EGO Pressure Washer Product Overview – Ace Hardware

Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, heads to EGO’s headquarters to learn about their new pressure washer. Hear the features and benefits from product expert, Barnaby!

Hi everyone lumain ferini here at the Ego headquarters with Barnaby the ego Specialist the egomaniac ego Maniac well We can say that as well we're here with A brand new product uh that's going to Be available at Ace um You Folks at ego are constantly adding new Products working off of your battery System what are we looking at right now First and foremost we listen to what the Consumer is begging for and this is the Number one most requested tool it is the Industry's most power power ful cordless Pressure washer because it's you got one That does the work why do you need a Cord to the wall where you're constantly Coming unplugged and all that so this is Going to get the job done in a myriad of Ways and it's super convenient so with This uh it's working off of the same Battery Technology as all other ego Products right so if you've already Invested in a snowthrower or a mower Whatever the batteries will work on this And then all I'm doing is plugging the Garden hose into this and taking it Anywhere I want to go absolutely garden Hose or if you have a clean water source What you can do is plug this in this is Going to have a siphon put it into a 5-gallon bucket if you're nowhere close To a hose and it will suck it and blow It right out and get the job done well That's an interesting concept because uh

I I happen to know you know you are Someone that loves boating yes and so uh I do as well this would be an awesome Thing for you could take out of a dock Yep right you could stick this in the Lake pull the water out there to clean Out your boat in the water right right Then and there no cord or anything like That or gas to worry about or if you're An urban dweller like me and you want to Detail your car across the street you Don't want to drag the hose across the Road fill up a couple buckets get the Job done yeah convenient right so cool Yeah uh what about the pressure what how Strong of a unit is this 3200 PSI 1.2 Gallons or up to two on the rinse mode So this is going to get it done with the Different tips all the way from 15 up to Turbo you're going to be able to just Choose the power if you're going to be Cleaning like say concrete and trying to Get stains off it you want to go with a Lower number but I would always advise For the firsttime pressure washer users Start with the bigger number and go down Because bigger is gentler right right You got to get the feel for it uh do you Have an approximate runtime on something Like this I do it's going to be 60 Minutes on eco in about 20 minutes on Turbo and what's great about it is you Know we're living in a wireless World Nobody wants to be going back and forth

To the machine right here on the wand You can change the speeds right so you Don't have to go back and go in a little Less over here you need a little bit More power you can just do it right on The wand yep absolutely you know Pressure washers are uh something that People use like crazy and then they put It away you guys have a recommendation In your user manual about storing this Can you talk about that yeah it's uh Putting a pump protector through the System we recommend the one made by Stable not the fuel stabilizer but the Pump protector and it's going to be Under pressure you simply put it here Give it a squirt it's going to run Through the machine so when you fire it Up next spring it's going to be good to Go but it's essential to do it if you Want to learn more about this new ego Pressure washer just go to available Now

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