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G'day everyone welcome to the second Makita update for August aren't you Lucky two in one month now this one's Not a very long one but that's because I Think next month's one is gonna be Massive [Music] Anyway before we get into it have you Seen the upcoming pack out the Makita Pack out if you haven't seen the patent For that have a look down in the Description I'll put a link down there It's on my other channel one of my other Channels voiceless tool reviews my wife Now runs that channel and if you want to See all the reviews I do but well not All of them not yet but you know she's Getting there if you want to see those Without me waffling on if you don't want To hear my voice you just want the specs Of the tools nothing else a little bit Of commentary on the tool on the screen But no voice so you can watch it you Know in bed with the misses trying to Sleep next year then down have a look Down there up in the top Corner Voiceless tool reviews also down there Of course patreon if you want to see the Videos I do up to a couple of weeks Earlier than everybody else then that is Also down there and up in the top corner Too now first up baby chainsaw what are You talking about tools we've already Done the baby chainsaws well you haven't

Done this one well I have done this one But I haven't done the new one which is Very similar to this one but with a Longer one of these so the 18 volt Duc-150 will be a six inch 18 volt Chainsaw not this 100 Mil one the 12 Volt and the 18 volt as you may be aware Came out with a 100 millimeter or four Inch bar this new model will have a 150 Millimeter or six inch bar which is what It should have been right from the start Right unfortunately they're still Sticking with this rather aggressive Chain the 80 txl chain which is just a Little too aggressive makes it a bit too Jumpy I feel they should have gone with More of the the those Pico micro chains Like still I've got that are just cut a Bit smoother it just makes it a little Bit easier to use if you're not used to Aggressive chainsaw chains as well as The chainsaw they're also releasing a Holster that you can put the chainsaw in That Clips on your belt so that's pretty Cool be handy out in the garden always Having it on your hip it weighs around 2 Kgs and Makita say you'll get 440 Cuts Roughly from a 6 amp hour battery going Through 50 millimeter diameter Timber But of course that will depend on the Type of tree and you know There's a lot of other factors always Take the amount of cuts with any tool or The amount of meters with a lawnmower

Etc with a grain of salt because it's Under certain conditions you know it's Repeated it's not it's not real world Sort of situations Speaking of lawnmowers have I told you About the other two 40 volt lawn mowers I'm not sure if I have I don't think I Have so I'll do that right now there is Another two Makita 40 volt lawnmowers Let's bring the total up to four now so The two new lawn mowers are a 380 Millimeter that's the Lm003g and a 430 millimeter the lm00 4G That's 15 inch and 17 inch so these are Lightweight small mowers for small Gardens they're 380 comes in at only 14.7 kgs as you can see from the images They have a plastic body whereas the Lm001 and 2gs both had a large steel Body that's the uh 19 and 21 inch models These new models have settings to cut From between 10 and 75 millimeters Whereas the original two were 20 to 100 I do believe and these ones only take 140 volt battery whereas the two Original ones took two 40 volt batteries Then not 80 volt tools they would run 40 Volts on One battery and then when that Battery is flat jump over to the other Battery whereas these two are very small Mowers and they just take the 140 volt Battery like the first two you can get a Mulching plug for them there's even a Full indicator flap on the catcher which

Looks quite quite cool and Makita say The 430 millimeter version the lm004g Can cut up to 830 square meters on an 8 Amp Hour battery but as I say take those Numbers with a grain of salt because Every condition is different you you Know they're cutting it under different Grass than what you're probably cutting In this country most people seem to have Kaikuya Lawns and kaikui is pretty thick Tough stuff and you're not going to get The amount of square meters that Makita Claim or any other manufacturer claims Basically because yeah unless you're Cutting One millimeter off the top and stuff Like that just pathetic little things if You want to really get stuck in and mow Some thick grass well the numbers are Going to be way out but you should Always have a spare battery so it Shouldn't be a problem now that new Chainsaw and those two mowers are out in Japan but the rest of the world will Have to wait a few more months so while You're waiting let's take a look at some More patents first up let's take a look At a multi-tool patent now there's been A few of these kicking around over the Last couple of years most of them just Showing different methods for putting on The blades and things like that just Slight tweaks to designs we already know So this current one that I'm showing you

On the screen now is very similar in Technical design on the inside the motor And all that sort of stuff the Anti-vibration to the DTM 52 shown on The screen here So this one a lot of people don't like a Bit clunky in this department but bit Big And Chunky you know just a little Bit too big for a multi-tool and my Camera doesn't want to focus on it there We go so these newer patents this is a Bit thinner they've managed to keep all The same vibration thing that they've Got going on in here with the Oscillation and the vibration dampening And everything that seems to be the same But they've managed to take some of the Width out of it and some of that's down To the way that you change the blade This one as you know Do it like that out there's pops Close it back up again once you put your New blade in well this one that you're Looking at on the screen now has a lever That flips up from the front now does This mean we are not too far away from a 40 volt multi-tool well let's hope so Because I'm sick of you guys asking me About it so let's just pretend this is The new 40 volt multi-tool coming And you can now all leave me alone Patent number two is one that I think I Might have shown you a while ago as well But they've just released another

