Making A Homemade 58cc MOTORCYCLE

Making A Homemade 58cc MOTORCYCLE
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Video 1
Today I show you how to make a chainsaw scooter. I used 58cc chainsaw engine to power this homemade scooter. I also used scrap metals to make this diy motorized scooter build. This chainsaw engine really performs very well for this diy scooter. This diy motorized scooter easily carries me without any issues. This homemade chainsaw bike moves very fast. This homemade scooter is very easy and simple to make at home. The construction of this homemade motorized bike is very strong and rigid. This diy chainsaw bike looks stunning. This diy motorized scooter is very easy to ride. This diy bike really works good. The output result from this homemade scooter really amazed me. I hope you will enjoy this homemade 58cc motorcycle build.

Video 2
Today I show you how to make a electric bike at home. I used 48v 750w e bike motor for making this homemade electric bike. This diy electric bike only needs simple materials to make this at home. Four 12v lead acid batteries are connected in series to produce 48v which is used to power this homemade electric scooter. This diy electric scooter is very simple and easy to make at home. Very less amount of time is required to make this diy homemade electric bike. This homemade electric cycle carries me without any issues. This diy electric bicycle runs very fast. This diy electric bicycle really works good. I really enjoyed by the outcome of this homemade electric bike. Build a electric bike is really awesome. I hope you will enjoy this making of homemade electric bike.

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