I Bought THE WORLD’S SMALLEST IMPACT DRIVER from Japan And it has a CABLE CUTTER Attachment!

This is one of the coolest Drivers on the market! Yet hardly anyone knows about them.
It’s also the world’s smallest impact driver… kinda.
EZ1PD1 (Bare Tool)
Crimping Attachment
Cable Cutter Attachment
EZ1PD1 Slim 3Ah Kit (No attachments)

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G day everyone welcome to another tools And stuff review and this one is kind of Special because today I'm going to show You an impact driver you may not have Seen before and it is in fact the Smallest impact driver in the world now By smallest I mean shortest from back to Front of Chuck this is the shortest Impact driver in the world and you've Probably never seen one before it's been Out for quite a while now DeWalt users Right now are furiously typing they're Going apoplectic in the comments section But settle down guys just wait a minute And I'm going to show you an impact Driver that is shorter at least on the Top bit than the DCF A50 and because this is special and it's An exotic tool that I've had to import From another country I thought we'd do Something special for this tool too so Tools and stuff road trip time as you Know with these intros I love to show You exotic places around New Zealand This one Um Yeah not so Much this is the easy one pd1 that's e For eoric anatosaurus Zed for Z Ching Tanus one as in half of two P for Terrasaurus D asend dromy omus and one Again as in the other half of the two That we mentioned earlier now I've got My special location I've got some orange

Juice to help get me through this in Fact I better get into that need to stay Hydrated it's a stinking hot day here Today that's better keep the hydration Up always important when you're working Out in the sun speaking of sun this Might be a little bit hard to see Because the sun is not playing the right Angle for me to show you this impact Driver shall we change location slightly Well is that a good idea now as I said In the intro this tool has been out for A few years now but only as far as I can Tell in one particular country and you Know what country that is yes that's Right it is Japan and it's so frustrating when they Don't release really cool tools like This because as well as being the Shortest impact driver around yes Definitely shorter than the DeWalt it Also does other special things that the DeWalt one most definitely does not Being from Japan though of course it has A Chuck or better not fire the into my Beer the bits that it takes are a bit Longer than the bits you probably have But when you do put them into the Chuck It is a single oneand approach and then You pull it to get it back Out like most Japanese impact drivers Wow apart from all the high cook ones of Course now if the Sun is not washing This out too much and silhouetting

Things then you will be able to see that This is a black and red impact driver as Well as black and red you can get yellow And black and just all murdered out Black and it looks much better on this Angle here so we can actually get the Sun coming from the right direction but The view in the background not quite as Good pretty good but not quite as good This location is totally mint and I Can't believe I've never been here Before but it is hot New Zealand Has some awesome spots anyway back to The tool now even though this is very Short in the top here it is not very Short at the base it's pretty bulky at The bottom this is an 18vt 5 a battery As you can see so it's pretty chunky row Of five cells there another row of five Cells there makes a fairly big battery But this is not just an 18vt tool this Is a 14.4v and 18vt Tool so if you have A low amp power low capacity 14.4 volt Battery with only four cells of course Because you only you need five to make 18 double them up to get more amp to With a 14.4 volt you only need the four Cells so battery with four cells you're Looking at only sort of that size by Half the height of this thing that's a Lot more compact although the base is Quite long the way these clip on too but Different you don't slide it on from the End like you do with most slide on tool

Batteries you put it on there and then Just done just a tiny little slide got a Couple of arrows there to line that up If you're a bit special um but yeah so That's different And it has two sets of Clips on the Battery there to line everything up Unlike the sort of slide rails you'd Normally have you got that drop in there That helps protect this area here it's Got a communication section there like You would have on a Makita 18 volt the Yellow bit um so this has got a little Black bit there does the same sort of Thing but it's more protected you can't Knock it quite as easily as you can on The Makita pretty easy now I don't know if You noticed when I had that battery off And I had the impact driver laying down We got a couple of interesting bits here What is going on here well take your Driver bit out of the front here you can Now bung it in the base like so put your Battery on that's now stuck in there you Cannot get that out now that might be Kind of annoying for some people but It's a secure way to keep your bits that You're not using without having any Other type of bit Storage of course you have to take it Off to get it back out again but the bit Where the detent ball normally goes There's a little cutout for it there so