Patient of the same tool with a few Little tweaks and that leads me to Believe it's not too far away and that Is an 80 volt Jackhammer look at this Big demolition bastard now remember 80 Volts at 8 Amp hours is more than the Current MX fuel I said current I know They're about to release bigger Batteries but at the moment if you put Two eight amp hour batteries on this Jackhammer for instance you'll have 72 Volts at 8 Amp hours whereas the current MX fuel top battery size is 72 volts at 6 amp hours so in theory whenever you See MX fuel tools 240 volt Makita Batteries is the same thing Makita could Be doing all the things that MX fuel Does and more because the batteries are A easier size to work with and use on More tools and different ways So hopefully they head in that direction A bit and make some some real cool big Grunty bloody tools you know because MX Fuel have plate compactors and Sewer Cleaners and power floats and all sorts Of cool coming and there's no Reason why Makita X GT couldn't go along Those lines as well and that's why it's Sort of more of a complete system I know So many people are against it still but It can basically do all the stuff the Small 18 volt stuff right through from Impact drivers and drills right up to You know you could do ride on lawnmowers

With it if you wanted to so it's one Battery system that in the future I Think is going to Encompass way bigger Range of tools than any other battery System don't hold me to that but that's What it could be if Makita choose to Make it so please Makita make it so Oh I hope that doesn't sound like a Star Trek reference Honestly I do not watch Star Trek my Wife does it and I do believe that's a Captain Picard thing to see next up one That somehow slipped past me I found it It was released quite some time ago but I don't think I've spoken about it and That is a sort of power scrubber as you Can see from the pictures on the screen Here it is like a weed eater shaped sort Of design but on the end you have a Scrubbing attachment so it's a little Bit similar to the Ryobi deck scrubber Which you may have seen reviewed on this Channel but the head design looks very Different more of an enclosed scrubber To stop spraying around like the Ruby one does which would be nice so It'll be interesting to see if that ever Comes to fruition because I wouldn't Mind giving that a blast and seeing how She goes right now the next patent may Look pretty simplistic on the screen But it is quite cool and it's something I've known about for a while now but now That the patent has been released I'll

Tell you the basics of it as I know it And that is it's basically a system kind Of like one key with Milwaukee and DeWalt do a similar thing and hey Coke You're doing it everybody's sort of Doing it tool Management Systems Basically Bosch to it so what you may Not be aware of is that all 40 volt Makita X GT tools have some tech built Into them that hasn't been utilized yet Think of them all as sort of sleeping And they haven't been turned on properly Yet so this technology will apply to all Your existing xgt tools this isn't Something that will only come out in new Tools this Tech is in the tool already But Makita haven't released the bit that Makes it work yet and so what it Basically means your battery and your Tools can talk to each other now I don't Mean talk to each other like they Currently do in that it tells you when The Tool's overheated and so the battery Stops providing power to the tool and Vice versa but a little bit more than That so if you put an adapter between Here now we're not talking about the Adapter that you use on this particular Impact driver to change the settings but Think of it as that sort of thing but For every single 40 volt tool a system Where for one you could put a battery on It program it to that tool so that if Somebody steals your tool it'll never

Work on any other batteries apart from The battery series you own and vice Versa they steal the battery it won't Work on their tools that's just one of The things that they can turn on and Other information that the tool and Battery can supply such as heat and wear And tear believe it or not on certain Parts all that can be transmitted of Course to your smartphone so other Intel This could provide according to Makita Includes a history of the power tool a Maintenance schedule for the power tool All the batteries expected remaining Service life of replaceable Parts within The tool a name for the tool a name for The person who's responsible for the Tool serial numbers of the tools and Batteries voltage of individual cells Within the batteries temperatures of Individual cells within the battery Number of times the tool and the battery Have been turned on and off overall run Time of the tool through time and the Amount of overcharging and discharging Of batteries a little bit similar to the Battery tester that you will have seen On this channel before if you've been Following me for any length of time and Potentially more now all of this as far As I'm aware will be accessed through an Adapter that goes between the battery And the tool now you wouldn't need to Leave that adapter on there while you're

Using the tool you just set it up once And it's done put the adapter on your Next tool set that up done so you can Just use the one adapter to go through All your tools program them how you want To use them because not only can you do The things I just told you about but You'll be able to change speeds change Torque settings that sort of thing on Certain tools obviously depending on the Tool now for a lot of individual users You may not bother with that sort of Thing because you're the only one using The tools you don't not too worried About people flogging them with them Being misplaced but if you're doing a Lot of Fleet Management stuff well then It can be super handy keeping track of All your gear now I don't know when That's going to be released to the General public I know the whole system Already exists but we'll just have to Wait and see until Japan finally Releases that so that's about it for for This update although there is a few Other patents floating around with just Little tweaks and stuff like this one For instance of the rear handle 40 volt Circular saws which have the batteries In slightly different places and the Blade on left and right side of the tool According to the text and I'll leave a Few other patent shots on the screen Here at the end to just keep your brain

Twitching away gotta keep your brain Ticking and no I don't know when there's Going to be a framing nailer I haven't Seen anything about a framing nailer so Don't ask me about the framing nailer And same goes for a table saw an xgt Table saw I don't know these things will Happen one day when I don't know I don't Have any more Intel on those at this Stage I'm afraid so if you want to see More builds and stuff down there Voiceless tool reviews down there Patreon down there so cheers guys have a Good one and here's the patreons coming Up the side of the screen here and the Next video will probably be that thing There and some other stuff to do with That so thanks guys see you later

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