The Best Yet Worst Flashlight That You Should Own! The ACEBEAM E70

Makita LXT702 – The Best Seven Piece Combo Kit You Could Ever Have

Makita has provided quality industry tools for various professions for many years, so the worker can concentrate on getting the job done. These tools are designed with maximum safety in mind. This article will emphasize a seven tool kit called the Makita LXT702, a combo kit for workers of all professions that can be easily carried to even the most remote job site; it is among the best of combo kits available in the market today.

In Review: Porter-Cable’s PCL212IDC-2 12V Drill Driver and Impact Driver Kit

Small power tools, surprisingly big performance. With their sleek yet durable construction and compact yet aggressive power, find out how Porter-Cable’s new drill driver and impact driver kit will fast become your favorite power tool duo.

All About Drill Bits

Drill bits are one of those products that are largely taken for granted by most do it yourself enthusiasts and handymen, yet they are in fact an indispensable part of the building, manufacturing, maintenance as well as the do it yourself and currently trendy lifestyle improvement markets. Strangely enough, even though bits are part and parcel of an every day common place tool, there is still a fair amount of confusion surrounding the various types of bits that are available on the market as well as their sometimes rather unique intended function and application purposes. Different Bits And Their…

What Exactly Is the Perfect Husqvarna Chainsaw For You?

I will help you decide how to find out which chainsaw is perfect for you. Not everyone can operate every chainsaw. What I will do in this article is find the perfect chainsaw for you.

5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Chainsaw

These are 5 questions that everyone should ask themselves before buying a chainsaw. It will save you a bunch of time and also a bunch of money if you answer these first.

CNC Wood Router: Things to Consider Before You Buy

CNC machinery is the most significant woodworking invention since the turning lathe. Just as the turning lathe streamlined the woodworking process in the 1300’s, so did the CNC machine in the early 1970s. By using a computer to control how wood is cut, it makes processes that were once “hands on” hands off.

The Impact of a CNC Mill Machine on Commercial Woodwork

In the early 1970’s, computer numerical control (CNC) was introduced to woodworking. Since that time, its impact on how companies mill wood has been profound. Unlike a standard milling machine, a computer operates a CNC milling machine – an arrangement that alters the woodworking process in the following ways, among others:  Changes the Role of the Machinist – In years past, a machinist needed as much physical mastery over a machine as he did technical mastery.

Makita LCT300W – The Cordless Three-Piece Combo Kit

As a worldwide manufacturer of industrial power tools, Makita offers a wide variety of products to workers in a variety of professions. Its “applied cutting edge technology” and “best in class engineer solutions,” offer quality products both comfortable and convenient to the power tool operator. In this article we will be talking about the Makita LCT300W, a three piece combo kit, the easy solution for your driving, drilling and screw fastening needs.

Japanese Hand Pruners

Japanese Hand Pruners (Secateurs) are professional quality tools that have a very deep history in Japan. Japanese gardens have been developing for over a thousand year and along with that the precise tools to get the job done have also developed.

Used CNC Milling Machines: Frequently Asked Questions

The importance of CNC machinery to woodworking is steadily increasing. Most woodworkers know that it will define their milling process sooner than later.  Before they switch from manual milling to CNC milling, woodworkers should be familiar with the financial and operational facts of CNC machines.

Understanding the Process of Rebuilding a Power Tool Battery

When a power tool battery stops holding its charge, the decision of whether to rebuild or replace can be tough. Replacement is quick and convenient, and the process is often as simple as walking into a home improvement store and buying a replacement off the shelf. While choosing to rebuild is a definite money saver, the process is a bit less convenient. To help bring some perspective to this decision, we need to have an understanding of the rebuilding process. As an example, let’s take a look at the process of rebuilding a Dewalt 18v battery from a typical cordless drill.

Does Get A Grip Handle Work?

Get A Grip handle is exactly what the name suggests, a handle that helps you get a grip when you need one. In bathrooms and other areas in your home where you need a helping hand, these grips will help you either get up, get out or stay secure in one place.

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