NEW Makita BAC01 Inverter AND NEW Makita PDC1500 Reviewed in the one video.

The Makita Inverter, (also known as the Makita Power Convertor or Makita Power Station or Makita Electric Generator) is paired up in this Review with the NEW PDC1500 Backpack Battery boasting an impressive 43.55Ah of runtime.

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Good day and welcome to another tools And stuff review and as you can see it Is of course a Makita tool and it is a Makita tool that is the first of its Kind for Makita Makita have never made One of these before and what is that Well it is an inverter or a power Converter different countries call it Different things basically it takes Battery power and converts it into AC Power in other words DC into AC but as Well as that it also has DC 12vt here And USB and we'll get to all those in Due course but first let me just tell You a few things about what you can see In front of you here why has it got These clips it does not open this is not Opening up this is so you can clip it to Your other Mac packs it will go on the Top or the bottom of any of your Existing Mac packs you can also put it On the Mac Pack trolley when you put one On the top these will Spring down so That your box can set flush on the top There we have two little Clips here Though that look like Mac Pack Clips Kind of too don't they but they're very Narrow they're in the middle there talk About those in just a second so anyway We have the catches all the way around Like you would expect on a standard Mac Pack Box now it can be used in the Mac Pack top and bottom like I say when it's Not being being used when it's been used

You can only have it on the top of Another box you can't have anything else Sitting on top of this because on top of This you going to need one of these this Is the PDC 1200 backpack battery which You may have seen reviewed on my channel Before it has 33/2 amp of run time at 36 Vol that equates to just over 1200 W Hours of power or this amount of Batteries so as you can see that's a lot Of batteries to get up to the 33 1/2 on The bench there I've got 6 4mers a 5 A2 And a 2.5 so that's how much you get in one of Those and it will take you about 6 hours To charge that when it is flat and if You're wondering why this one has a Different sticker on it that's explained In this video up here and if it's not up There because of the device you're Watching it on it will be down in the Description but Who whoo wo tools that's All good and well you've got your PDC 1200 there with your 36 amp of batteries Displayed here But what's That what is that in the Background what are you hiding from us That ladies and gentlemen is the new PDC 1500 that's right there is now a big Brother to the 1200 you can now up it 300 W hours so let's take a quick look At that the PDC 1500 is makita's new Backpack battery and it has the same

Connect X connection works exactly the Same as the 1 1200 one but instead of Being 332 amp like the 1200 this one is well It's a lot more it is 4355 amp hours that's 10.05 amp hour more than this or Basically 11 11 of these 4 amp Power Batteries Which is a real shame almost 11 because I've only got 10 damn It anyway that's a lot of juice and it Takes around 7 and 1/2 hours to charge Both of the units the 1200 and the 1500 Charge with one of these a DC 401 it Runs at 100 Vols to 240 so it doesn't Matter what country you just need a Different plug on the end of course 350 W at 50 to 60 HZ depending on what you Do there as well and outputs between 25 And 40 volts at 6.8 amps now that runs On both the 1500 and the 1200 and like I Said 7 1/2 hours for this and about 6 Hours for the 1200 let's get that out of The way for the moment now these Backpack batteries aren't one large Solid battery they are made up of Cylindrical cells like this now I'm not Sure what cells are in here I'm not sure If they 650s or 21 700s this is a 21700 It's um mangled but I believe it's a Murata VTC 6A and it will have come out Of one of these well it definitely did Come out of one of those so it's made up

Of 130 of Those and if you think that's crazy Having 130 of these tiny little Batteries in there well they use these In electric cars too and there's a lot More than 130 of them in there any Anyway why are we talking about backpack Batteries oh yeah that's right because You need one of these to clip on top of This just like this arrow in the top Lines up with an arrow in the top push It In turn it On we now have a functioning BAC 01 Inverter from Makita so now we can Finally have a look at just what it does So it is taking the 36 volts that's Coming out of the PDC 1500 here and Using it to run USBS or AC or DC on a Cigarette lighter or all three at once If we concentrate first on the USBs we Take a look down here we have two USB a Ports and two USB C ports the usba a Ports are 5vt at 2.4 amp and the USBC uh Power delivery up to 30 W each some Total of 60 WS now I know some of you Are going to want that to be a little Bit Higher but hey you're not getting 100 With this you're only getting 30 next up Next to that we have if we turn off that We'll turn on the AC we have Unfortunately it doesn't stay Open two sockets here now these two

