BREAKING! Makita Launches 8 NEW TOOLS for August! Power Tool News!

Dewalt DC721 – For All Your drilling Requirements

Dewalt DC721 is a drill of 18 volts that has been considered a perfect tool for employing applications like tightening up the screws and also important for drilling. This industrial tool is used for drilling projects like iron and also those that are non-ironed. The other uses of this drill are: -Drilling into holes -Hanging fastening for pipes -For fixing cladding for the steel -Fixing hardware -Wood frames fitting Different functions of Dewalt DC721 -It is now possible to work with this drill even in dark areas where sufficient light is limited.

Makita HR2460 – The Perfect Rotary Hammer Drill

The Makita HR2460 is a hammer drill that is used to perform a number of activities. The tool has he capacity to drill concrete of up o 22mm of depth and wood of up to 32mm depth. This is possible because of the high quality of material used to make this tool.

The Makita 9403 – The Excellent Belt Sander

The Makita 9403 belt sander is used to allow flush sanding. It is a 14″ wide belt with a speed of 1,640 ft. The large front grip ensures operators comfort and control.

The Chainsaw – A Formidable Power Tool

The Chainsaw’s Many Uses Chainsaws were initially developed, and are still used today, for the logging industry to cut down giant trees to be used for lumber. As time progressed, chainsaws became lighter, smaller and more efficient. Today’s chainsaws come in a variety of sizes and help people from all walks of life accomplish a variety of jobs in a hurry, with minimal effort.

Avoiding The Cost Of a Handyman With Industrial Fasteners

Industrial fasteners can be used for many different projects around your home. If you don’t know how to use them, though, you may have to hire a handyman. This means your pocketbook may be the one doing the brunt of the work.

The Benefits of Hidden Fasteners For Your Backyard Deck

Over the years, many individuals have built their own backyard decks, and every once in a while, one person comes up with an idea to make the deck more efficient, easier to build, and longer lasting. One of those ideas is hidden fasteners. There are many different kinds of these industrial fasteners, and each has its own benefits.

The Dewalt DC721 – A Tough Drill and Driver Combination

The up and coming power tools for the construction industry today all seem to have one thing in common; the name “Dewalt” is stamped on them. “Dewalt” has also been burnt into the design of each of these power tools. This shows in their rugged character, the intricacy of their design, and their durability.

The Makita DCS460 – A Chain Driven Saw With the Right Kick

If it is time for a new chain-saw, that might be a good thing, because the Makita DCS460 is here and it is looking mighty good. There is nothing as irritating as an old chainsaw that leaks oil and will not start. Or maybe the chain is always falling off and needs sharpened once each hour.

The Dewalt DCT410S1 – A Camera That Snakes Its Way Into Places So You Don’t Have To

If you have ever been frustrated on the jobsite because you neglected to buy a tool you needed, and you found out you could not get by without it after all, then you will appreciate the Dewalt DCT410S1 12-volt Max Inspection Camera Kit. This is the power tool you take out when everyone else is standing around gawking and trying to figure out what to do, and it is Dewalt at its very finest.

The Makita PW5001C – It’s Just The Right Stone Polisher For You

Is your stone polisher treating you right? Maybe you spend all your stone polishing time fighting with your machine, back aching, in no way appreciating the artistic endeavor you are undertaking. Well, meet the one thing that can give you some relief from this pain and put the “appreciation” back into your job or hobby. Meet the Makita PW5001C, with a power to weight ratio of 1.72 that will relieve the stress off your back so you can focus on polishing stone.

The Makita HR2460 – A Heavy-Duty Drill Light Enough For All Your Drilling Needs

If you need a heavy duty corded drill, the Makita HR2460 hammer drill is the one to keep in your box. This heavy-duty drill is heavy in ability, not pounds, so it can handle the light jobs when you need it to. It’s a good all-purpose drill.

How to Replace the Guard Spring On a Bosch or Skil Worm Drive Saw

If you have a Bosch or Skil worm drive saw, chances are, at some point in your relationship with the tool, you will need to replace its guard spring. Fortunately for the many users of these saws, replacing this component is easier than you might think. Discover how to quickly and simply replace the guard spring in your Bosch or Skil worm drive saw and revitalize the performance and reliability of your power tool.

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