BREAKING! Milwaukee Announces a new M12 Solution to an M18 Problem

Machine Shop Work – Should You Buy a Multi Purpose Machine?

There are different brands of multi purpose machines available for machine shop work. But are they suitable for you? Should you buy one or is it there a better alternative?

Some Tips For Rechargeable Batteries For Tools

Dealing with rechargeable batteries for tools can be expensive if they need to be replaced so what can you do. If you have a lithium-ion battery you can expect it last only so many cycles of charging and discharging, it could be any where around 300 to 500 cycles. This can be affected by such things as high temperatures and demands on the tool.

Milwaukee 6955-20 Review – Is This Compound Miter Saw What You Need?

The Milwaukee 6955-20 is a 12-inch dual bevel miter saw that promises power and precision. The 15-Amp, 3.3-Max horsepower direct drive motor is extremely innovative. It has a new constant power technology that ensures constant speed under load.

Cordless Drill Reviews – Which Drill Should I Get?

A cordless drill is one of those amazing tools that is a must for any handyman’s toolkit. Find out what the right cordless drill can do for your DIY projects.

An Air Tank For Anytime, Anywhere!

A vehicle which contains compressed air is called a portable compressed air carry tank. This is a very convenient tank because you can have a compressed atmosphere anytime; ready for use anywhere you need it.

What an Air Pump Is All About

A pump is defined as a device primarily used to move fluids like liquids and gases. It displaces a volume of any kind by physical or mechanical means.

Stihl TS410 Cut Off Saw – 20 Great Maintenance Tips

The Stihl TS410 is a tough and durable machine that will last a lifetime if correctly used and cared for. Here are 20 great maintenance tips to make sure your machine goes on and on and on…

Knife Sharpening Stones Today

Do you enjoy doing a bit of handy work around your home? If you do, you must’ve probably tried your hand at sharpening your kitchen knives. Either that, or you’ve had this nagging urge to.

How to Run a Chainsaw Without Getting Yourself Hurt

I have heard of many people getting seriously injured when using a chain saw. This is most unfortunate. However, it is also easily avoided in most cases.

Home Help Hints – Buying a Step-Ladder

Perhaps the most useful tool for any householder, tradesman and even gardener is the step-ladder. No other ladder or tool is as versatile or used for so many different types of jobs as a step of steps. The tasks that step ladders are used for every day is almost endless.

Have a Continuous Water Supply With Submersible Well Pumps

Submersible well pumps are the most proficient method of getting water into your house. These submersible pumps are situated near the bottom of your well and hauls water simply by pushing it. Submersible pumps are often utilized for wells that are quite deep and needs plenty of pumping capacity. These pumps work on the well itself and pump the water from its bottom.

Are Concertina Ladders Strong Enough?

The idea of a concertina ladder just seems a bit weak to me. However, when you consider the many tests that have been done on these they are more than suited to the right application. A concertina ladder basically refers to a ladder that folds out like a concertina.

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