Sockets may look a bit weird to you this Is what they look like in New Zealand And Australia they do of course make Ones for Europe for the UK for Japan for The us because in this part of the world This thing is putting out 240 volts at 50 HZ which we'll talk about in a moment But if you're in the US it will of Course be a different voltage as it will Be in Japan Japan 100 volts us 110 120 Volt and not only do you have to worry About voltage of course when you are in Different countries that voltage comes Through at different Hertz so we've got A 50 and 60 Herz button here as well so It won't even let me change it off 50 must know I'm in New Zealand so you Can change it between 50 and 60 in Theory it might not work unless I plug Something in not too sure about that yet But if you're in this part of the world It's 50 HZ if you're in the US for Instance it's 60 HZ at 110 120 volts in This part of the world's like 230 240 Vols and 50 HZ and on the end here You'll see that we have a good Oldfashioned cigarette lighter huh kids Wouldn't know that they used to be Cigarette lighters now would they anyway Plug in any appliance that you used to Plug into a cigarette lighter and it'll Give you your 12v power at 10 amps now What about all these numbers along the Top and this button here well these

Numbers are telling you roughly the Output of this thing in Watts 200 400 600 800 1,200 1400 1400 being the Maximum once you click over 1,400 Watts This thing is going to have a little bit Of a at you it is going to sound an Alarm which you can mute here and it is Also going to flash on the 1400 and Whatever you're running from this thing Is likely to cut out so the maximum Output is 1,400 Watts as you can see on The front here but it'll Spike up to About 2800 so if you plug something in And there's a bit of a spike from a sore Or something then for a few seconds it Will handle up to 2,800 Watts but a Constant stream 1, 1400 WS I think we're Now at that point where we better plug Something into it and see how it goes so Let me go find some things to do just That well I'm going to start off with my Phone cuz it just beat at me which means It's down to 15% so let's plug that in tune on USB See if any other lights come On phone has started Charging not enough to trigger the 200 Watt of course cuz this is only going to Be a few little Watts going into that so Let's see what else we can plug in and Let's just move this a bit so we can see Everything what would be quite amusing Is to charge the other backpack battery Here the

PDC 1200 with the PTC 1500 let's see if it Wants to do such a crazy thing so the DC 401 is plugged into both this and this Let's turn the AC on now we should get Up to about the 400 light at least the 200 will come on but it's a 350 W Charger so maybe the 400 will come on The fan has kicked in on this charger Has a built-in fan no lights have come On thus far oh 200's just come on are we Going to get the 400 think we're going To need to plug some more stuff in let's Go with a bit more irony I've plugged in The Dual 18vt charger here so we're Going to use this 36v battery to charge These two 18vt batteries and this other 36 volt battery and we're going to stick On a couple Of 5 a batteries now we should expect This to jump up to at least 600 maybe it Might just get into the 800 let's see what happens wa for the Fans and everything to kick in still Checking working out what's going on Jumped up to 400 the light I can't hear If the fans are going cuz of this one There we go up to 800 there we go the Fans have kicked in so now it's just a Giant Fan Fest in here 800's just Dropped off again do you hear that just Kick in that's not this Or This it's the inverter itself the fan

Inside that coming On it uses a bit more power when that Comes on as well it's been kicking on And off if I unplug one of these it will Probably cut Out there cuts out pretty quick that Back in this one starts up And Bam ah wouldn't that have been Good any second now it will take off Again there it goes so as you can see This as well as these has a built-in fan To help cool it down when it's pumping Out the juice probably not going to Happen when you're below 400 um Definitely 200 or less I've got other Inverters that are similar the fans Don't work when they're running really Low and now ironically I need to change The battery on my camera so as you can Hear it's quite noisy with all those Fans going we've got three different Fans going here so let's um change Things a little bit because we're only Running at around half the capacity of This thing wattage output wise I want to See this thing well the lack of better Words I want to see it shut itself I Want to see it panic when it goes over 1400 WS so we're going to plug something That I know is, 1400 WS or more into This thing and see how it handles it see What safety mechanisms kick in so anyway Let's turn off the AC you can of course Just turn turn off one like that leave

