The Wheelbarrow CEO – Ace Heartware Stories

In this Heartware Story, we meet Nick from Stayton Ace Hardware in Oregon. Meet Nick the longest standing employee and how he became the Wheelbarrow CEO.

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[Music] Nick is our longest term employee he's Been here for 22 years and he is our Wheelbarrow CEO Nick is a master Assembler I think he's done close to 300 Whel barrels this year so far I believe It would Be 299 whe barrels I'm Nicholas Eugene Dinter I work at a ace hor store I got a Good job CU I get to build cool things Like like barbecues and [Music] Weers Nicholas has some learning Disabilities and um he doesn't read he Can't read so everything he knows Is what he's seen on TV or people have Said to him and and he remembers it Nick Is full of facts every fact you would Ever want to know and a lot you didn't Know you needed to know Nick hasm and He'll tell you about him oh I would say Nick's special skill is his attention to Detail um he can take a thick Instruction book and go through it piece By piece and make it happen yeah so Nick Has been at the store longer than Anybody else he knows the store probably Better than anybody else we have Customers who are contractors for rental A lot of the times they need a part for A wheelbarrow and Nick just by looking At the part knows what it is He can grab a Spur part and that Contractor's Will Barrow is fixing out

The door Ace brings out the best of the people I Mean they they work the managers the Owners instill confidence in them they Uh got to know Nick and his capabilities And that and they worked with him I mean Once in a while there's a little hiccup But they we work through it if Nick Didn't have the job that he has now more Than likely be in a adult foster care Home facility or something like that uh Where it be hard for him to get out and Meet other people and that so this gives Him the opportunity to meet a lot of People I couldn't tell you who benefits More um we both benefit in different Ways Nick has a purpose in coming Here and we get to have Nick and and and Not every store has a Nick our other Stores who's going to do the Nick things And it takes a team to do all the things Nick does if an applicant came in that Had special needs in any way I would Suggest give them a try don't assume That they can't it's easier to assume Somebody can and monitor them and help Them but Nick has never let us down in That regard my advice to parents who are Thinking it's going to be hard for their Child or it's going to be hard on our Family go for it it's a wonderful Experience and it helps them grow and Become the person who you're supposed to Be let them try I mean they're not going

To be able to learn unless they try and It's once they get into it the Experience is just beneficial for Everybody every day is a good day Because you help [Music] People

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