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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to improve a take and bake pizza on the Big Green Egg. Hear his tips and tricks to making this simple and delicious meal.

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Big Green Egg

Loot & Booty BBQ Rub

Lump Charcoal


Hickory Wood Chunk

Big Green Egg Pizza Peel

Hey guys today's video is all about how To save yourself a lot of time and eat Amazing pizza that's right it is take And bake pizza time on the Big Green Egg I've got a couple of tips and tricks for You that we'll talk about here in a Minute but hey first things first we Have very little prep to do let's get The egg fired up all right so using the Ash tool we'll go ahead and stir the Charcoal getting all that Ash down into The ash pit next up we'll go ahead and Refresh this charcoal and then using our Igniter we will get it started and bring It right up to 200 degrees before we get Ready to add our convector and our pizza Stone Now to add a little bit of flavor to it Like I said we're going to add one chunk Of Hickory and what I did was put it on The outside of that ember pile so it Will slowly move into this not catch on Fire but smolder burn give us a little Bit of that delicious Hickory flavor Here we are right at 200 degrees now We'll go ahead and add in our convector We have our grill grate on there and Then we've added our pizza stone now the Cool thing is you'll notice a gap right A gap between the convector and the Pizza stone that air gap is really going To help make sure this temperature is Even and perfect delivering us nice even Crisp nice even crust so we'll go ahead

And shut the lid now we'll adjust the Top vent and the bottom vent bringing Our temperature up to 400 Degrees that's Going to be our cooking temp today well As you can see Favorite take The cool thing is it comes on this Cardboard liner don't worry about it We're going to show you how to launch it With the liner and then also remove it Midway through to make sure that that Fresh pizza dough turns into amazing Crust now I have some Loot and booty Everything rub and I'm going to go ahead And just put It to add a little bit more here just to Top it off always be careful when you're Using a rub on here right make sure that Sugar doesn't cause it to get too Caramelized because hey you can always Add a little bit more on towards the end If you want to that's it prep is done We'll wait for the egg to get up to Temp Time to launch a pizza here we are right At 400 degrees now the nice thing about Heating that stone up with the egg is Once the egg reaches temperature that Stone is sitting at the same temp so we Won't lose any heat now we'll go ahead And launch that pizza we'll let it go Cook time today is about 15 to 20 Minutes we're going to come back in 10 Minutes and check on this it might be Time to remove that cardboard then too

We'll show you how to do that we'll see You back in 10 minutes here we are right After 10 minutes and look at that Beautiful right now if you want to Remove that cardboard it's as simple as Holding that cardboard sliding your Pizza Peel under it take the cardboard Out and put that back down just like That now we've got it removed that'll Help that crust just develop but the Beautiful thing about that cardboard is Set to your crust first so you have to Worry about any oops now we're going to Let it finish we're going to go another 10 min minutes or until that crust is Right where we want it right at 20 Minutes oh my look at that that is Absolute perfection I think it came out Great 20 minutes I can smell that Hickory life is good time to uh get this Guy out of here into the kitchen whoa That came out absolutely amazing I'm so Happy with the flavor and it is cooked To Perfection I can smell that Hickory Which is just incredible now we use that Luton booty everything and like I said Now is a good time if you want to add a Little bit more just a tiny pop at the End but life is good so only thing left To do is cut it eat it and I'll tell you What not a bad way to do lunch here in The barbecue Studio Pizza with an absolutely exceptional Amount of flavor off my big green egg

I'll tell you what if you are looking For more exceptionally flavorful videos Stay tuned I've got two absolute doozies Coming up for you next

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