The USB running charging your phone While you're on holiday while you're at Work whatever and then just turn things On and off when you need to so if Something is overloading it you can in Theory just turn one of these off and That'll then drop lower but these two Probably aren't going to make that much Difference to the AC anyway so chances Are it's this that's always going to Blow your 1400 W maximum I have found This old fan heater the most inefficient Of the heaters but good news for us it's Rated at only 1,500 WS according to the Sticker on the bottom so that's not too Far above this thing packing a sad so Will it make it cut out or will it just Handle it will this actually run to its Full capacity of 1500 watts let's take a Look we'll turn it on here and we will Turn it on to just fan see what happens So it's currently running without Heat and by the looks not even enough to Get the first light to come up and don't Worry I won't point the heat at you We'll fire it away over to the side Because it's already hot enough in here I don't really want any more heat in Here But there you go the things I do for you Guys still not showing anything let's Crank it up to the first heat setting The lights will start lighten Up first light 200 second 400 come on

Let's go one more one more come on let's Get up 600 there we go 600 WS can we get 800 can we have 800 W will we stay at 600 W so it's pretty quickly dropped Down to 400 watt well that's pretty low It's not using that much power or this Thing isn't very accurate one of the two Now if you want to know how much power Is still left in this thing you can of Course push the power button there we've Still got four lights showing each light Remember is nearly 11 amp running at 36 Vol right I think it's now time to crank This thing up to full whack let's see Will it this thing out well the fan Has kicked in we're up to 1,000 Watts on The light so we're still around 500 Watts out of whack somewhere is this Thing only putting out 1,000 or is this Thing actually capable of taking more Than 1400 holding steady there at 1,000 Should really have the camera up on a Different angle so you can see that a Bit better shouldn't I so not changing From a th000 there so it looks like I'm Going to have to go and find something Else now are we able to change the 50 to 60 h Now it knows not to change it's staying At 50 which is of course perfect for This part of the world might be time to Go get the electric jug this is a good Sign though because it means you'll be Able to run most Grinders and things

Like that on this thing no problem at All because if you've ever used a Battery grinder which I know a lot of You will have you'll know they go Through the batteries pretty darn quick Whereas this thing if you had the the 1200 on here for instance and you're Running a 12200 watt grinder you should Be able to get an hours worth of run Time out of it which is pretty Significant compared to the 5 to 10 Minutes you might get out of some of the Batteries that you use on the tools I do Recall cutting concrete with the Makita 36v and 40 volt Grinders I think I only Got between about 7 and 9 minutes um on 2 5 a batteries on the 36 or 15 aamp on The 40 7 Minutes run time isn't a lot But plug one into this and you'll be Getting more like an hour 1500 on this One so you might get you might get an Hour and a half depends on your grinder Of course most Grinders ranging between 600 WTS for a really small one up to About 1200 WTS for a decent one but if You had like a 750 WT grinder then You'll get 2 hours of run time out of This so if you need cordless grinding But you don't want to go through Hundreds of batteries then this is an Option but now I think I'm going to have To go and get the electric jug or Something else that's over 1400s you see I can't plug many tools into this cuz

