This Makita Impact Driver from Japan seems a little Strange…

In this Review we take a look at a rather odd looking Makita Impact Driver. Am I seeing things??? Are those colours backwards?
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[Music] [Music] Good night guys and welcome back to Another Makita review this is as you can See going to be rather impact driver Orientated another Makita impact driver Review tools really how many have you Done don't you have enough Makita impact Drivers no such thing um how many maker Impact drivers do I actually have well That kind of depends on who asks if it's One of you guys I've got quite a lot Okay I got about eight at the moment um If it's the wife asking well then I have My old one and I have the new one I just Got whatever that may be anyway on the Bench here I've got a selection of 18vt And 40 volt impact drivers and I've got Another one in the Box behind me why did I need another one I didn't need another One but this one's a little bit Different and I thought you guys might Be interested so I bought it just so I Could show you guys so it's your guys Fault when my wife asks so I got the one In the case behind because it is a Different color essentially I mean you Might be saying hey they're all a Different color they what are those They're purple I've never seen a purple Makita impact driver before if you Haven't seen a Makita purple impact Driver before then I'm assuming you are New to this channel take a look down

There if you want to see how to get one Of these we've got three different ones Here in the 18 volt so they're three Different Generations this one being the Oldest and then that one and then this One being the newest with a ring light How cool is that and controls on the Back also very Cool um links to all those will be down In the description also these two 40 Volt ones they will be down there as Well this looks different because Makita Have started releasing some higher Output batteries and this new 4 a one is In a video that I did which is down in The description and up in the top Corner Depending on what you're watching this On so go check that out if you're Interested now let's take a look at why This one in the background is different It's different for two reasons it's kind Of different for three reasons actually Because this is a brushed impact driver I don't think I have any brushed impact Drivers anymore I've got about don't Tell the wife 20 impact drivers and um This is the only one I've got I think That is brushed now this you will Quickly see was not purchased in this Country I got it from Japan that's why The battery charger is still in a bag Because it's 110 volts which is no good In this part of the world now another Thing you'll notice why does the front

Of this battery look all bung like it's Being pushed in Makita 18vt Batteries Don't look like that do they that's Because this is not an 18vt tool this is A 14.4 Vol tool these are the original Lxt tools before the 18vt there was Briefly around the world a 14.4 volt Also called lxt basically the same Batteries they fit basically on the same Tools we'll get to that shortly and They're just 14.4 Vol instead of 18vt Now some of you are saying well there's No point in buying that the charge is Not going to charge the batteries and I Don't have a 14.4v charger well you Probably do because if you have an 18volt lxt charger like this then the 14.4 volt batteries will clip straight On and if you look down here you'll see Lithium ion 14.4 to 18 volts as well as Nickel metal hydride 7.2 to 14.4 as well So there you Go no problem at all they will work on Any charger that you can charge these on So this battery has four cells here Instead of five that would normally make Up a 1.5 a 18vt battery and and these Batteries that most of us are familiar With ranging from 3 a up to 6 aamp are All 10 cells so you got five in series Another 5n series and then they're Paralleled up to give you more and power But same voltage now in most of the World the 14.4 volt system sort of faded

Away once the 18vt came along it pushed The 14s out of the way and took over but In Japan they still release a lot of Tools in fact they usually releasee most Impact drivers including all these fancy Ones and 14.4 volt as well as the 18vt And in some other countries in the world You can still buy 14.4 volt as well but Not in this country there is they sell Some of the um production models here in New Zealand but they don't sell all the Range of tools like they do in Japan so Let's take a look at the tool Because it looks a little funny now Remember this is a genuine Makita Tool notice what's different about it Can you see that it's a little bit Backwards and what do I mean by Backwards well the colors are inverted Here is what your traditional Makita Impact driver looks like you have teal Colored nylon with black tpe over Molding whereas this one you can see is The other way around let's get that out Of the way black tpe over molding teal Tpe over molding that's right the whole Thing is back to front So we've got black plastic on this one With teal over molding teal plastic on This one with black over molding so I Pretty much bought it for that reason Alone and because it is 14.4 volt and I Wanted to show you guys some of those Although some of you will have seen them

