SEGWAY NAVIMOW Review. Did You Know SEGWAY Made Robot Mowers?

RoboMowers are all the rage at the moment. Even Segway make one. Come with me on a journey of discovery and make your weekends peaceful and relaxing again.
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Thanks to @segwaynavimow for supplying the mower for this review
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I never thought I'd be reviewing a segue On this channel and I never thought if I Did review a segue that it would Actually be a robot lawn [Music] Mow right we will get back to the main Unit in just one moment but first let's Look at all the other things that come With the unit so you will get a charging Transformer obviously you need to get Power to it somehow and you need to get A transmission to it so it knows where It's going so we've got a cable here Which goes up to the exact Fusion Locating system and that sits on top of This pole which goes in the ground with This nasty Trident Spike thingy we also Have some screw type pegs to hold this Thing down to the ground some other pigs Here we've got these location pigs now You stick these in the the ground when You're not using the thing so if you Take it up for winter cuz you're not Going to be mowing the lawn for a couple Of months then you push these in place Of where you would stick the screws in The four corners I do believe of this Base unit and that way you know where it Is for next time so you don't have to Reset all your parameters for your mower To know where the hell it's going you Also have a set of spear blades here Looks like two sets of spare blades Actually and it's all sitting on top of

This un here which is the base unit that It charges from the mower will dock in Here and charge up when it needs to I Also need to download the app for it so That we can set all the parameters that We need so it doesn't go mowing over my Chickens so the app was nice and easy to Install just bung in your email set up a Password tick a box done was all quick And easy so now that I've got that going It's asking me to register the device um But I think I need to set up where the Device lives first so that's what we're Going to do now I've got everything out Here ready to go we've got the base got The antenna we've got the the quick Start guide there there's a piece of Cardboard as well on the box that's Sitting just there that you need to make Sure you pop out of the box which Clips Onto the back sticks on the back just Here and gives you a 6 in or 150 mm Guide for going around so you don't Crash into things you just need that During the setup I do believe So I'm starting to map out the new area You do this by walking along behind it With your phone just get a little bit Out from that edge a bit you want to be About 150 from The Edge or so that's why You've got that piece of cardboard you Can see on the right wheel there at the Back so that it doesn't hit anything and You'll still have to go around with your

Weed eater it's a little tricky to Control if you're not used to Controlling things on your Phone and I'm going rather slow cuz yeah I'm not good at it and there we go I've Just knocked off my cardboard thing We're going to turn here and we're going To head towards the camera person and up This slope let put a bit of bit of orph Into it can you get up the Hill look at that look at That and we'll turn Here Oh now got a little bit too close there I need to erase Something okay so that's how you erase You hold down the erase button on the Controls and as as long as you hold it Down it will keep backing up until you Get to a point where you're back on your Back on track again and we'll now Straighten her up and get going now Ideally you want your antenna set up as Far away from trees and anything Overhanging the top of it as possible so It gets a good clear signal to the sky But I'm putting it a little bit under a Tree here and next to this bush uh but Hopefully it'll be okay weak GPS signal Again so I had a bit of a problem at That first location with the signal to The mower so I have gone and gotten this Extension cable on the right and the Extension kit there is so that you can

Add it onto like the roof of your house So that you will have a nice clear Signal and I'm just going to now screw It onto the ground comes with pigs that Are like screws and it comes with an Allen key for you to wind those into the Ground so we want the symbol on here to Be flashing blue or green uh if it's a Yellowy orange color then you might need To shift your antenna to get a better Reception basically this is the Reception light so it'll tell you Whether it's good enough to function or Not if it's red well take it back for Servicing let's let's turn her on okay She's flashing yellow she's gone red I Think that's because the sigue is not Actually on it let's Slide the mower Onto it and see what happens it's a bit Hard to see in this bright Sun but Hopefully you can see that this is red And I'm now going to slide the mower On the lights on the mower have come on We've got a flashing green light now on The mower itself and the light down here Here has now gone green so we are in Action so after clicking that I want to Add a device it tells me all about a Vision fence and how that works and the Vision fence on the unit is this thing Here so that basically will look out for Things on your lawn a flower pot a Soccer ball whatever happens to be you Know something your kids have left on

