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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, gets the full product details on the EGO Power+ Nexus Escape 400W Inverter. Hear from Barnaby at EGO and what makes this power item the must have for your home.

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EGO Nexus 400W

Hailu manfredini Aces Home expert and I'm here with Barnaby from ego you've Got all this great Battery Technology of All these tools that you have created at Ego to help people you know maintain Their homes and take care of things in And around their home the inverter was One of the things that I loved right you Had this 150 watt inverter I'm like wow I can plug the battery in I can plug in A laptop I can charge a cell phone now You upgraded to a larger unit absolutely You know we started out with the Nexus Power station which is the big block That'll do like you know your Refrigerator and more then we had you Know power on the go with the Nexus Escape now we have the big brother right The family is growing this is going to Give you 400 watts of power output so Instead of maybe a single light bulb or Doing a laptop or a computer now you can Do a mini fridge maybe even a Medium-sized refrigerator your router All sorts of stuff so it's just the Bigger brother to this but there is one Distinction a lot of people use the Nexus Escape for their are cell phone Charging and also their laptop sure and What you want is a pure sine wave I know It's kind of technical but that was a Clean energy source this has a square so It's a little choppier it'll work but It's not perfect for your electronics

This is pure sine wave so this is Designed specifically for electronics so It's not gonna and more harm anything You've got more ports on the front to Allow uh different plug-ins lighting That if you wanted to hang it and use it As a light yep is available as well and Any Ego battery will plug into this unit Yep and it's got the USBC charging port Which everybody wants so yeah it's just The big brother to this got the handle Ready to go but it does so much more Information just go to Ace Coming up a pole saw with all sorts of Innovation from ego

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