That you can't pull these back out you Stick it in sort of like that cheat it a Bit then in theory you can pull them out But they might end up falling out too so Now this tool is part of the exena range I don't know if that's how you say it Exena ex I don't know it's a relatively New by relatively new still a few years Old selection of tools from Panasonic That are that are pretty damn cool and It's pretty they not out in in other Parts of the world as I said before Because this is not just an impact Driver this is an installation driver This is a multi-purpose tool but look It's an installation driver that doesn't Have that stupid little bit sticking out The front like every other installation Driver I think I've ever seen the fesol Milwaukee Bosch they all have an impact Driver bit that you stick over the top Of the other bit so you always end up Making the tool pretty big to use Whereas this bang impact driver just Like the DeWalt one all the fittings go Straight into the end of your impact Driver so how does that work tools well I'm glad you asked let's take this out And let's remove the front that's right We're going to remove the front so you Just ping this off you can just leave That off you never have to put it back On really if you don't want to and we've Exposed this aluminium tooth Circle here

And all your attachments clip on there And they can stick in eight different Places what sort of attachments are you Talking about well I'll show you what I'm talking about we have a right angle Chuck possibly the best right angle size Chuck that you can get um I haven't Measured all the other ones and I Haven't even measured this one yet but We'll do that later in the video Hopefully um but I looked recently at The hioki installation driver that's Right hioki do make an installation Driver only available in Japan too as Far as I'm aware but haven't really Researched that one so it's got this bit Here and then you click on the Attachment for the impact driver so it Makes it thing about this big which you Know starts defeating the purpose you Might as well use a DeWalt um whereas This look at that I mean that's it that Is it straight in there it's got a Proper Chuck on It and here's the beautiful bet bang Clicks on any angle you want well not Any angle one of eight angles I wish I Had this when I was building my shed Because it would have come in such handy We've got a little Mark on the top here And marks on the actual attachment so You can see where they line up and yeah You can put it on one of those eight Angles eight angles it actually looks

Like more than eight let me just check That So there is our first angle 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 it is indeed eight so this right Angle driver bit which if you want to Know is the easy9 H x501 I'll put some Links to all this stuff down there but You are probably going to have to get it From Japan I got mine from Amazon and Japan and I will put the link to it down In the description so as well as this Coming with the tool it also came with This now what is that that kind of just Looks like the same thing what's going On there well basically it's offset so This when you clip it On means now I'm driving right up here Flush almost with the top of the tool so This is great for cabinet makers and Stuff cuz you can get right up into the Top of corners and the corner of Cupboards and stuff without your tool Rubbing without demo damaging what You're working on and without damaging Your tool because I know we've all done It right you're trying to get into a Corner and you've got got your angle Driver with the longest bit you possibly Can to try and get it to work right and You're sort of tweaking it as you turn It up and you're trying to get it in There well this eliminates the need for Doing all that and yeah once Again can go on any one of eight

Different angles if you want if you got Some weird one if you want to get in Sideways like that so pretty cool now Those are fairly standard sort of Installation driver style attachments But this thing also has some really cool Other attachments now unfortunately I Don't have them because they didn't come With this particular kit and I'll show You what's in the kit in a moment They're also pretty damn pricey one of Them is actually more expensive than This kit was but this has a crimper Attachment believe it or not I will put It up on screen right about here but not Only does it have a crimper attachment It also has other wire related tools Wire related tools yeah you can get a Wire cutter for this so you can get a Cable cutter that will cut up to 3/4 of An inch 19 mil I think that was the one That cost more than this whole kit so Yeah I didn't really want to try it Until I'd had a good look at this thing Maybe we'll look at that at a future Date if you guys are interested but that Clips on the front and I'll show you a Shot of it on the screen again here and You can use that as I say cut up to 19 Mm diameter stuff so this is a really Multi-purpose tool that's both small Powerful compact it's got a bit of Everything is it powerful though well That is the question 155 new M this is