Most of them are under 1400 and I don't Have that many corded tools left to be Honest they're all cordless just about Let me go check the table saw okay so The table saw is500 WTS but I'm not Going through that again that's what the Heater supposedly was I've got a Shredder behind me that's 2400 Watts but That's a bit tricky to get up on the Bench so just to try and blow this thing And see what it does I've got an electric jug here so we are Plugged in AC on let's see what happens Now this thing should definitely blow it Cuz this should get up to 2,000 Watts so Let's see what Happens she's on straight up the 1400 is Flashing straight away we're in trouble What's going to happen is it going to Cut Out there we go so it's stopped and as You can hear loud beeping noise to make That beep stop you just hit anything Bang Stopped so the safety cutout does work As you saw got about 5 seconds or so of It running above, 1400 before it cut out Experiment Done okay now I'm going to try something That I definitely know will be Counterindicated by Makita in the Manual but I know some of you will be Sitting there thinking it So let's do

It I've Got a Feeling though that This will not charge while it's being Used to deliver power to something else I'm pretty sure I've tested that Hypothesis before but let's give it a Whirl though and see what will happen Can we charge this battery from itself Via the inverter now obviously whatever Power this thing uses with fans and Lights and everything it's going to mean There's less going in than there is Coming out okay you can't make more Power so you know if you don't know About that stuff go Google that but Basically even if it will charge it You're still going to the battery is Going to deplete so we are currently Fully charged just about anyway cuz I've Only done a few experiments with this Thing thus far But let's see if this will work AC On red light come on now that means it's Charging so it started to charge then Realized oh hang on I'm putting out Power and I'm charging and so the whole Thing has turned itself off let's turn It On everything all good AC no starts charging that's what it Does when it charges red light that in Bar started flashing to say yeah I'm Charging but then it realized it's Outputting and inputting at the same Time and cut out oh well in the famous

Words of Ned Kelly such is life that's Probably one of those misquotes he Probably never actually said that but Anyway something for the Australian Viewers to argue about down in the Comments so you can run a lot of hand Tools off this thing most hand tools Will be all right uh but some power Tools of course like large Murs table SS Concrete Cutters Breakers that sort of Thing they're going to be a bit too Powerful for this thing to run and of Course you can use it for home Appliances great in power Cuts emergency Situations and situations like this Where there's just no power this is a Shed of built there's no power anywhere Near it um and I am polyurethane in the Walls so polyurethane this the other day Ran out of polyurethane went to get some More yesterday and last night it poured With rain and I didn't realize that I Left the door open um so it's just a bit Damp in here the walls just feel a bit Damp that haven't had any polyurethane On them so I've got a dehumidifier in There that is I know from previous Testing it runs around 300 wats so we've Got one light showing on the inverter at The moment the just the 200 one so if That's 300 WS it should run with the 1500 wat hour battery which incidentally Is 15678 W hours so it's good to see Makita

Rounded it down instead of being greedy Like a lot of companies would and Rounding it up to PDC 1600 um which they could have you know Done but anyway it should run for About 5 hours cuz if you divide 1,500 by 300 you'll give five that's how that Works so basically this thing would run An appliance that requires 15678 WS for 1 hour it probably wouldn't Quite do that because it'll be using up Some power hour for the fans and the Lights and stuff on the inverter but Anyway I'm going to leave this for a few Hours with the dehumidifier running in It and I've also just remembered this Fan so I'm going to go and Chuck this on As well this is a 100 WT fan and I'll Leave that going and that should power Both of those comfortably for close to 4 Hours so both the fan and the Dehumidifier going now we've got two Lights showing the 200 and 400 there on The inverter and I'll leave that to it Incidentally when I first plugged in the Dehumidifier which is rated at 400 W According to the sticker on the back but I know runs at 300 W because of previous Testing like I said it jumped right up To 1,000 Watts the fan kicked in Straight away the fan ran for about 30 Seconds with it on 1,000 watts and then It dropped right down all the lights Went off for a couple of minutes and