There a toy anything bigger than around 100 mm or 4 in in Size So now it will go around Me oh good sck bit of grass Here and then come back around Behind and get back on track that fence Detect there will help realize where Edges are so that it doesn't matter if You haven't got perfect reception it Should still stop it from going over the Edge or crashing into anything fingers Crossed next up it says wait until the Charging light is blue just down here We've got a blue light and the mower is Not attached to the unit which it isn't And then click blue light is on push the Mower into the charging Station peer the mow with your phone via Bluetooth Connected Woohoo tap start to run mower you've now Got to hook it up to Wi-Fi so you have To have the unit within range of the Wi-Fi in your house which is a tad Annoying cuz I wanted to set this thing Up with a power station out in the Middle of a paddock to give you a Demonstration but I might not be able to Do that right there is no map yet go Ahead and create a map so that the mower Knows where to work the area is to stay Away from and move smoothly on the lawn But it'll tell me how big the area is

Once we're finished which is pretty cool It'll give you the square meter of what You've just mapped out all this long Grass around the edge you will still Have to hit with weed eater just like You do with your normal Mower and then There we go back to our starting Position it knows that we've got back to The starting position it now says done On the screen where you going Buddy so this is the area I've just Mapped out it's 125 M it says here That's it's worked all that out for me And we're ready to go now and so I'm Going to push Mo now my camera person is Going to turn around and you're going to See the mower do its thing we're Currently set on 60 mm cut height um I Might need to lower that once we get Going we'll see how it goes let's Go I should of course have taken off That cardboard marker there but Hey she be right now I've got it set Down to 35 mil and this is real thick Kya so I can hear it crunching away Although it's still extraordinarily Quiet it's ridiculously Quiet you're not going to have this Annoying you while it's cutting the lawn Oh got a bit bit tough for it there Might have to bring it up 5 mil you can Adjust the height between 60 mil down to 25 I think in 5 mm Increments you will hear the blade start

Up and stop all the time when it turns And stuff it turns it off for a moment So it doesn't damage your lawn and cause Any other issues presumably Anyway let's just watch it for a bit Shall [Music] [Music] We But it's so quiet if everybody had one Of these in the neighborhood it would be So nice on the weekend wouldn't It cuz you're never going to hear this Thing from your neighbor's Place it's really working hard at the Moment it can cut thicker grass better Than I thought it would considering how Tiny the blades are the blades are so Small and remember the cutting area is Only the width of that round area there That's where the blades are and they're Not like laar blades they're just tiny Little razor blades bit like you might Have on a craft knife or something They're not big heavy things so they're Nowhere near as dangerous as a real Lar okay Houston we have a Problem he's a little bit stuck he's Trying a few different things Here he hasn't worked it out yet I think It'll send me a message if it gets stuck We'll we'll find out in a moment there Is a bit of a dip here which even a Standard ride on lar can't get close

Enough to it cuz it gets stuck so was an Interesting test for this thing but yeah I'm going to have to make an island Around here you can make islands around Things that you don't want it to go near If you had a table there for instance You could just make an island around it So it doesn't go anywhere near your Table or for in this instance a septic Tank breather now I'm GNA test what Happens when you pick it Up see there we got a red light come On not happy so as you can see it's got Safety features built in so if you lift It up like I have here it will not run So I'm going to set it going again push The old moow Button and way he Goes but what if perhaps you don't have Access to power out in the middle of Your garden or you are on an off-grid Property or a tiny home somewhere and You don't have electricity outside Easily available well you could always Run it on an ecoflow and if you run it Off an ecoflow with a solar panel like This then you never have to pay petrol Again to mow your lawn free power to Power your mower how cool is that Someone's going to mow your Lawns for Free and it isn't you it's this little Guy it's pretty energy efficient only Using around 90 WS to charge [Music]

Now once this thing either runs out of Battery or finishes mowing it will of Course come back to its base here which Is just temporarily set up I've only set Up a small area on this property Because this thing is rated for 800 s m Whereas this Property is much much much much much Bigger than that we're talking over 3,000 s m so just of lawn just in front Of Us but it's a very cool little thing Takes a bit of setting up can be a bit Tricky getting everything aligned you've Got to set up your Wi-Fi your Bluetooth The Bluetooth you only need on the phone While you are setting it up doesn't need Bluetooth sort of running all the time Because you're not going to be near it With your phone all the time you just Use that to set it up um and then you've Got Wi-Fi and the GPS so once you've got All those things Aligned um yeah it'll do it for you you Can set it up with a regular mowing Schedule so you can set it to mow every Second third day whatever you want and It will just automatically do it unless Of course it's pouring with rain and You've got the rain sensor turned on Then it might skip a Day let it dry off because mowing in the Wet as you know nowhere near is good but You want to mow regularly with this

Thing you don't want the grass getting Long else it will struggle you'll have To mow it with a real lawn mower Again but anyway if this was the first Time watching one of my videos thanks For watching and I will see you all Again another day with another video and Another tool that runs on a battery just Like this fancy little Mower cheers Guys [Music] [Music]

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