passed at the local rubbish dump, or on the side of the road? A lot of these get thrown out with only minor damage, when in fact they can be used with minimal effort.

Using Portable Ladders

Ladders are used for everything from carpentry, steel works, gardening, painting, ceilings, electrical work and much more. There are a huge variety of ladders on the market to suit individual jobs, but there are also a few which you can buy that will do more than one job that you throw at it. Most step ladders for example can be straightened up to extend much higher, for doing work that is high up a solid object. Today however, there are also a lot of ladders which are built like telescopes. What I mean by this is that you can extend them to whatever length you need, by just pulling on the ladder.

Basic Pipe Wrench Knowledge

When you think of a Plumber you think of broken pipes and pipe wrenches. You may also think that it is a “monkey wrench” when in fact it is not. Yes that is normally people call them, but they are incorrect.

Log Splitters – From Splitting Maul to Hydraulic Splitters

When you are splitting some serious wood, you may have thought, “There has got to be a better way to do this!”, and there is – a log splitter. But let’s go through the progression. Most people splitting wood at home will start off with a splitting maul. A splitting maul is like an axe in function, but it looks more like a wedge. The angle of the head is larger, and that pushes the log apart.

Forstner Bits

HHS Forstner Bits have been a roaring success since inception. Mechanics have never been as simple and smooth as with the latest series of bits introduced by Forstner.

Some Tips on Choosing the Right Drill Bit For Your Drill

When it is time to bore a hole, a drill bit attached to the end of a power drill is often the most efficient method. Bits need to be selected to match both the job and the material. While there are special types that do not fall into traditional measuring standards, most are made in either standard or metric sizes. Most bits are used to make round holes, but some of the special ones create various shapes.

Ladder Safety

Despite article after article about ladder safety, every year you hear about someone taking a terrible fall because they used a ladder improperly or did not have one at all! I have been called to job sites for a framing inspection for a home and found access was via a stack of old pallets, a single old cracked scaffold plank across a 10 foot wide foundation excavation and the like.

How Do I Choose the Right Coil Nailer?

I have spent my life as a carpenter on building sites making a living from the talents of the trade that I posses and the vast array of quality tools in my kit. They say a good tradesman should never blame his tools!

Diamond Blade Trouble Shooting

Few diamond blade problems are caused by warranty failures – less than 1/10 of 1% (.001). Most problems result from using the wrong blade for the job, using it improperly or equipment problems.

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