Then that 200 light came back on so Don't panic if when you first plug Something in you think it's using more Power than it is just give it a moment To sort itself out And regulate where it really is and drop Down to the actual wattage oh I've just Heard the fan kick in on the inverter It's quite noisy the fan on the inverter It's actually noisier than this fan Designed for drawing floors anyway I got Other things to do if you do have a Power cut or you're at a batch or some Sort of tiny home off- grid whatever and You want to run a TV or a fridge Something like that uh and modern LED TV Of between sort of 32 in to 50 in you're Looking at up to 10 hours for that um You should get 6 or 7 hours easy out of Most fridges as well as for charging Your phone you'll get a shitload of Charges from this thing and it uses pure Sign wave so it will not damage Televisions and electronic devices such As phones and laptops and whatever you So you can use it for anything unlike a Lot of old school petrol generators Which you can only use for pretty basic Products anything with electronics in Them you could fry them not only that of Course this thing has no fumes you don't Have to pull start it you don't have to Put Petrol in it and it's nice and quiet Pretty compact can easily just sit next

To your fridge during a power cut Something like that they're very handy Things and they're becoming very popular And lots of companies are beginning to Make them anyway I'll leave this to Drying okay so it's been an hour I need To get this shed finished uh we're Sitting at the 400 still here I want to Just see what the battery's doing we Presumably have lost one bar yep just The one bar thus far so anyway now I'm Going to polyurethane this and then I Will see you back on the bench right We've got a development here the um AC Light flashing away frantically there Which I'm guessing means we are down to One bar there so battery nearly done got A few fans going out here in the shed Cuz it's stinking hot um but looks like They're about to die it's just gone 4:30 And so I set that first one up with the Dehumidifier at 11 so it's been 5 and 1/2 hours of different fans and Dehumidifiers and stuff going over Constantly over the last 5 and 1/2 hours Okay so I unplugged one fan just left The floor fan going got about another 20 Minutes out of it and now she seems to Have completely CED it we've got the Flashing light here on the PDC 1500 There so time to go back to the bench Now I know a lot of you are going to be Wanting a 40v version of one of these One that you can run with 40 volt

Batteries so you can clip like say 4 8 Amp batteries on there and go from there You can use this one with the PDC 01 just plunk that down there so that is What these are for so the PDC 01 slides And clips under there like the other two But then you flick those up to hold it In place but the max you can can have in That is 4 6 a batteries so that's not Going to run for too long but a 40 volt Version would be quite handy so that is The BAC 01 inverter now I haven't told You too much about the PDC 1500 but I Did do a video not so long ago like I Said of the 1200 so if you want to check That out it's up in the top Corner it'll Show you all the sort of things that Will come with this as well they come With a backpack harness they come with Adapters to run 36 volt tools 18 volt Time 2 and of course the 40 volt tools So they're great for putting on your Back if you're doing a lot of weed Eating and outdoor power equipment stuff There's not a lot more to tell you about This thing they're not terribly exciting For videos are they um it just Powers Something like you're plugging it into a Wall so yeah works well does what it's Supposed to do if you want this as a Setup and you don't already have one of Those it's pretty pricey but if you are Just getting this because you've already Got one of these probably the 1200 there

Then you well it's considerably cheaper Than going out and buying a standalone Version from another company and it's Pure sign so fine on your TVs your Laptops or your electronic devices so There we go I'm now going to stick this On charge for 7 and 1/2 hours because She is dead as you can see oh little bit Of life has come back oh it's even Running this now oh look at that oh to Oh hear that it's telling me I couldn't Actually hear that when it was outside Running with the fan I thought it beep But I couldn't hear it you can turn that On and off I do believe with the button Here there we go if you set this to off It will stop immediately beeping and it Will not beep on every other time you Put it on it remembers the setting so That's Good but yeah I turned it bag off so We're back to Beeping anyway thank you for watching Thank you thanks you for watching the First video of 2024 the first review and There will hopefully be plenty more Makita reviews to come including one We've all been waiting for and another Couple we've been waiting for um but More on that at a later date if you Didn't see my update video from a few Days ago go check that out that was my First video of the year on this channel If you want to see all the battery that

You saw me pile up earlier if you want To see those checked to see how many Charges I've used cuz I've got a battery Checker from Makita and I'm going to go Through seeing it's the beginning of the Year and just see how many charges each One's got and see check the health of All the batteries so that video will be Up on builds and stuff my other channel Which the link will be down there and Maybe it'll be up in the top Corner if I Get it done in time other than that I Will see you all next time roll the Credits boom Pink

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