In my other videos before but it does Make the tool personally look a little Bit like it's a knockoff to me but it Definitely is not the problem I can see With this TP over molding being teal Rather than black is that I can already See it's getting dirty just from me Handling it from the short period I've Had it it's starting to get a little bit Brown colored losing the teal pretty Quick so it's probably going to become a Really dirty looking impact driver much Quicker than one of these ones which Have had much longer and not too dirty But a brown muddy splodge like is on the Front of that one is going to look much Worse on this so if you're into Aesthetics and keeping your tool looking Nice and clean then maybe this is not The tool for you now if you want one With this sort of look and like I said That's the reason I bought it then you Will need to get one from Japan as far As I'm aware I don't know if they sell Them anywhere else apart from Japan in This Livery you get ones that look like The traditional sort of Design This is Of course the soft impact not same model As this but you know you get the drift I Wasn't going to buy two of them just to Compare them this is the TD 134d in most Of the world it will be the DTD 134 now if you do get a DTD 134 though It will look like this one not the

Inverted color scheme which I think is Only available in Japan now like I said Before you in Japan you can get 14.4 Volt and 18 volt in the same impact Drivers and that includes this one so There is an 18vt model of this called The td1 46d in Japan that has the same Backwards TP overmolding coloring um or In the rest of the world it would be the DTD 146 and look like this anybody Confused yet paying attention at the Back so the main reason I bought it Different color but also because it's Got these tiny little 14.4 volt Batteries it came with two 1.5 a Batteries and I thought that's nice nice Small compact batteries as opposed to Using these ones with massive batteries Or these ones with horrifically massive Batteries for an impact driver so I Wanted something a little bit smaller And lighter something that you're going To use for small screws I've been using This only for small screws so far up to About say 50 mil 2 in haven't driven any Big lags or baton screws or Tech screws Or anything like that yet but I will do In a moment but there's also another Thing I noticed about this tool when I Got it that I completely forgotten about Brushed brushed tool pulled the trigger And I thought there's that smell I Haven't smelled for so long from an Impact driver or a drill or anything

Because all the ones I've got now They're all brushless but this is a good Oldfashioned brush model you'll also see This area here is blanked off there is No settings for this tool it's a good Old fashion pull the trigger and Away You go it is of course a very oh there's That smell ah a variable speed trigger I Can't believe I missed the smell of Brush tools uh so yeah it's got quite a Range of Motion it's quite a good trigger Actually now this will spin up to 2400 RPM and 3200 impacts per minute the 18 Volt one interestingly enough 100 RPM Less and 3,200 impacts The 14.4 Vol 155 new M the 18V only five More at 160 so 155 is okay for most things but if You're doing really big stuff then You'll want one of these other impact Drivers this one rated at 180 new M These ones 220 220 something like that so it's a Little bit lower but it's also a little Bit lighter let's just weigh this Compared to the 18 volt ones and see how Much difference there is this is the 173 This is the Top-of-the-line maker impact driver the Most recent one not available in most Parts of the world if you want one have A look down there um and so I'll weigh It against that now most people will use

These with a 3 four 5 or 6 amp 18vt Battery they're all the same weight give Or take a few grams because they all Have the same amount of cells in them Let's take a look 1.5 kgs And this one we can get in at just over 1.2 so 300 G lighter so that's nice tool Itself not that small and compact but This area here much more compact as you Can see compared to that now I hear you Saying well you can put a 1.5 a battery On the 18vt and of course you can and I Will do that right now one behind me Here somewhere 1.5 a battery Oh look at that 1243 one just over 1.2 as well but if I Took that off it would basically be Exactly the same weight as this so as You can see I've accomplished absolutely Nothing apart from having a smaller form Factor at the bottom of the tool but I Do have an impact driver that's a Different color and I do kind of collect Impact drivers now it's become a bit of A sick Obsession so there it is it came In a kit with two 1.5 a batteries Charger manual case boom now some of you Are probably wondering can you put the 14.4 volt battery on the 18vt tool so That you can run the 18vt one that you Were just showing off and said was so Cool with the small tiny battery well Let's take a look there's one of the Other batteries here and they are very