Rated with an 18vt battery I forget the Number for the 14 volt battery I'll try And tell you by the end of the video It's a little distracting here because You Know it's like how am I meant to get any Work done when there's all this orange Juice around and all this beautiful Weather and fantastic Scenery oh the things I do for you guys Things I give up and now I got to try And get my camera to focus again when All it wants to do now is focus on the Scenery in the background as well see It's not just me the world is telling me I need to just focus on the scenery here We go back in Action let's take a look Now at what this did all come with in Total what I purchased from Japan and Like I say I'll put a link to it down There if you are interested just Remember 110 volt charger comes with it Now you may be able to buy a charger Where you live to run on the voltage you Are you live in Japan or America not a Problem of course cuz you guys are 110 If you're 220 to 240 like we are here in New Zealand or Australia UK then you Might have to buy a local Charger you Can get a local Charger in New Zealand I've seen from the Panasonic website for About 85 bucks anyway I'll go grab the Rest of the gear so this kit comes in a Nice black case with Panasonic written

In silver on the front although it did Get a bit scratched up on the drive here Unfortunately now before we open it Properly let's have a look at this other Feature so you got your standard opening Clips on the side here but if you're a Makita user for you know the last 5 to 10 years you will have noticed or maybe You didn't notice cuz a lot of people do Miss that a lot of the cases have an Extra secret sort of lid on the top well This Panasonic has one too it's just It's not quite as secret and it's a lot Easier to get into the Makita ones are a Pain to get into this one has a little Lever here unlocks this and the top Opens up you now have an area in the top There to put driver BS and drill BS and Screws and all that sort of stuff that You would use while you're doing your Job another look at the view oh hang on Back to Work it's a hard life don't get Distracted Mr tools so that all shuts up Again pretty easy like so now let's open Up the main Toolbox and inside we have some things That we don't need wedge it up on a Tools and stuff sign first of all if you Want to keep the um little protective Cover on the front of your impact driver Cuz you're only using it as an impact Driver they Supply you with a couple of Little screws to hold that in place so

That it doesn't come off and of course We have a manual which is all in some Sort of forign language so that is not a Lot of use to me that landed on the Table beautifully can't believe that We have the charger which is quite a Nice charger although it's pretty 80s Looking in it I mean that is a there's No expense speed on extravagant trying To make it look good or anything you Know it's just a box that you charge Batteries on it's pretty Basic done it's got that those two Arrows it'll line it up just like you do With the tool because they don't slide In from the end now I've charged these Batteries up and the battery charges a Little a little bit annoying cuz it's It's backwards in my opinion it's back To front it starts off with a solid Green light when the batteries are Charging then goes to a slowly flashing Light when the batter is like 80% Charged or something and then when it's Fully charged it flashes really quick It's kind of the opposite of everything Else it's the opposite of the Makita one Uh so yeah and then you've got orange Ones of course for when you've got Issues my biggest issue of course is This thing on the end so I have to use a Transformer to charge at the moment but Like I say 85 bucks for a charger came With two 5 a high output batteries LJ of

Course stands for high output boy Wouldn't it um you got covers for the Batteries as well for the contacts and Of course the tool itself and the two Attachments and so that's the kit I Bought and that's the kit that I will Link down below I'll link the beer tool As well and the different colors if I Can find them all down there so that's What it is that's the kit but is it any Good how good is it actually driving Things is it good with one of these on It does it lose any power etc Etc you know what I'm at the beach and I've got a lot of orange juice to get Through so wait On so that might have to wait for Another day you guys won't have to wait Though of course because let's jump back To the tools and stuff Studio because I don't think the people around here are Going to appreciate me using an impact Driver especially just for the sake of It because it's so quiet around here the Only sound is the waves and so I think I Might just enjoy a few orange juices and Look at the view and I'll see you back In the usual vicinity in just a moment How about a scenary Interlude is 155 new M with this Panasonic enough to drive a Simpson Strong tire strong Drive sdws Timber Screw what do you reckon let's give it a Wh only just got it flush will it be

Able to handle a 10 in I'm thinking it's Not going to have the guts to do it Let's give it a Wh Had that problem at the end there Struggles to drive the head Flush [Music] [Music] Not quite flush so I just tried this Side here with the Panasonic and it couldn't get them flush Whereas this thing just wants to keep Driving them in This more powerful at the moment Than This for comparison this is the new Makita TD 173d and so we'll do the same thing 5 in Then 10 in let's Go Goes in a bit quicker and with less Struggle so on the tool here we have a Slow medium and fast modes for your Impacting and there's also a green light That that jumps to if you push the Button again up here next to some Hieroglyphics um what happens if it's on That Setting as you can see started fast and Then slowed down so that you didn't cam Out your screw or strip your metal Or drive your tiny little screw too deep But as you can see with a screw like

