5 Favorite Things About The Weber Slate – Ace Hardware

Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, goes over the features and benefits of the Weber Slate.

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Weber Slate

Today we're talking about my five Favorite things about the ace exclusive Weber slate premium griddle ready not Rusty that's right this cooktop comes Pre-seasoned out of the box now 500° Fast and even heat from edge to edge is Going to allow you to cook your favorite Foods like French toast pancakes and Even those skirt steak tacos and Introducing the Weber work system now I Can customize my griddle with things Like a cutting board an outdoor storage Bin Snap-on bottle older Snap-on caddy Or that Snap-on accessory kit another Great benefit to the ace exclusive slate Griddle is the two-piece transport caddy Giving me a tool rest and this cool Caddy that is going to keep me organized With oil seasonings gear and more Getting me griddle ready much much Faster now check out our Ace exclusive Swing-up shelf giving you more room to Prep and a lot more room to work talk About an amazing day at work here at Weber HQ now to learn more about these Cool products from our friends at Weber Be sure to stop by your local Ace or Visit us at acehardware.com Ace is the place with the helpful Hardware [Music] Folks

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