Light Batteries let's put that on here will it Go on the new DDT or in this case TD 173d it does what happens when I pull a Trigger put it in the right Position no worries at all so why does It still work because 14.4 volts is less Than 18 volts the cut off of these tools Is a little bit lower than that so it Just will think it's an 18vt battery That's down to 14.4 volts but you won't Get too much runtime out of it before it Drops too low to be used you'll be able To use these batteries longer on this Impact driver than an 18vt one because By the time this gets down to about 12 Volts it will stop working whereas this One might give you another couple of Volts below that but as you can see it Does make the front of the tool much Nicer than that much more compact quite Cool I like it nothing sticking out the Front it makes this the furthest Sticking out Point instead of these Other ones where the battery actually Sticks out past the collet and Chuck of The tool what about putting an 18vt Battery on a 14.4v tool well this is Where we run into a problem because We've now got More Voltage so this thing Might freak out and burn out right well It's not going to be a problem Because they don't go On now they're both lxt the battery

Designs look almost identical when you Look at the rail section there's very Little difference I had a good old look Over it and the difference is on this Rail Here there is a Groove Here is a little bit deeper and wider Than the one here on the 18vt so that little Groove allows the 14.4 volt battery to go over a little Plastic nub in there that's it a a Little bit of plastic Is crashing on the rail on the 18vt Preventing it from going in so you can Use a 14 on an 18 but you can't use an 18 on a 14 now I know a lot of guys like Impact drivers without settings because They want to be in control and just do It with their finger on the trigger Don't need a whole lot of settings like All these fancy ones have and so fair Enough and so you know that you can Drive little screws and stuff with this No problem at all it's a Makita um but I Will now go country are made in better Check that made in China I'm now going To go and drive some big stuff and just See at what point it can drive up to so You can see whether this sort of impact Driver is any good for You can a 14.4 Vol Makita with only a 1.5 a battery drive a 5 in Simpsons Strong tire strong Drive SD WS Timber Screw into some Pine it's dry it's

Treated let's go Wow that did a lot better than I thought It would um yeah impressive let's now um Double it and try a 10in Simpson strong Tie strong Drive sdws Timber screw see How it handles that that is a big task For any impact driver let alone a little 14.4 with a small battery on like this One is but let's give it a W wow I'm impressed who needs a big Impact driver you know why spend all the Money on the big fancy 40 volt ones and Stuff when this little 14.4 volt can do That you know who needs brushless when a Brushed one can do That I don't know why I've been spending My money on all these tools all these Years that is pretty darn Good even got the heads below flush I am Impressed for most people that's all the Impact driver you would need although if You were driving big 10in screws like That all day this thing's probably going To get pretty hot pretty quick and you Might end up killing it pretty fast if You want to use it exclusively for doing Things like that doing one every now and Again like I've just done no problem at All for comparison this is the new Makita TD 173d and so we'll do the same thing by 5 In then 10 in let's Go put it on the right setting my out First goes in a bit quicker and with

Less struggle but the other one's still Did it so I just tried this side here With the Panasonic and it couldn't get them flush Whereas this thing just wants to keep Driving them In this more powerful at the moment Than this Makita for the Win [Music] I wonder if I can run something obscure What's that doing I wonder if I can run Something really obscure with it just For YouTube fun like say an 18vt Milwaukee Chainsaw right let's give this a whirl Is it going to Work look at that sounds pretty grunty [Laughter] Too so you want a lightweight battery For Your for your Milwaukee top handle Chainsaw well then there you go the Makita 14.4 Vol 1.5 a battery is nice And light how light is it just the Battery 293 G by comparison a 18V 1.5 Mamp 357 G and the batteries I used most Of of the time and a lot of you will use Most of the time the 5 a 18 volt 623 G although there was 2 G showing so We'll round that down to 620 shall We so this Battery less than half of that

Battery Yeah [Music] [Music] I'm so used to using the um highend Impact drivers that I forgot just how Good a lower-end impact driver could be Now I've only I had an impact driver That had this small form factor down the Bottom here with the battery and a small Top like the 173 because the 173 as you can see is much Shorter so if only we could have the Short top and the small battery then it Would be perfect oh Wait that's Right Sweet thanks for watching see you next Time

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