This it doesn't work not designed for That now I've just pushed this button And it made that light flash once the Green one let's see if it makes any Difference is it on a different [Applause] Setting same thing just it Again not going to happen It's hard getting those tight and flush They just don't want to go that last Little [Music] Bit [Music] [Music] Seems to struggle a bit more with that Right angle it didn't go in flush so Let's see if we can finish it off with a Cheap Makita there we go the 14.4 volt 134 Does it [Music] Again [Music] We need that Makita [Music] Again Makita for the win right into a Bloody knot that'll be Run [Music] [Music] [Music] Tell you what though that's a pretty hot Impact drop now not only does this right

Angle attachment allow you to get into Tight spaces but it also allows you to Get into awkward spaces like on top of Something when you haven't got a ladder High enough where normally you would Have to drill or impact down from above You can't get up that high well you can Do it with This now ordinarily I would have had to Have got something to stand on so I can Get above it so I can push down on it From above but without attachment she's All good Now I promise to show you that the Panasonic is in fact shorter than the DeWalt now any DeWalt user who has one Of these will claim this is the shortest Impact driver in the world well is it Let's take a we look here 100.6 Mm now if we take that put that on this You'll see a gap at the back Look at that there's a gap Here of a couple of millimet let's close Her Up 98.3 so we're looking at two and a bit 2 And A3 mm shorter than the DeWalt so Panasonic is shorter than the DeWalt the Shortest impact driver in the world Although when we come to this end down Here if I just tilt the camera down you Will See that the DeWalt clearly wins on the

Ass end Department of this thing the DeWalt being much smaller footprint when You're using one of these power stake Batteries than the Panasonic which is Very chunky in the Base look at it look how narrow this is Look how massive this is I mean this Battery is massive and this hangs out Even further than the battery that is One thing I'm not loving about this tool I love the tool I love the top I love The attachments not loving the base now One of the other tool companies which is Currently visible in the background of This shot is also planning to bring out A very short impact driver for so many Years it was let's see who can make the Most powerful impact driver but now that We've got enough power in basically Every impact driver around every company Can make powerful impact drivers now They seem to be looking out other things Such as weight and size and this one has Nailed it pretty well on both of those Fronts we've got a nice small light Battery a small compact tool and Panasonic have done that on the top half But they haven't managed to pull it off Down the bottom and one of these other Companies in the background here is Looking at bringing out an impact driver That is 97 mm so another millim shorter Than the Panasonic and with batteries That are here not quite as bulky as the

Panasonic so I'm looking forward to that So finally got around to translating the Manual on my phone good old googly and On top speed you're looking at 4,100 Impacts a minute second speed 3100 a Minute lowest speed 2100 a minute and That green light as I suspected is a Tech mode which also runs at roughly 2100 impacts per minute now I'm getting Bored with the rain here back in Oakland So I think I'm going to head back to the Beach now did you notice earlier that The battery charger actually did 10.8 Volts to 28.8 volts wow pretty cool well If you've got all of those different Battery voltages I guess it's cool to be Able to use the one charger if you've Only got 18vt ones well don't make much Difference did you notice anything else It of course has a light at the moment It is turned off no light but if we Press the button down here we can turn The light on so that it stays on for Extended periods of time or we can and Push it again and it'll only Run while the tool is running three Different options there now it's got a Bunch of other hieroglyphics down here Which I haven't worked out yet it's got A battery gauge because unfortunately There is no battery gauge on the tool no Fuel gauge you don't know how much that Battery is charged unless it's on the Tool pull the trigger like so many other

Tools like Milwaukee and some of the Makita ones and it will bring up the Fuel gauge here on the the tool but We've also got different settings for The tool here so Slow not so Slow and quite a bit Quicker now even though it is only Available for purchase in Japan and Panasonic is a Japanese brand the tool Itself is made in China but the Batteries are made in Japan so there you go what do you reckon That is the ez1 pd1 or the ez1 pd1 from Panasonic if you're interested in one of Those take a look down there as I've Said before and maybe up in the top Corner there'll be some links and stuff And don't forget patreon and subscribing And liking and blahy blahy blah and Hopefully I'll be able to film some more Reviews from beaches you know it's a lot Nicer than doing it at home so cheers Guys have a good one and I'll see you on The next one Soon oh

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